Undefeatable – Ch383

Chapter 383 – You Can Just Hand This Dog Thing To Me

His temper was flaring into the sky!

He has seen many shameless people before and but has never seen one this shameless!

The number one Imperial God Immortal Sect is really strong, right?

Imperial God envoy thinks he’s really awesome, right?

He wants 50,000 top grade xuan stones just from opening his mouth? Does he really think this place is a xuan stone mine?

Luo Tian was enraged!

Tang Jiu was acting humble all because of him, allowing himself to have more choices. Luo Tian didn’t expect his crippled dantian would cause all four immortal sect envoys to show disdain. Especially the Imperial God envoy and the Starsea envoy, where they showed their disdain openly on their faces.

The Starsea envoy directly rejected him.

They did have a right to reject.

And it was a very normal reaction. Even though Luo Tian was angry, he still endured it.

Who would’ve known a shameless Imperial God envoy would appear? Luo Tian couldn’t endure anymore as his flames of anger surged out 30 feet high. He directly jumped up and pointed at the Imperial God envoy’s noise and said overbearingly: “The Imperial God Immortal Sect is so great, huh? I doubt it’ll be anything good when it has a dog-like envoy like you there! You start begging for a meal once you appear? What a joke! This is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard! Is this the virtue your immortal sect teaches their disciples? This is way too funny!”


Incomparably wild and overbearing!

Daring to say such words in front of the Imperial God envoy? Most likely there won’t be many people in this world that would dare to do such a thing.


There’s probably none in the younger generations of martial cultivators.

Luo Tian’s personality has always been – You respect me and I will show you respect in return. You treat me well and I will return it a hundredfold. If you treat me badly then I’m apologizing first because this daddy will not give you any face, and will directly smash you to death!

The Imperial God envoy’s expression turned fierce. Flames of anger seem to be lit ablaze as he narrowed his eyes at Luo Tian. A powerful oppressive pressure was released as it smashed against Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness. He then coldly harrumphed: “A useless thing that doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens and the earth. You are practically courting death!”


Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness sank.

The powerful suppression almost made his body bend over. He was extremely uncomfortable as he could barely breathe.

This made him even more annoyed.

He then roared internally: “Level 5 Berserk!”


As 32 times his attributes were released, a powerful energy surged out from his sea of consciousness. It was barely able to resist the suppression as his expression recovered. Luo Tian’s mouth turned to a sneer as he said: “What about it? Did I hit the mark that you’re nothing more than a beggar looking for a meal?!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s gaze switched to another. He completely ignored the Starsea Immortal Sect envoy and landed his gaze at Daoist Qing Niu and Venerable Wu Nian. “I will go with whoever manages to kill him!”


The Starsea envoy was the first to start laughing out loud. “A piece of trash with a crippled dantian really has a sharp tongue. You can actually spew such words out? Even if you pay up a million xuan stones, not a single immortal sect will accept a piece of trash like you.”

“Which immortal sect will accept a crippled dantian garbage? If this matter was released, I bet you the other immortal sects will definitely laugh their asses off! Hahaha…”


With a crippled dantian, such a matter will definitely cause the whole world to laugh.

Luo Tian’s brow quivered. The corner of his eyes twitched and a brief cold flash of light was seen as he narrowed his eyes. He was extremely pissed off with the Starsea envoy’s constant use of the word “trash.”

At this moment…

He couldn’t bear it anymore!

Luo Tian really wanted to see if anyone was going to offend the number one immortal sect on his behalf.

He really wanted to know.

He had never planned on joining any immortal sect to being with. His cultivation was different from the martial artists of this world because the only thing he needed was experience points!

A person with a crippled dantian cannot cultivate?!

Luo Tian was chuckling internally. He didn’t reveal his strength and gave these guys the choice instead.

Daoist Qing Niu’s gaze turned gloomy as he looked off to somewhere else.

It was very clear…

He didn’t want to offend the Imperial God Immortal Sect for a guy with a crippled dantian. One needs to understand the Imperial God Immortal Sect is the world’s number one – offending this huge behemoth will cause the entire Antarctic Immortal Sect to blame him for it.

“One is unwilling.”

Luo Tian said to himself as he glanced at Daoist Qing Niu. His gaze then landed on Venerable Wu Nian.

Venerable Wu Nian had no expressions on his face. He looked like he was in thought or like he was about to fall asleep. There was no way to figure out what he was currently thinking.

Luo Tian didn’t think too much about it.

He only coldly scoffed internally and commented: “None of them are showing any sincerity.”

Who on earth would offend the world’s number one immortal sect for him?

Who would be dumb enough to this degree?



“You damn dog thing, who would be dumb enough to offend my Imperial God Immortal Sect for a crippled dantian trash like you? Even if your dantian was perfectly fine, still no one would be idiotic enough to stand out for you. Kid, you can now go and die.” The Imperial God envoy was extremely smug about this.

He had long expected this outcome.

With a crippled dantian and unable to cultivate, recruiting a martial artist like him will only result in other immortal sects mocking them. Who would offend the Imperial God Immortal Sect for a piece of trash?

Absolutely no one!

Luo Tian no longer held any hope in them. Just as he was about to step out with a sneer…

The half-asleep Venerable Wu Nian suddenly stepped forward at an unknown time.

He directly appeared in-between Luo Tian and the Imperial God envoy.

Venerable Wu Nian revealed a harmless smile and said: “Senior brother Tian Lin, can you please give me some face and just let today’s matter go? If senior brother agrees, treat it as my Mount Hua Immortal Sect owing you a favor. We will use all our strength if you need our assistance in the future.”

A favor…

It was very important! A favor was equivalent to a promise!

For the experts in this world, a favor was a very important and serious matter.

And the favor Venerable Wu Nian spoke of was on the behalf of the Mount Hua Immortal Sect, which was especially serious.

The Imperial God envoy’s expression sank as his eyes looked like it was spraying out flames of rage. He then said in anger: “Old daoist Wu Nian, are you really going to stupidly stand up for this piece of trash?”

“A favor?”

“Who do you think you are? What kind of thing is your Mount Hua Immortal Sect considered as? Your Mount Hua Immortal Sect may not even be an immortal sect next year, yet you’re trying to negotiate a favor with me? A favor’s fart is all you’ve got!” The Imperial God envoy shouted in arrogance.

Venerable Wu Nian maintained his calm expression and said: “Senior brother Tian Lin, please give me some face. Just treat it as I, Wu Nian begging you.”

“Give you face?”

“Your face is nothing but fart.”

“Old mongrel Wu Nian, you better scram as far away as possible or else don’t blame me for treating you impolitely.” The Imperial God envoy said overbearingly. He didn’t place Venerable Wu Nian in his eyes because the Mount Hua Immortal Sect was like a tiger that had lost its claws.

They will never be able to stand back up!

Venerable Wu Nian didn’t move and only smiled. “Senior brother really has to kill him?”

The Imperial God envoy coldly replied: “He has to die no matter what. A piece of trash like him dares to insult my Imperial God Immortal Sect deserves a thousand deaths!”

Venerable Wu Nian nodded and said: “Then I shall be overconfident in my own strength this time.”

After saying that…

The aura on Wu Nian’s body suddenly changed. His body started releasing power that seemed to be capable of toppling mountains and overturning the seas! An energy shield started to materialize In front of him, and on that shield showed an image of an old ancestor!

“You must be tired of living.”

“An old mongrel daoist like you dares to fight with me?”

“You’re courting death!”

The aura coming from the Imperial God envoy’s body changed as well.

Luo Tian had a cheap despicable look on his face as he walked over with a chuckle. He looked at Venerable Wu Nian and said: “Grandmaster, you should go to the side for some rest. You can hand this dog thing over to me!”

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