Undefeatable – Ch371

Chapter 371 – It Only Belongs To Me

A holy light surging into the sky!

It was especially eye-catching in the dark sky.

Countless experts were awakened by it!

At this moment, a sky filled with shooting streams of light heading towards the south-eastern direction of Heavenly Sword City could be seen.

Inside Heavenly Sword City.

It was similar to the daytime with the blazing sun hanging in the sky.

Countless people came out from their houses and looked up into the sky at the holy light. The common citizen didn’t know what it was while some martial artists started exclaiming in shock.

“Holy light!”

“Holy light!”

“A treasure has been born!”

“It’s at the location of the Devil Sealing Array!”

For a short time…

The entire Heavenly Sword City was boiling up as countless martial artists rushed over.

As a martial artist, they all wished to possess a piece of divine treasure. Whether it be one’s cultivation or their combat power, a treasure will be of immense help. One could even become an existence that can jump levels and kill those at a higher cultivation level than their own.

A divine artifact can really change a person’s destiny.


Deep inside the imperial palace.

Feng Lei, Xuan Yuanyi, and Blindman Liu were startled awake.

The three of them were seriously injured. They were smashed flying by Devil Monarch Skysoul with one strike and their bodies almost ripped apart. It was fortunate that Luo Tian used Healing Art on them to save their lives. When the three of them saw the beam of holy light surge into the sky, their expressions instantly changed.

“A treasure has been unearthed.”


Feng Lei touched his bald head and smiled crazily: “What’s there more to say? Of course we’re going to go snatch it! How can we miss out on such a scene? Most likely boss has already rushed over there by now.”


“What the hell are we waiting for then? Let’s go there now my brothers!” Grinned Blindman Liu while putting on his clothes. He then grabbed some crutches to get out of the bed before trying to rush out towards the courtyard.

Xuan Yuanyi’s body was wrapped in bandages and a long blood-red line could be seen. As his body started moving, the red line mark on the bandages grew larger indicating fresh blood flowing out. His face also turned a shade paler.

Feng Lei was the most awesome!

His bald head was bandaged like a sticky rice dumpling and his body looked like a mummy.

One hand was holding a crutch while the other hand was hanging over his chest in a sling. His face was filled with excitement as he said: “Blindman Liu, wait for me! Motherf*cker, why are you running so fast? Can you even snatch the treasure without me there?”

Three people.

Three disabled people.

Faces filled with excitement and showed no care of their injuries.

It took them a few minutes before they managed to leave the room.

Blindman Liu stood there with a chuckle, revealing his yellow stained teeth.

Xuan Yuanyi slammed into Blindman Liu while urging: “Why are you standing still here? Start moving or else we’ll be screwed if we’re late.”

Feng Lei also slammed into them. The three of them were wobbling all over and almost toppled to the ground. Feng Lei then yelled angrily: “What the hell are you two doing? If you guys don’t hurry, not to mention treasures, we won’t be able to even smell the treasure’s fart!”

Blindman Liu softly said: “Dragon head is here.”



The expression on those three changed.

They turned around in an attempt to scurry back to bed. Fatty didn’t even dare to raise his head!

“You guys stand where you are!”

Shouted Luo Tian. He already knew that if Feng Lei and the others saw the holy light surging into the sky, they will definitely ignore their injuries and rush out. That’s why he preemptively stood in the courtyard waiting because he was worried about their reckless personalities.

Being able to survive under the attack of Devil Monarch Skysoul…

We can say it was a bargain to be injured and to keep their lives. No matter how many times Luo Tian cast Healing Art, he couldn’t get their bodies to a fully recovered state. Their injuries were just too serious and were even worse off compared to the Dao Shang Alliance auction house incident.

After suffering serious injuries twice in a month, their body’s endurance must have already reached its limit.

If they were to rush out this instance and conduct some reckless behaviors, even a Golden Immortal’s appearance wouldn’t be able to save them.

“Boss, heh heh…” Feng Lei chuckled foolishly. He then pointed up at the night sky with a face like he didn’t know what was going on, “Brother Xuan, the stars look really nice tonight.”

Xuan Yuanyi immediately responded: “That’s right, they’re so pretty. I have never seen such beautiful stars before.”

Blindman Liu glared at those two and whispered: “Can’t you guys look more closely before you open your mouth? The sky is inky black and doesn’t even have any stars.”


“Shit! Blindman Liu, will you die if you don’t speak?”

Luo Tian’s voice turned serious as he said: “You guys have injuries so you shouldn’t be running around. If I happen to find out that you guys leave the palace and go searching for treasures, I will definitely teach you guys a lesson.”

“Boss, look at the holy light shooting into the sky! There’s definitely some good stuff appearing!” Feng Lei pointed at the light in the south-eastern direction with an excited look on his face.

“I already know about it.”

“You guys have nothing to do with the treasure being unearthed. Moreover…”

While saying this mid-sentence…

Luo Tian smiled mysteriously and continued: “The treasure will only belong to me.”


“Boss is so awesome!”

“Boss is so mighty!”

The faces on those three turned to shock. Luo Tian hadn’t even gone looking for the treasure yet and it already belongs to him. This was simply way too awesome!

Of course…

The instant the holy light surged into the sky, Luo Tian wanted to rush over there right away.


He was stopped by Wild Blade.

Wild Blade was so familiar with the ancient scroll that it reached a point where he couldn’t get any more familiar with it. He was very clear on what items were needed to open up the ancient treasure site and those two things were in Luo Tian’s possession. As long as Luo Tian doesn’t go there, no one will be able to take away anything.

In addition…

People will die!

Luo Tian now knew why Devil Monarch Skysoul had entered the Devil Sealing Array – he was looking for treasures!

Looking for ancient secret treasures!

But he encountered bad luck and fell into the trap of being sealed away inside the Devil Sealing Array.

He was stuck inside the Devil Sealing Array for ten thousand years and hadn’t found any treasures. Devil Monarch Skysoul found nothing! He didn’t dare to stay inside any longer and managed to charge out of there after using all his strength.

The Devil Sealing Array was thus destroyed.

The array had lost most of its powers but was still extremely dangerous. There were still other hidden dangers inside. If Wild Blade’s deductions are correct, the treasures coming into being will have monsters guarding it. There’s a high chance that these monsters are the demonic beasts from the ancient world!



A series of harsh exploding sounds were heard.

A flash was seen in the south-eastern direction.

Countless streams of light flew out while screaming in shock: “Ancient demonic beasts! Run! Quickly run!”

Luo Tian’s head was slightly tilted to the side before sneering coldly: “What Wild Blade said was right – places with treasures will naturally be dangerous. Those experts who cling to life and mortally afraid of death wish to gain treasures as well? They’re just living in their own stupid fantasy!”

Feng Lei and the other two once again became shocked.

“Boss, how come you seem to know everything?”

“What kind of treasure is it?”

“That’s right, I want to know too.”

The three of them started asking out of curiosity.

Luo Tian shook his head and said: “I don’t know what kind of treasures the place has, but most likely I’m the only person in this world that’s capable of opening the door to it. And I am the only one that can take those treasures, so you guys can sleep peacefully with that thought.”

“We’re not in a rush.”

“We will all go together when your injuries have recovered.”

Luo Tian wasn’t even a bit anxious.

Let those experts explore the path first. It would be even better if their heads get smashed bloody in the process!

Feng Lei smiled excitedly, “Long live the boss!”


(T/N: Some translations were altered so that it wasn’t racially offensive.)

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