Undefeatable – Ch374

Chapter 374 – Son Of Antiquity

Who was he?

An envoy of the Imperial God Immortal Sect!

His status was beyond high. In his eyes, everyone inside Heavenly Sword City were mere mortal commoners.

How can his words be questioned by a mere mortal commoner?

There was no need to think about it so he shot out a sword light with his finger, directly cutting off an arm from that guard at the gates. Blood gushed out all over the ground while the guard rolled around in pain.

“How can a mortal commoner be qualified to speak with me?”

The Imperial God envoy didn’t give that guard another glance.

His insufferably arrogant gaze made the other guard’s countenance sink.

The guard ran over to support the dismembered guard up and gave him some Healing Pills to ingest. He then gathered up his courage and said: “As an envoy of an immortal sect, you chopped off someone’s arm just because some words made you dissatisfied? Our Prince Consort will definitely not choose such an immortal sect like yours. Stop treating yourself like you’re all that. In front of our Prince Consort, you are not even comparable to a dog’s fart.”

There was no fear!

He had already planned to die for this.

Seeing someone despising Luo Tian made his heart extremely unhappy.

In their hearts, Luo Tian was an exalted hero that no one can insult!

So what if they’re from the immortal sects?


“Good! Not even comparable to a dog’s fart huh?” The Imperial God envoy was enraged while a powerful energy was condensing in his palm.

Around this time…

The dirty old daoist chuckled and stood forward. “Why is Imperial God envoy making the life of two gate guards difficult? You are an envoy of an immortal sect; you represent Imperial God Immortal Sect in coming here. Killing two martial artists that haven’t even reached the Profound Spirit realm will become a joke to others.”

“What about it?”

“You plan on stopping me?” The Imperial God envoy’s gaze turned gloomy while his mouth revealed a sneer of disdain.

The dirty old daoist faintly smiled and replied: “Saving a person’s life is better than building a seven-storied pagoda for the Gods. If you really are going to kill them, then I can only overestimate my own abilities and try to stop you.”

The Starsea envoy immediately walked forward to block the Imperial God envoy and said: “Brother Tian Lin, why are you getting so worked up over two mortal commoners? There will naturally be an outcome when that kid shows up. The Imperial God Immortal Sect is number one out of all immortal sects and that kid isn’t an idiot.”


“I doubt he would dare to choose another immortal sect even if we give him the guts.”

The energy condensing in the Imperial God envoy’s palm was dispersed. He coldly glanced at Venerable Wu Nian at the corner of his eyes before coldly sneering: “Old daoist Wu Nian; you just wait and see. I will give you a good show during next year’s immortal sect competition.”

Immediately after…

He swept his sleeves, turned into a beam of light and disappeared into Heavenly Sword City.

The Starsea envoy then asked: “When will your Prince Consort be back?”

“This… we don’t know either.” The gate guard was scared to the point of his forehead being covered in cold sweat since he thought he would be dying. His heart was shrouded in fear but he didn’t have any regrets. If he was given a chance to choose again, he would still have chosen the same thing.

The Starsea envoy’s eyes turned gloomy. He too turned into a beam of light and disappeared off somewhere.

Venerable Qing Niu got up onto his cow and slowly disappeared down the street in a swaying motion.

The dirty old daoist picked up the chopped off arm from the ground. His brows quivered and a dark green glow appeared in his palm. He started reciting something before saying in a stern voice: “Join for me!”

The chopped off limb attached itself back like there was never any damage before.

The dirty old daoist faintly smiled and said: “Don’t use too much strength for the next few days. You should be fine after using a few more Healing Pills.”

That guard directly kneeled down and gave a kowtow.

By the time he raised his head, the old daoist had disappeared already.

They didn’t leave Heavenly Sword City and were all waiting.

Waiting for Luo Tian to come back!

Immortal sects issued many different tasks. The purpose for them this time was to bring Luo Tian back to their immortal sect, so they will absolutely not go back until they have met with Luo Tian. This was related to one’s contribution points! Within an immortal sect, contribution points were something of immense value.


Inside the Devil Sealing Array.

It was pitch black and there would be constantly sounds of howling.

A terrifying environment!

“Walk along by following my footsteps and don’t make any mistakes.” Luo Tian urged the rest while he followed the instructions from Wild Blade. The ancient scroll had been solved so it contained specific information on how to get to the bottom of this place.

Not a single step can be wrong.

Otherwise, the demonic beasts hiding in the Devil Sealing Array will awaken.

By that time, even though they may not die, they will still end up like the rest of the experts and be forced to run for their lives.

Everyone was walking in an extremely careful manner.

There was a thick mixture of scents permeating the area. Feng Lei’s eyes were looking back and forth with an excited thirsty look.

Luo Tian said seriously: “Damn fatty, I won’t spare you if you dare to act recklessly here.”

Feng Lei scratched his head and responded with a foolish grin: “Don’t worry young master; I will definitely not act recklessly here. How can someone like me act without thinking? See how I’m still following your footsteps?”

He really wanted to kill the demonic beasts hidden in the darkness.

But he was even more afraid that he would destroy Luo Tian’s plans.

An hour later…

“Stop here!”

Luo Tian raised one of his hands before asking internally: “Wild Blade, is this the place? There’s nothing here except for a dead end. Could there be a mistake in the ancient scroll?”

Wild Blade was in thought for a bit before saying: “Go check the wall to see if there are any grooves or keyholes.”

“There are some grooves but they’re very shallow. The entire wall is covered in it and feels like a large mural of something. It’s too big, so I can’t really tell.” Luo Tian looked up and couldn’t tell where the wall ended.

He only felt like there was a mural on the wall.

As for whom the mural was of, he had no idea.

Of course…

This was only Luo Tian’s guess because he couldn’t see the entire thing.

Wild Blade was in joy as he said: “Then we should be on the right track. Take out the Revelation’s Blood.”

Luo Tian did exactly that and took out the Revelation’s Blood from his spatial ring.

Just as it appeared, the Revelation’s Blood was immediately sucked up by the mural on the wall. It started flowing like crazy! The Revelation’s Blood was originally only a drop of blood essence yet it suddenly became a gushing spring that followed around the grooves of the portrait.

The picture gradually became clearer!

Weak red flashes of light started appearing on the grooves and made the mural look like it was coming alive.

Luo Tian was extremely shocked at this moment. He looked up and said: “It really is a mural. The image of this person seems very peaceful yet exudes a boundless power. A very thick and powerful force. Even Devil Monarch Skysoul didn’t possess such a powerful aura.”

Feng Lei and the others were incomparably shocked.

The mural was very large, depicting a person holding a huge ax while exuding an extraordinary air.

Above his head was a large eye!

The Eye of the Ancient Gods!

The eye was glaring at him like it was staring at an ant. The person in the painting showed no fear like it was ignoring the existence of that eye.

Luo Tian couldn’t understand it.

He described everything to Wild Blade.

Wild Blade was ecstatic as he said: “Eye of the Ancient Gods. This painting is of the Son of Antiquity. Quick, quick, quickly look around to see if there’s a keyhole. There’s a chance that behind this wall is the fleshly body of the Son of Antiquity!”

Luo Tian immediately told the rest: “Look around and see if there’s a keyhole.”

Feng Lei’s blood was boiling because it looked like that eye was staring at him. His voice was faintly shaking as he said: “Boss… the eye… the eye… the eye looks like it’s moving!”


Killing intent started spreading out.

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