Undefeatable – Ch370

Chapter 370 – The Ancient Treasure Is Born

The longer it was restrained, the more fierce the explosion.

There’s no way Luo Tian could roll around on the bed in front of An Chunchun.


He couldn’t keep staying in this courtyard because he felt like he was going to lose his life at any moment. He was afraid that he really wouldn’t be able to hold back any longer and his bestial nature will burst out.

Since Qin Yue’er said such words, then he would be in the wrong if he kept on insisting.

After leaving the courtyard, Luo Tian looked up at the sky filled with starry light. He revealed a faint smile while his eyes showed emotions of missing someone. “Xue’er, are you doing well so far away? I miss you a lot.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian secretly clenched his fists.

When he thought of Li Xue’er, he naturally thought of Murong Wanjian as well.

This large mountain would occasionally press down on his mind, making him feel like he couldn’t breathe normally.

Murong Wanjian was very strong!

Ever since his arrival at Heavenly Sword City, Luo Tian understood how strong Murong Wanjian truly was. Even though he had gained a lot of strength this period, Luo Tian still didn’t have much confidence in defeating Murong Wanjian.


After Luo Tian killed Devil Monarch Skysoul, the starlight and imperial qi of fortune powers had disappeared from inside him.

This was something Luo Tian had already expected.

The starlight powers originally didn’t belong to him. If his guess isn’t wrong, then it should have been Li Xue’er using some sort of ability to temporarily pass those powers into his body. As for the imperial qi of the country’s fortune, this power belonged to the Great Tang so he cannot keep it.

Even if the imperial qi didn’t disappear, Luo Tian would still return it back to Tang Jiu.


Even though those two powers had disappeared, his fleshly body had still received a powerful upgrade. The power his fleshly body could endure now had greatly surpassed a typical expert at the Profound Ancestor realm.

The bodies of some weaker Profound Venerate realm experts might not be comparable to his either.

It’s inevitable for Luo Tian to feel some regret when those two powers disappeared. But what made him shocked was that when he instantly killed Devil Monarch Skysoul after summoning the golden sword out, there was an extra golden sword residing inside his body! He can only see it but unable to sense it or control it, making him somewhat puzzled by the whole situation.

Based on the system description, the level 5 War Leader System allowed him to summon out the Heavenly Sword and only use it once.

But this Heavenly Sword somehow didn’t disappear.

It was as if the sword was attracted to some type of force inside him. It just silently resided inside Luo Tian’s body without moving. Below the Heavenly Sword was that dragon egg that was missing one more drop of blood essence before it can be hatched. Could it be all due to the dragon egg?

Luo Tian didn’t bother to continue thinking about this because he understood everything in this world has its root causes.

Since the little golden sword had chosen him, then there should be a reason for it.

Maybe one day he wouldn’t even need the War Leader System and can fully control it freely. Then wouldn’t he become an awesome existence that meets God, kills God; and meets devils, kills devils?

As for that dragon egg…

Luo Tian started becoming excited about it. “I’m only missing one drop of blood essence which is about half a month left, and then you can hatch. By that time… heh heh… Murong Wanjian only has a true dragon’s bloodline while this daddy possesses a true dragon itself! Let’s see what else you can take out to compete with me, hahaha…”



Luo Tian’s body started moving and ran into a nearby forest. He then said calmly: “Wild Blade, you should be able to condense a shadow now after getting the domineering blade’s spirit, right? Can you come out for a bit?”


“Why are you looking for this Lord?”

“You want me to watch you roll around the bed with a bunch of women? This daddy doesn’t have that kind of interest. With your capabilities, not to mention one night, the way I see it is that you wouldn’t even last two hours. Women of the demon fox clan are born to be good in bed, so average people wouldn’t be able to last long.” Wild Blade’s tone of voice was filled with mockery.

Luo Tian’s countenance sank while saying: “F*ck you! It’s fortunate that this daddy didn’t get into it or else an old fogey like you would’ve seen everything!”

In regards to this…

Luo Tian felt quite lucky!

It would be super awkward with Wild Blade residing inside him. Imagine when you were doing the xoxo with women and you remembered someone was inside you watching, you will definitely be affected by it. Your little brother may not rise up for the rest of your life by the trauma. If that was the case, then you are definitely f*cking finished and can only play with your eggs from then on out.


“This Great Lord has no interest in watching you.”

“Back in the days, this Lord had eighteen women with me and I did them all at the same time and no one was able to stand properly the next day. Such an awe-inspiring time… that was considered an unprecedented feat in history for me!” Wild Blade blew his own trumpet before continuing with a smile: “Brat, it looks like you’re quite blessed with the opposite sex. Do you want me to pass on to you my mystical skill Sky Supporting Column?”

“Sky Supporting Column?”

“I think you’ve eaten too much Viagra.”

“You say that you took care of eighteen women in a single night? From the way I see it, you look like someone that will come in a single second. Does this happen to be the reason you died? Hahaha…” Luo Tian ridiculed Wild Blade without holding back.

One old and one young.

One made a comment, the old retorted as they mocked each other.

It was like bantering between two brothers.

They could say whatever they wanted and those two became happier the longer they spoke.


The longer they conversed, the more outrageous it became. Various actions on the bed, various positions, different types of women, and which position to stab in was the best were discussed.

Wild Blade was defeated!

How could he be Luo Tian’s opponent?

Luo Tian didn’t live his previous life as an otaku in vain. Playing video games, reading online novels, and then it eventually came to those harmonious exercises with a blowup doll. And he would be watching various movies from a certain island nation while doing his deed.

What positions wouldn’t he know of?

When it came to these kinds of topics, he was the grandmaster amongst all grandmasters. Not to mention Tianxuan Continent, most likely Luo Tian wouldn’t have many opponents in the entire universe!

Wild Blade was unconvinced of his defeat and said with attitude: “Hey brat, why are you calling me out? Scram if you don’t have anything important to say. This Lord still needs to cultivate.”

Luo Tian stopped smiling. He immediately brought out the Skysoul Divine Pearl he received from Devil Monarch Skysoul’s corpse and said: “This pearl…

Without waiting for Luo Tian to finish speaking…

Wild Blade directly rejected and said: “You can save that thing for yourself because it’s like a life-saving talisman. After injecting a portion of your soul into it, you can still recast your fleshly body even if it has been destroyed. I definitely don’t want this thing. Even though I want to refine a new fleshly body, this isn’t the path I wish to take.”

His tone of voice was kind of choked.

Because Wild Blade was moved by the offer.

The Skysoul Divine Pearl was an ancient artifact.

It was an existence that surpassed the divine grade.

Its uses were simply too great and was a true blue life-saving talisman. This was something he couldn’t accept no matter what.

He really wanted his own fleshly body.

He really longed to have one because he wanted to traverse this world with Luo Tian in a wild an arrogant fashion. But he definitely didn’t want a fleshly body cast by the divine pearl.

“Wild Blade!”

“This thing is not a big deal because I can just get another one next time.”

“It’s really not an item that’s a big deal for me. From Jade Mountain City to Heavenly Sword City, you have helped me quite a bit and allowed me to escape death many times. Now you’re not accepting a mere little pearl? You really aren’t treating me like a brother.” Luo Tian said this in a serious tone of voice.





“Someone finally has treated me, Wild Blade, as a real brother. Thank you kiddo. Thank you for the word ‘brother.’ I am really grateful for that. I also want to thank you for bringing me so much excitement, but I am absolutely not accepting the pearl.” Wild Blade’s heart was so moved that it became a complete mess.

Without waiting for Luo Tian to speak, his shadow disappeared and returned back into Luo Tian’s body.

Luo Tian was just about to say something when…


In a south-east direction, a holy beam of light surged into the sky!

Wild Blade’s expression turned to shock as he immediately cried out: “The treasure in the ancient site has been born!”

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