Undefeatable – Ch381

Chapter 381 – You’ve Lost Your Mind!

“Inviting me for a banquet?”


“It looks like Heavenly Sword City at least knows a bit about etiquette.”

“However, inviting me for a banquet can be considered adding some brilliance to the Great Tang. You guys say that you’re inviting me over for dinner but you’re just doing yourselves a favor.” The Imperial God envoy was full of disdain. The moment he was invited over for a banquet by the Great Tang’s Emperor, his mouth revealed a smug smile.


He didn’t reject it nor did he accept the invitation that was in the hands of the new Internal Minister Ji Wencheng.

He merely grunted coldly: “I understand, I will be there tonight.”

Ji Wencheng withdrew from the room in fear while showing a respected look. He didn’t dare to show the slightest disrespect towards the envoy. It wasn’t that he was afraid of him but it was due to the oppressive pressure coming from the Imperial God Immortal Sect envoy that he was unable to withstand.

If he didn’t possess a cultivation at the Profound Ancestor realm, most likely he would have already kneeled in front of the Imperial God Immortal Sect envoy.

At another three different places.

The Starsea Immortal Sect, the Mount Hua Immortal Sect, and the Antarctic Immortal Sect all received invitations.

Apart from the Starsea Immortal Sect envoy acting arrogant, the other two immortal sects treated Ji Wencheng with courtesy.

They had come with sincerity to recruit Luo Tian.

That’s why they maintained an attitude of mutual respect.



Luo Tian’s gaze turned cold after hearing Ji Wencheng’s narrative of what happened. He then smiled and said: “Thank you, Lord Ji.”

Ji Wencheng was a bit overwhelmed by the politeness and replied: “No no, this is something this subordinate should be doing. Prince Consort, if there’s nothing else, this one shall withdraw.”

Luo Tian nodded.

Once Ji Wencheng retreated from the main hall, Feng Lei had an annoyed expression as he said: “That Imperial God Immortal Sect is really full of themselves. Since they’re trying to invite boss over, they should be showing some sincerity yet they’re acting like we owe him money.”


The Imperial God Immortal Sect was overbearing.

Their envoy was naturally overbearing as well and didn’t place Heavenly Sword City in their eyes at all.

Even when the Great Tang’s Emperor invited him, he didn’t show any signs of respect and maintained his attitude of being superior to them.

“Imperial God Immortal Sect, Tianxuan Continent’s number one immortal sect that has cultivated countless experts. Out of all the experts in our Tianxuan Continent, a quarter of them came from the Imperial God Immortal Sect. Ever since Murong Wanjian mysteriously joined that sect, their fame became even more imposing. In just a few years, they had amazingly surpassed the Starsea Immortal Sect to become the number one immortal sect,” said Blindman Liu in a neither fast nor slow pace.


“What’s so great about the number one immortal sect?! Can the number one sect randomly cripple someone’s limb? I don’t give a shit about whatever dog’s fart number one immortal sect,” scolded Feng Lei. After a few seconds, he started grinning foolishly and said: “Boss, since the Imperial God Immortal Sect is the number one immortal sect, it should definitely have countless experts present and will be of great help to you. And only the number one immortal sect is worthy of you. This Imperial God envoy is a bit too arrogant, but the other disciples shouldn’t be the same, right?”

The meaning behind Feng Lei’s words was very simple.

He wanted Luo Tian to become a disciple of the Imperial God Immortal Sect.

Since it was the number one immortal sect, then they must have a lot of cultivation resources and will be of great help to Luo Tian.

Feng Lei had always been like that.

No matter what’s going on, he would always consider the greatest gains on Luo Tian’s behalf.

“The Starsea Immortal Sect has weakened quite a bit in recent years. But it was also because Murong Wanjian was just too influential and happened to cover up the Starsea Immortal Sect’s brilliance. In addition to the fact that the young phoenix Li Xue’er preferred to act low-key and rarely made an appearance, this caused their influence to be a bit inferior to the Imperial God Immortal Sect. But we can’t ignore that many disciples of the Starsea Immortal Sect are treating Li Xue’er as their Goddess, and this has even affected the outside world where many geniuses are joining just because of her.” Blindman Liu continued explaining.

“That’s sister-in-law’s immortal sect?”

“Boss, it’s sister-in-law!”

Feng Lei unconsciously started smiling. But when he recalled how Li Xue’er would glare at him, his mind shivered coldly.

Luo Tian faintly smiled. His heart started missing her when he started thinking thoughts about Li Xue’er. He then asked Blindman Liu: “How about the other two immortal sects?”

Blindman Liu continued speaking: “The Antarctic Immortal Sect is okay. They are an upright sect that follows the rules and have been developing smoothly. Mount Hua Immortal Sect is a bit pitiful. A year ago, eighteen talented geniuses of Mount Hua Immortal Sect were crippled by Murong Wanjian alone. It was due to that incident that they’re about to fall off the qualifications to stay as an immortal sect. It’s best that you don’t go to that immortal sect. Most likely they won’t be able to bring out any talents to the stage for next year’s immortal sect disciple competition.

“Boss, there’s no need to consider the Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”

“That’s right!”

“They’re the worst out of all the immortal sects so going there is practically useless.”

“From the way I see it, you should choose the Imperial God Immortal Sect. They’re the number one immortal sect so whether it be martial skills or xuan weapons, every aspect of theirs should be stronger than all the other immortal sects. You should just choose them.”

They were all staring at Luo Tian.

They were annoyed by the Imperial God envoy’s arrogance.

But this was related to Luo Tian’s future so even though they were annoyed, they would still endure it so that Luo Tian can pick the best immortal sect.

Luo Tian was moved by this. He looked at every one of them and said: “You guys all want me to leave? You should know that once I become an immortal sect disciple, I will have to leave you guys. Besides, I never said that I wanted to join any immortal sects in the first place.”

Immortal sects – just the name invoked awe.

This was the holy temple and the dream of every martial artist!

This was the goal that countless people fought for.


When it came to Luo Tian, all the sects were the same to him.

His cultivation never required resources or grandmaster’s teachings. He completely relied on killing monsters to level up. As long as a place had monsters, then he would naturally level up. As for joining an immortal sect, he never once thought about it and had no intention of parting with his brothers.

Everyone was shocked when they heard Luo Tian’s words.

They all stared at Luo Tian with mouths agape. Their expressions clearly showed that they couldn’t understand Luo Tian’s thought process.

“Boss, you’ve lost your mind!”

“This is definitely an illusion! How can a sane person even reject joining an immortal sect? This is a once in a lifetime fortune from burning incense to one’s ancestors for the past eighteen generations!”

“Bastard, what is wrong with your brains?”

“That’s right! Aren’t you going to snatch the bride two years later at Shattered Sky City? How can you suppress Murong Wanjian without having a powerful identity? He’s currently an Imperial God Immortal Sect disciple that’s been purposely groomed. You must go beyond all aspects if you wish to surpass him, that’s why you must join an immortal sect.”

“That’s right!”

Everyone voiced their agreement.

Wild Blade, who had been silent all this time suddenly asked: “Brat, you can’t be thinking of wanting to explode them right?”


Out of everyone present, only Wild Blade understood Luo Tian the most.

This kid wasn’t afraid of dying and didn’t fear any repercussions. He was practically an existence equivalent to a mentally insane person.

The stronger the person he sees, the more excited he becomes.

This was an immortal sect envoy we’re talking about so a lot of good stuff will definitely come from their bodies. This kid is definitely thinking of exploding them!

Luo Tian gave a sinister grin before saying: “Lord Wild, you’re way too awesome. You can actually guess what I’m thinking, hahaha…”

Looking at everyone’s shocked expression…

Luo Tian stopped smiling and said seriously: “Don’t worry, I’m just messing around. I know what those guys are capable of; just a move of their fingers can turn me into ashes. How can I be serious in exploding them? I’m just kidding.”

“As for the matter of joining an immortal sect…”

“We’ll talk more about it tonight.”

Luo Tian was looking forward to tonight’s banquet!

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