Undefeatable – Ch375

Chapter 375 – I Have A Way To Instantly Kill Him

Killing intent was spreading throughout the place!

It was an extremely chilling sensation.

It made one’s heart terror-stricken as if the intent was coming from the depths of hell.

Luo Tian looked up at the mural of the Eye of the Ancient Gods and shouted: “Be careful everyone!”


Before his voice faded, a series of explosions was heard around them.

A couple of demonic beasts started appearing from the darkness. Their bodies looked like black steel and each one of them were exuding a powerful and unparalleled aura. Every step they took would cause the internal area of the Devil Sealing Array to shake.

“Heh heh…”

“This daddy was already impatient.” Feng Lei chuckled excitedly while rubbing his bald head.

Xuan Yuanyi pulled out his sword and the divine sword’s dao intent was immediately released. His whole body turned into something similar to a sharp metallic sword with a threatening aura.

Blindman Liu was prepared to instantly transform into the ancient huge devil.

Luo Tian looked at the ancient demonic beasts appearing. His countenance changed as he said: “Don’t randomly move or attack. These demonic beasts aren’t necessarily here for us.”

According to Wild Blade’s instructions, their positions shouldn’t have woken up these demonic beasts.

These demonic beasts’ being suddenly woken up is definitely related to the eye in the mural.


Luo Tian’s guess was wrong!

Those ancient demonic beasts were really coming for them! Just when they were about a dozen meters from the group, their speed suddenly changed. Both demonic beasts seemed to turn into ferocious charging tanks like they had to crush Luo Tian and his group no matter what!


“Lowly humans, you guys dare to disturb my son? You all must die for me!”

The divine eye actually spoke!

The instant it started speaking, a golden light burst forth. Luo Tian looked up and his expression turned to extreme excitement. He was celebrating in joy internally as he said: “Boss! Boss! Another boss! I knew that there should be a boss here but didn’t expect it to be a divine eye!”

“Battle mode on!”

“Kill them for me!”

Shouted Luo Tian as his battle intent soared overwhelmingly. Once he sees a boss, his whole being looked like he had been injected with a stimulant. He then said internally: “Explode him!”

There was no hesitation with Feng Lei as he transformed into his beast form!

His whole body made him look like he had just crawled out from a pool of blood. Feng Lei then started roaring into the sky! Without waiting for the ancient demonic beasts to get near, he had already rushed forth since there was nothing to hold him back anymore. Looking at the blood pulsing beneath the steel skin of those ancient demonic beasts, Feng Lei was similar to a tiger shark that detected blood in the waters!

Xuan Yuanyi pulled out his sword and stabbed forward, his body instantly flying right behind it.

Two mighty Generals – one left and one right were awesome to a complete mess!

Luo Tian smiled excitedly: “Don’t forget the old rules!”



The two of them responded at the same time.

Blindman Liu wasn’t in a rush to transform into an ancient huge devil and had actually brought out his erhu to play a tune.

He flexed his fingers and started strumming the strings. The sound he was playing was rather strange as it created a formless sound wave ripple. Inside the Devil Sealing Array, one could feel it spread out wave after wave.

The speed of those ancient demonic beasts approaching had clearly slowed down!



Two ancient demonic beasts charged over and Feng Lei slammed into them head-on. He sneered and said: “Is this all the strength you guys have? It’s really not good enough! Break for me!”

His right fist started moving.

A red colored power blasted out as his fist smashed into the head of one of the Steal Beast. Half of the demonic beast’s body forcefully sank down.

Feng Lei continued smashing down a few more times without hesitation. He then lifted it up and tossed it over to Luo Tian while shouting: “Catch it, boss!”

Luo Tian was holding the Seven Star Sword as it slashed out: “Level 5 Berserk!”


With the release of 32 times his attributes, he chopped down!

The Steel Beast was instantly cut in half.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Steel Beast. You have gained 30,000 experience points, 3000 profound energy…”


“Ancient demonic beasts only have this little experience points? Isn’t this a bit too insufficient?” Luo Tian was unhappy but he was no longer worried. It’s clear that when experience points were low meant that the ancient demonic beasts weren’t that strong.

Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi will not experience any dangers.


“Catch this…” Xuan Yuanyi flicked his Great Fault Sword and a Steel Beast landed in front of Luo Tian.

Luo Tian once again killed it off with one slash of his sword.

This was very relaxing!

However, just when Luo Tian wanted to jump into the fray and start killing more demonic beasts, he realized the demonic beasts he had just killed were disappearing. And they were disappearing really quickly afterward like they were turning into air.

The worst part of this…

Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi were gradually forced backward.

It was by the same two Steel Beasts but their current strength seemed to have fully doubled from previously.

Luo Tian’s countenance sank before shouting: “You two move aside and let me do it!”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian shouted in his mind: “Devil Flame Core!”

Devilish flames surged out like crazy from his body. Luo Tian’s speed had been increased while he was enshrouded by the devilish flames. As this was going on, Luo Tian’s speed increased once more as he activated Nine Dragons and Elephants and level 5 Berserk. All the powers inside him were focused onto his palm as he shouted: “Skysoul Palm!”


“The martial skill of Devil Monarch Skysoul?!”

“Boss, you are too mighty! I think I’ve fallen in love with you!”

The three of them looked at each other with shocked expressions. The devilish flames coming from Luo Tian’s body and the palm art he was using all came from Devil Monarch Skysoul, so how can they not be shocked by it?


Extremely awesome!

Xuan Yuanyi and Blindman Liu were both smiling with incomparable excitement.

They had made the right choice!


The two Steel Beasts were directly shattered into pieces.

Luo Tian was shocked as well as he said internally: “Divine grade martial skills are really not normal. This f*cking Skysoul Palm is so powerful that it can even shatter someone’s soul!”

The system gave off an alert tone.

The experience he received was double the amount of the previous!

Luo Tian’s expression changed as he realized the shattered remains had once again disappeared.

Two Steel Beasts even more ferocious looking charged out from the darkness; their strengths had once again doubled from previous!

The two Steel Beasts were the size of a rhinoceros. Sticky saliva dripped down from their mouths, their bodies gave off a glow of power, and they looked like they were destroying space as they charged over together. Behind their bodies was a trailing line of rippling shockwaves to demonstrate their unparalleled powers.


“Their strength doubles every time you kill them! Are they possessed by ghosts or something?” Luo Tian’s mind sank down. He wasn’t happy about the experience increasing and was actually getting worried. If they continued killing like this, they will definitely die from exhaustion. And the demonic beasts will become stronger and stronger as time wore on.

A few more rounds of this and even Luo Tian wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore!


The huge spiritual divine eye started chuckling in an overbearing manner. “Human, you can accompany my son in his burial.”

The voice contained the tone of someone filled with unbridled arrogance!

An unparalleled amount of proud arrogance!

This made Luo Tian extremely annoyed since he couldn’t find any ways to attack the eye in the mural.


Wild Blade’s voice was heard shouting: “I have a way to instantly kill him!”

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