Undefeatable – Ch377

Chapter 377 – Wild Blade, The Super Powerful Wild blade

“We’re rich!”

“My brothers, this time we’ve struck it rich! Hahaha…”

Luo Tian was ecstatic.

Apart from seeing the good stuff behind the mural, Luo Tian turned around and saw something very interesting. His mouth curved into a sneer as he coldly said: “Basically courting death!”

“Who is it, boss?”

“Nobody important, just someone we’ve only met once.” Luo Tian chuckled but didn’t reveal it. He didn’t have the time to care about it because it was time to grab the treasure.

The ancient eye had died.

The mural on the wall was gradually disappearing.

Those ancient demonic beasts inside the Devil Sealing Array also disappeared.

The only thing that didn’t change was the holy light that surged into the sky. It was still incomparably eye-catching.

The Revelation’s Key that was stabbed into the Eye of the Ancient Gods started turning.

“Clack~ clack~ clack~…”

The wall opened up like a stone door, giving one a sense of tremendous weight and power. As the light shone out from the opening, it looked like a dazzling golden light was bursting forth. Everyone present almost couldn’t open their eyes fully because of it.


“What is it? With such a golden glimmering glow, it can’t be all gold bars right?”

“Shit! Can’t you be a bit more promising? What the hell can we do with gold bars?”

“Could it be precious jewelry?”

“Stop talking Blindman Liu. I feel like my intelligence is being lowered from talking with you.”

“That’s right! So boss, do you think it might be a gold mountain?”


“It definitely isn’t. From the way I see it, it should be a mountain of xuan stones since it’s much more valuable than a gold mountain.”

Luo Tian wanted to kill himself!

He had an impulse of dying right here. Could it be that in the eyes of these guys, only gold was considered valuable?

Can’t it be some ancient divine artifacts? Or can’t it be some supreme treasure born from the heavens and earth? Or perhaps some type of invincible martial skill?


Was weak to the max!

The four of them walked in together, and Luo Tian’s countenance instantly changed into an extremely ugly look.

Feng Lei started laughing loudly and said: “I was right! It’s really gold bars! How can there be such a blinding golden light if it weren’t for gold? Boss, this time we’ve truly struck it rich! Hahaha…”

Blindman Liu had a flaunting expression while saying: “Fatty, you said a gold mountain while I was the one that said gold bars.”

Xuan Yuanyi frowned while saying: “Blindman, you are incorrect as well. These aren’t gold bars but a gold corpse.


On top of a large slab of stone was a golden corpse. Its appearance, its expression, and the huge ax next to it was very similar to the mural on the wall. It was practically the same person!

Could it be a corpse that was carved from gold?

Luo Tian didn’t have any interest in it at all. Even if there were ten thousand mountains of gold, he still wouldn’t be interested. Gold in this world was a currency, but it was completely useless to high leveled martial artists. Two pieces of xuan weapons were much better than that!


The silent Wild Blade became agitated and asked: “Luo Tian, can… can… can you give me this fleshly body?”


“Fleshly body?”

Luo Tian’s heart shook and asked: “Wild Blade, are you sure this is a fleshly body? No matter how I look at it, it looks like a statue someone carved with a block of gold, so how can it be a fleshly body?”

“It’s definitely a fleshly body!”

“The Son of Antiquity’s fleshly body!”

“The legends are indeed true. Legends say the God of Antiquity is a rat that can devour divinity. He had cultivated for over 38 million years and became the number one expert in the ancient world. His strongest divine skill was the Eye of the Ancient Gods, and he had three sons.”

“All of his three sons had become peerless experts.”

“His eldest son was known as Traversing Heaven Sovereign, his second son known as Wild Heaven Sovereign, and his third son Mighty Heaven Sovereign. All three of them inherited the God of Antiquity’s bloodline and possessed an immortal golden body. Legends say that the third son Mighty Heaven Sovereign fell in love with a woman and his father found out…”

A long and foul story about a God falling in love with a mortal was explained.

Luo Tian then said: “You’re saying this golden body is the fleshly body of the Mighty Heaven Sovereign?”

Wild Blade directly answered: “That’s right!”


Extremely excited!

Wild Blade had always wanted to refine a fleshly body but he was only a strand of a soul remnant. Wanting to refine a fleshly body from nothing would be near impossible unless he uses up tens of thousands of years.

When Luo Tian wanted to give him the Skysoul Divine Pearl…

His heart was definitely stirred.

But the Skysoul Divine Pearl was Luo Tian’s last line protective talisman so he didn’t want to use it.

Once he determined the fleshly body lying on top of the slab of stone was the body of Mighty Heaven Sovereign, he was fully agitated.

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate and said: “What do you mean ‘can you have it’? Are you even treating me as a brother? You need to understand that as long as I possess an item, I will always give it to you. Isn’t it just a golden body? There’s no need to ask for my permission. If you don’t take it, I will probably sell it off like a block of gold.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s voice turned serious: “Fatty, you guys move aside.”

“I will let you guys meet an old friend that you are familiar with yet have never seen before!”

Feng Lei withdrew a few steps and asked: “Who is it?”

The three of them all looked at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian grinned and said: “Wild Blade, come on out!”

A force shot out and an illusory image floated in the air like a spirit.

Luo Tian explained: “He is Blood Devouring Wild Blade – the world’s most domineering blade. He has saved me many times and also the person who solved the ancient scroll’s secrets in order for us to get here today.”

Feng Lei asked in shock: “Boss, he’s that domineering blade that weighs 1800 jins?”

“No way, right?”

“A blade spirit? Wait no… a blade that cultivated into becoming a person? Wow, this is too powerful!”

Wild Blade looked like a middle-aged man filled with a domineering aura. He smiled and said: “Greetings to my fellow brothers. I really need this fleshly body so I hope all my brothers will agree to it.”

Luo Tian then said with disdain: “Agree your sister! Aren’t you the world’s most domineering blade? Where’s that wildly overbearing attitude of yours disappear off to? If you keep acting like this, I will really look down on you.”

Wild Blade was simply too agitated.

He was extremely grateful!

He couldn’t even describe this grateful emotion he was feeling.

Feng Lei spoke out for the rest: “We have no opinion.”

“You saved our boss so you’re our benefactor. Blindman Liu, do you dare to have any further opinions?”

Feng Lei glared at Blindman Liu.

Blindman Liu chuckled and said: “As long as you treat me out drinking for three days and nights, I will have no opinions.”


“It has to be the full three days and three nights.”



The five of them started laughing together in a hearty manner.

Luo Tian’s heart was filled with warmth as he said to himself: “This kind of feeling is really great.”


Laughing together; dealing with issues together; killing enemies together; and acting overbearing together. This kind of feeling felt really great. Luo Tian hiddenly clenched his fists and made a promise: He mustn’t allow anyone to harm his fellow brothers!



A full six hours passed by.

The golden body started moving like it had come alive.

Wild Blade!

He had become a super powerful Wild Blade!

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