Undefeatable – Ch373

Chapter 373 – Snatching People

Imperial God Immortal Sect was ranked number one.

The Starsea Immortal Sect came next at rank two. As for the Antarctic Immortal Sect and the Mount Hua Immortal Sect, they were considered second-rate out of the immortal sect category. But these so called second-rate immortal sects when compared to normal sects like the Sea Cloud Sect were at least stronger by ten thousand times.

The true experts of the Tianxuan Continent gathered at these immortal sects.

The Imperial God envoy maintained a cold look as he didn’t place the Antarctic or Mount Hua immortal sects in his eyes. He coldly harrumphed: “Any place with my Imperial God Immortal Sect present, you second-rate immortal sects should move a little further away. With just your statuses, you guys aren’t qualified to snatch people from my Imperial God Immortal Sect.”

“What you’ve said is correct!”

“You two should quickly leave first so that you don’t have to lose your face later on. It’s a matter of fact that you guys won’t be able to snatch him.” The Starsea envoy was also revealing a cold arrogant sneer as he said: “Brother Tian Lin, Murong Wanjian was someone our Starsea Sect deliberately conceded to you. How about you give the new guy to us so that I can make a good impression to my immortal sect?”

The Imperial God envoy merely smiled but his expression showed his unpleasant emotion.

He wasn’t unhappy due to the Starsea envoy asking him to withdraw but was unhappy because the envoy was comparing Murong Wanjian to Luo Tian. He immediately revealed a look of disdain and said: “Murong Wanjian’s cultivation is unparalleled in this world. The only person we can compare him to is your Starsea Sect’s young phoenix. A mere Luo Tian of the Great Tang Dynasty – who doesn’t even have a bloodline and whose cultivation is only at the Profound Ancestor realm. How can a common mortal have the qualifications to be compared with Murong Wanjian? He is only a pile of mud while Murong Wanjian is an unreachable star in the sky.”

“Right, right, right!”

“What brother Tian Lin said is correct. My previous words were somewhat inappropriate so I hope you will forgive me.” The Starsea envoy responded with an apologetic smile.

The dirty old daoist grinned and said: “Since you two great immortal sects look down on him, how about just give him to our Mount Hua Immoral Sect? I really like the personality of the kid – he dares to fight and take risks and isn’t afraid of opponents much stronger. He is truly not a bad seedling.”

Venerable Qing Niu interrupted: “Imperial God Immortal Sect and Starsea Immortal Sect each already have an extraordinary disciple – one true dragon and one young phoenix. There’s no need for you two to compete for a kid like Luo Tian since there’s no way he can compare with your two geniuses. How about you two just withdraw?”

True dragon and young phoenix, their names were famous throughout the world.

Back then…

Many large immortal sects were competing for them and almost caused a huge war.

In the end…

The Grand Sect Leader of Imperial God Immortal Sect exited closed-door seclusion and said some unknown words to Murong Wanjian. This caused Murong Wanjian to immediately agree to join them and becoming a disciple of the Imperial God Immortal Sect. And he was directly raised to the inner sect’s core disciple status. Murong Wanjian gained the full-out grooming of the Imperial God Immortal Sect and his cultivation level shot up like he was riding a rocket.

As for the young phoenix Li Xue’er, she too caused a huge bout of competition but the sensation wasn’t as large as Murong Wanjian’s. She directly chose the Starsea Immortal Sect because there was a relation to the starlight powers inside her body.

These past few years…

Many big and small immortal sects were competing openly and in secret. They would fight for any good seedling that cropped up in the world.

The incident in Heavenly Sword City was quickly spread throughout.

Luo Tian was gradually becoming someone of importance to the immortal sects. The moment news spread that he killed Devil Monarch Skysoul, many immortal sects immediately wanted to throw out an olive branch. These four immortal sects came today because they wanted to recruit Luo Tian into their sect.


The Imperial God envoy coldly harrumphed before saying: “You wish, Venerable Qing Niu. This kid can kill Devil Monarch Skysoul so it shows he has a bit of potential. Since the people up top commanded me to bring him back to our immortal sect, then it’s obvious that I cannot just give him to you like that.”

“Besides, a freezing cold environment like your Antarctic Immortal Sect isn’t qualified to snatch people from us.”

“And there’s you, Venerable Wu Nian. Your Mount Hua Immortal Sect is about to fall down to becoming an ordinary sect so you aren’t even qualified to call yourself an immortal sect anymore. Yet you still run over here trying to snatch disciples? It’s useless even if you manage to snatch him; can you guys even afford to groom him?”

“What about it?”

“You wish to vent your grievances in next year’s immortal sect competition?”

“When Murong Wanjian fought alone against eighteen of your disciples, you guys still lost. Do you really think you can win if you gained this kid? Don’t be silly and just go back and take a nap. As long as that person is normal in the head, they would never choose your Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”

It was very direct.

He wasn’t giving Venerable Qing Niu and Wu Nian any face.

It was especially bad for the Mount Hua Immortal Sect as they were humiliated to the point of being not even worth a penny.

In the last immortal sect competition, Murong Wanjian alone had defeated eighteen disciples of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. He killed every single one of them and caused Mount Hua Immortal Sect to never be able to rise up again. The new crop of talents weren’t ready yet and thus forced the once glorious Mount Hua Immortal Sect to fall into the plight of becoming an ordinary sect.

Venerable Qing Niu’s face changed to one of irritation.

The dirty old daoist maintained a smiling face and his eyes showed an immeasurable depth where people couldn’t tell what he was hiding. He chuckled and said: “Imperial God Immortal Sect is truly great, but it’s useless no matter how awesome your words are. You still need the other party to nod their head in order for it to work. Not everyone is like Murong Wanjian and will choose you guys.”

“What you’ve said is correct!”

“No matter how strong you are, you still need the other party to agree. Who knows, maybe the other party doesn’t like your Imperial God Immortal Sect?” Venerable Qing Niu immediately assented at the side.

The Imperial God envoy scoffed and said: “That’s only if the kid’s eyes are blind!”

As his voice faded…

The Imperial God envoy’s voice lowered and an invisible sound wave covered the entire imperial palace: “Luo Tian, come out here!”

His voice was very powerful…

And his tone very proud. The Imperial God envoy didn’t put Luo Tian in his heart at all. He came here because it was an assignment his immortal sect issued him; otherwise, he would have never come to a place like Heavenly Sword City. He will definitely not come here to accept some welfare kid like Luo Tian. Luo Tian was merely a bumpkin from the countryside that happened to be a bit lucky.

The Imperial God Immortal Sect was an orthodox immortal sect.

The disciples they recruited all had special bloodlines, and each disciple would have some type of strong family background supporting them. They were all people innately endowed with a bloodline which gave them the qualifications to potentially ascend to the most powerful and supreme realm of a Profound God Sovereign!

If it weren’t for killing Devil Monarch Skysoul, who would know of the name Luo Tian?

“The Imperial God Immortal Sect is truly not like the others.”

“Are you recruiting a disciple or are you calling someone out for a fight?” Venerable Qing Niu said with disdain.

“What about it?”

“A cow riding guy like you aren’t convinced?”

“Even if I act a bit more arrogant, that kid will still obediently scram out here. Being favored by my Imperial God Immortal Sect is the blessings his ancestors have gathered for the past eighteen generations. Having me call his name is already considered the greatest honors he has ever received,” said the Imperial God envoy with an expression of disdain. He was then saying internally to himself in an annoyed manner: “If it weren’t for the Grand Elder making me come here, I would be too lazy to come to a ghostly place like this. What qualifications does a mere Luo Tian have to be favored by the Imperial God Immortal Sect?”

The guards at the gate were standing to the side all this time because they had never seen such an imposing scene.

Four big immortal sects were here in Heavenly Sword City and they all fancied Prince Consort.

They were happy for Luo Tian.

But they were also a bit annoyed. The tone from the Imperial God Immortal Sect was too arrogant and sounded like they didn’t put Luo Tian in their eyes. One must know that the people of Heavenly Sword City had elevated Luo Tian to an unimaginably high status.


One of the guards gathered his courage and said: “Our Prince Consort isn’t in the palace. If you guys wish for our Prince Consort to become a disciple of your immortal sects, I think you should be more polite or else the consequences may become quite severe.”

“Courting death!”

“Do you even have the right to speak here?”

The Imperial God’s envoy’s gaze changed. His index faintly moved and a beam of sword light directly chopped off an arm of that guard!

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