Undefeatable – Ch376

Chapter 376 – Explode!

Outside the Devil Sealing Array.

Several figures flashed through the darkness.

Not long after…

A man in white clothing holding onto a fan had appeared. His expression was gloomy looking while he coldly sneered: “Luo Tian – even if you possess heaven-defying means, you won’t be able to escape your death today! Humph!”

Heavenly Plume City’s Noble Tianyu!

During all this time, he had been paying close attention to Luo Tian’s movements.

He started smiling once Luo Tian entered the Devil Sealing Array.

“You have really made a name for yourself. After killing Devil Monarch Skysoul, your fame has soared immensely. Good! Your rise will become a stepping stone for me. As long as I kill you, your qualifications to enter an immortal sect will naturally fall to me. Hahaha…” Noble Tianyu started laughing evilly.

Heavenly Plume City received news…

That several big immortal sects had their sights on Luo Tian.


According to the old rules, whoever kills Luo Tian will gain the qualifications to enter the immortal sects.

Murong Wanjian, the son of a true dragon was a person no one dared to kill.

Behind Li Xue’er was the super mysterious Soul Hall, so no one dared to move against her either.

Luo Tian…

Was the ideal target within these thousands of years. He was basically a soft persimmon that was easy to kill, causing many forces to stir into action.

For the time being…

Luo Tian had become prey that everyone wanted to hunt down!

Of course…

Luo Tian had no clue this was going on or else he would be extremely ecstatic.

“As long as I kill you, I will gain the qualifications to enter the immortal sects. Once I enter an immortal sect, my cultivation will definitely soar up. By then, I will have a chance to stomp Murong Wanjian to death and embrace the beauty Li Xue’er.” Noble Tianyu started chuckling pervertedly inside.

Immediately after…

He waved his hand and said: “Arrange the Escape-proof Array. We definitely have to kill him this time!”

He couldn’t act recklessly at the Dao Shang auction house.

Luo Tian killed Devil Monarch Skysoul but he absolutely refused to believe Luo Tian had that ability. The reason was simple – Luo Tian was merely at the Profound King realm. No matter how strong Luo Tian had become, there’s no way he can kill Devil Monarch Skysoul. As for the mysterious golden sword, it’s definitely not something Luo Tian can control freely. Most likely it was some spirit remnant of the Great Tang Dynasty who made the killing move. The coincidence made everyone think that it was Luo Tian who had killed Devil Monarch Skysoul.

Noble Tianyu revealed a look like he had seen through everything.

If it weren’t for the immortal sect’s qualifications, he wouldn’t have chosen to take this risk.

As long as he can enter an immortal sect, it was worth it even if had to take a bigger risk!

What’s more…

He had brought seven peak Profound Venerate experts with him! We can basically say that the full strength of Heavenly Plume City had been all brought out!

“Reporting to young master!”

“As long as that kid dares to come out, he will be instantly killed!”

Noble Tianyu chuckled excitedly and said: “Good! Very good! At that time, I will take his head to meet the Imperial God Immortal Sect’s envoy. I will then gain the qualifications to enter an immortal sect! Hahaha…”


Crazy loud laughter like he could already see himself as an immortal sect disciple.


Inside the Devil Sealing Array.

Wild Blade’s voice was suddenly heard. “I have a way to instantly kill him!”

“Instantly kill?!”

“Instantly killing a boss?”

Luo Tian started shaking and immediately asked: “What method? Quickly say it! I want to play him to death! Seeing a single stinking eye acting all arrogant has completely pissed this daddy off!”

“Revelation’s Key!”


“You’re saying that the Eye of the Ancient Gods is actually a keyhole? And we can just put the Revelation’s Key in and everything will be fine?” Once Luo Tian realized this, his heart started boiling in excitement.

Wild Blade replied: “That’s right!”



Luo Tian started laughing crazily. He then looked at the Eye of the Ancient Gods and said: “You were acting all arrogant in front of this daddy, huh? Showing off in front of me, huh? Good! Good! Watch how I’m going to kill you!”


“Kill me?”

“Humph! A mere human like you can kill me? You are truly overestimating your own abilities.” The Eye of the Ancient Gods said with disdain. From his point of view, Luo Tian and his group of humans were not even comparable to ants and were much weaker than those previous Profound Venerate experts.

Wanting to kill him?

This was an impossible matter.


Once he saw Luo Tian take out something, his pupils turned gloomy as he screamed: “Kill! Kill! Kill them all!”


“Are you scared now?!” Luo Tian started playing around with the Revelation’s Key in his hand. Seeing how fearful that large eye was made him extremely happy. He then said in an overbearing manner: “Weren’t you very arrogant just before?”

“Now you’re scared?”

“Let me see you act arrogant once more!”


“A large group of Steel Beasts has appeared!” Feng Lei shouted as his countenance changed.

There were Steel Beasts everywhere; they all possessed ancient powers and were extremely ferocious looking. They were all under the control of the Eye of the Ancient Gods and started crazily charging towards them.



Luo Tian narrowed his eyes and released his killing intent. He leaped into the air and shoved the Revelation’s Key into the center of the Eye of the Ancient Gods. “Die for me!”


The Revelation’s Key was inserted in.

The eye started shaking like crazy and the person in the mural looked like he was coming alive. An ear-piercing laughter was suddenly heard, “Thank you! Thank you for releasing my soul.”

As the voice faded…

The huge person inside the mural swung his ax and chopped down.



A loud wailing like a pig being slaughtered was heard.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing the Eye of the Ancient Gods. You have gained 1,000,000 experience points, 100,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Eye of the Ancient Gods!”


“Only an eye exploded out as loot?”

“Shit! No matter what, It was still a damn boss so can you be a little less stingy?” Luo Tian said unhappily inside him.

Around this time…

Wild Blade exclaimed with joy: “This is a good item! Quickly fuse with it! This eye is capable of seeing through all treasures in heaven and earth. It can spy up at the nine heavens and look down through the netherworld. This is an eye that countless supreme experts wish to possess, so quickly fuse with it!”

The God of Antiquity only had one eye!

This eye can see through everything in the world.

Why did it fall onto this mural? Why would it land on such a small and insignificant world like the Tianxuan Continent? No one knows.

In addition…

The mural also depicted God of Antiquity’s son – the Son of Antiquity. Why would he use his own eye to suppress his son?

Luo Tian wasn’t in the mood to bother about this.

He only cared about killing the boss and having equipment explode out. As for why these awesome equipment would appear in the Tianxuan Continent, it must have to do with his character. He had a good character so anything in this universe had the chance to explode out.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate further and made a thought: “Fuse!”

Several seconds later.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for fusing with the Eye of the Ancient Gods!”

“Reminder: The Eye of the Ancient Gods can only be used once every 24 hours. Each use will deplete half your profound energy. (Half of any circumstances!)”


“Isn’t it just half the profound energy?” Luo Tian immediately activated the eye and it started glowing while he stared at the wall. “Behind it will definitely have some good stuff… some very good stuff! Hahaha, I’m going to be rich!”

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