Undefeatable – Ch385

Chapter 385 – Betting Everything


Shock at an unbelievable level!

The entire banquet hall was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

Luo Tian…

Actually killed the Starsea Immortal Sect’s envoy!

And it was by a sneak attack! His method of killing was arrogant and beautiful to the extreme! He didn’t give the Starsea envoy a chance to strike back, not even once. His linked actions could be described as beautiful to a complete mess.

If this was the video game world, Luo Tian’s actions would be a perfect combo!

What do you mean hand speed reaching the speed of light? That’s practically weak to the max!


Powerful to the point words couldn’t describe anymore!

If it weren’t for his sneak attack, there’s no way Luo Tian would be an opponent of the Starsea envoy.

If it weren’t for Wild Blade slashing down at the Starsea envoy causing him to retreat, there would be no way for Luo Tian to kill him.

All of this…

Was due to grasping the right time, accurate to the millisecond!

At this time, Luo Tian was standing next to the body of the Starsea envoy. He pointed his blood-covered finger at the Imperial God envoy with a cold sneer, “You were very arrogant, right?”

His voice broke the silence!

Daoist Qing Niu wet his lips and was the first to exclaim: “Madman! A completely insane madman! You actually killed the Starsea envoy? Kid, you’ve provoked a huge disaster now!”

Just when he finished saying this…

Daoist Qing Niu immediately summoned his green cow and said to Venerable Wu Nian: “Wu Nian, let’s quickly leave. If you continue having any relationship with this kid, your Mount Hua Immortal Sect will truly be destroyed.”

After saying that, Venerable Qing Niu got on his green cow and instantly disappeared off into the horizon.

Starsea Immortal Sect!

After the Imperial God Immortal Sect, the Starsea Immortal Sect was the second strongest immortal sect that pretty much governed the entire sea territory!

When they were in the immortal sea, they possessed unparalleled powers that even the Imperial God Immortal Sect didn’t dare to act recklessly against.


Because of Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er’s future marriage, those two biggest immortal sects seem to have formed an alliance. These past few years, they have been helping and supporting each other and almost looked like an immortal sect brotherhood.

Luo Tian actually killed the Starsea envoy.


Without a doubt, he had offended the two biggest immortal sects. He really must be feeling that he has lived for too long. No matter how angry he was, he shouldn’t have killed the envoy, right? This instantly made him reach a point of no return.

Venerable Wu Nian’s expression was one of awkwardness, but he didn’t leave. His eyes continued staring at Luo Tian intently. He kept on staring and trying to see through him. The longer he stared, the more he realized he couldn’t see through Luo Tian like there was a fog surrounding him.

A crippled dantian at the Profound Ancestor 2nd rank, yet he was able to kill the Starsea envoy.

This was a kill that was at the heaven-defying level!

How can this be possible?

Venerable Wu Nian couldn’t figure this out at all. His brain started analyzing everything he had heard about Luo Tian during his inquiries yesterday. Eventually, his heartbeat began to stabilize while his eyes became steadier.

“Boss is so mighty!”

“Boss is so domineering!”

“Dragon head, I wish to play a song for you!”


Feng Lei and the others were excited to the max, and they happen to be the only ones present with that emotion.

The other civil and military officials all had gloomy expressions on their faces.

Their bodies were shaking unceasingly because they never imagined Luo Tian would dare to kill the Starsea envoy. Wasn’t this practically forcing their Great Tang off a cliff and into a bottomless abyss?

Once the Starsea Immortal Sect is angered, they only need to send out one person to annihilate the Great Tang’s ten thousand year foundation.

Tang Jiu’s gaze changed as he said with an excited smile: “What a good kill! Who dares to say he’s trash? A Profound Ancestor ranker capable of killing the Starsea envoy; who will dare to continue saying he’s a piece of trash with a crippled dantian? Imperial God envoy, is your immortal sect really going to give up on such a genius?”

He wanted the Imperial God envoy to bring Luo Tian back to the Imperial God Immortal Sect.

If this was the case, there’s nothing much the Starsea Immortal Sect can do even if they wanted to make things difficult for him.

After all, the Imperial God Immortal Sect was the world’s number one immortal sect!

Luo Tian will thus possess a huge backing.

The Imperial God envoy had an extremely gloomy look on his face. His heart was beating a bit quicker and he was quite angry, but mixed in with the anger was a trace of fear. He was very clear on the cultivation level of the Starsea envoy yet Luo Tian was still able to kill him!

He really couldn’t understand this.

Looking at Luo Tian’s arrogant expression and how Luo Tian pointed at him with disdain in his eyes, he became extremely pissed!


He didn’t take any action.

He only coldly harrumphed before he said with eyes full of disdain: “You have killed the Starsea envoy and you will regret what you’ve done today. The Great Tang Dynasty and you will pay a heavy price for this – a price of complete annihilation.”

Luo Tian maintained his overbearing expression and coldly scoffed: “You still want to keep acting arrogant?”

At this moment…

Venerable Wu Nian suddenly stood out and said with a faint smile: “Brother Tian Lin, he is now a disciple of my Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Tell the Starsea Immortal Sect that they can come at my Mount Hua Immortal Sect for this. Our sect will fully take on everything!”


Showing extreme arrogance!

Venerable Wu Nian’s countenance had changed. His eyes were releasing a brilliant gleam while his tone was filled with arrogance.

Luo Tian was stunned by this as he said to himself: “I never agreed to that yet.”

He didn’t show it on the surface but Luo Tian’s heart was moved by it.

Venerable Wu Nian said this because he was afraid the Starsea Immortal Sect would act against the Great Tang Dynasty. And after having shifted the responsibility onto the Mount Hua Immortal Sect, all the Great Tang’s civil and military officials felt relieved.


This also lumped Luo Tian and the Mount Hua Immortal Sect together.

Venerable Wu Nian was making a gamble!

And the bet was huge!

One could say that he was using the fate of his Mount Hua Immortal Sect as a gambling stake. He was betting everything on Luo Tian. His heart was shaking because this was the first time he was betting this big. Apart from facing the pressure from the two big immortal sects – Imperial God and Starsea, he was also going to be facing the internal pressure from his own Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

Most likely no one would understand why he did this.

Inside his immortal sect; the Sect Leader, Elders, and even his master who was a Grand Elder would most likely blame and punish him for this. This matter was related to Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s fate, so his actions were simply too rash.

But he couldn’t hold back!


If his guess wasn’t wrong, then Luo Tian was someone that could bring his Mount Hua Immortal Sect into a brighter future!


“Old daoist Wu Nian, it’s good since you’ve said that.”

“Your Mount Hua Immortal Sect will now face the sanctions from both my Imperial God and the Starsea Immortal Sect. You wish to protect this kid, right? I really want to see how an immortal sect like yours, standing on its last leg can manage that!” shouted the Imperial God envoy.

Immediately after…

His figure moved and he disappeared off into the horizon.

Only a voice can be heard from a distance: “You just wait kid, the day of your death is not far off!”

Luo Tian pointed at the sky and scolded: “Don’t run if you have the guts! Watch how I’ll beat the shit right out of you!”

The Imperial God envoy had disappeared.

Luo Tian’s body flopped down. He sprayed out a mouthful of dark-colored blood and his face immediately paled. The paleness of his face was the color of ash.

He was holding in a single breath in order to kill the Starsea envoy

Even though the Starsea envoy wasn’t able to counterattack, he was still continuously releasing oppressive pressure that crushed against Luo Tian. If Luo Tian wasn’t injured by that pressure, there’s no way he would have allowed the Imperial God envoy to leave the banquet hall just like that.

Luo Tian’s body trembled a few times.

Venerable Wu Nian’s figure turned illusory as he instantly arrived next to Luo Tian to support him. “Come back with me to Mount Hua Immortal Sect!”

Luo Tian was gasping for breath as he said: “Just forget it; I don’t want to implicate you guys. I also have no intention of joining any immortal sects. Thank you, I will definitely pay you back in the future.”

Venerable Wu Nian wasn’t surprised and only showed a faint smile. “My Mount Hua Immortal Sect has an ancient battlefield with many demonic beasts…”

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