Undefeatable – Ch386

Chapter 386 – Mount Hua’s Divine Token

“Line up!”

“Line up! No one better think of cutting the queue!”

“Damn it! Don’t think you’re a woman and you can cut the queue! So what if you’re pretty? You still have to line up if you’re a beautiful lady!”

There was a very long line of people.

From the base of the mountain all the way up to the middle of the mountain that was covered in immortal-like air.

One couldn’t see the end of it!

Everyone’s expression contained a trace of excitement mixed with anticipation.

This entire month was Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s once-a-year recruitment of disciples. All the peerless talents millions of kilometers out were swarming this place. There were even some that have used up a few months to a year to rush here.

Immortal sect!

Deep inside their hearts, this was a place that all martial artists wished to belong to.

To all martial artists, this was considered their holy ground!

A holy ground that can change your life; a holy ground that can make your cultivation soar upwards; a holy ground that can allow you to step one foot closer to the heavens.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect once had a glorious era.

They only recruited disciples from the elite of the elite. Everyone selected was a talent from one in ten thousand!

Present day…

These martial artists didn’t have any outstanding characteristics. The place where they were testing their talents, the Elders in charge had a gloomy look on their faces. They were constantly shaking, shaking, and shaking their heads. The month was almost over and out of several tens of thousands of applicants, there were less than a hundred qualified as disciples. Those that were qualified to become disciples had just reached their initial standards of the sect. Even if they were groomed with focused care, their accomplishments will still not go very far. As for the immortal sect disciple competition next year, they were going to lose to the point of it being a complete mess again.

The Mount Hua Immortal Sect had fallen to a record low.

Using video game lingo – they had fallen off the stage!

Eighteen heavily groomed disciples were crippled by Murong Wanjian alone, so Mount Hua Immortal Sect fell into an ice cave ever since.

He was incomparably strong with a true dragon’s bloodline!

He was strong to the point that Mount Hua Immortal Sect was caught unprepared. Watching how eighteen disciples were smashed off the stage, Sect Leader Venerable Yun Ji’s heart turned to ash.

This past year, Mount Hua Immortal Sect had been searching all over for talented disciples with bloodlines, but they couldn’t find any good seedlings. This actually caused other immortal sects to also compete in searching so they weren’t able to recruit a single inherited bloodline disciple.

Not long ago…

Devil Monarch Skysoul from the Devil Sealing Array was killed by an ordinary youth.

Venerable Yun Ji immediately sent Wu Nian out to invite him.


The things that happened in Heavenly Sword City gave him a huge headache.

Luo Tian was standing in the center of the main hall with a calm expression without saying a word.

The present Elders were all coldly staring at him with anger in their eyes. They were only giving Venerable Wu Nian some face by not exploding on the spot.

“Wu Nian, is this how you take care of matters by bringing a malignant star back to our Mount Hua Immortal Sect? You should’ve left right away back then. He killed the Starsea envoy – the correct thing you, as an immortal sect disciple should have done was extend a hand in saving the envoy. This would actually make Starsea Immortal Sect owe us a favor. Who knows? We might even form a relationship with the Starsea Immortal Sect and our disciples will thus feel less pressure during the competition next year. But you… you… how do you want me to lecture you? It’s fine if you don’t save him yet you actually bring the culprit back to our immortal sect? What makes me even more confused is that you used our Mount Hua Immortal Sect as a gambling stake. Not only have you offended the Starsea Immortal Sect, you even managed to offend the Imperial God Immortal Sect as well. What do you want me to say to you?”

“What Grand Elder said is correct.”

“He cannot stay or else Mount Hua Immortal Sect will provoke a fatal disaster.”

“Even though Starsea Immortal Sect’s strength is ranked number two, their abilities are not much weaker than the Imperial God Immortal Sect. Our Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s crop is not yet ripe, our situation precarious, so how are we supposed to resist them?”

Inside the main hall.

The Elders of Mount Hua Immortal Sect were each saying a piece in their discussion.

The result of their discussion was unanimous.

Luo Tian cannot stay!

Wu Nian didn’t say anything. He was waiting for Venerable Yun Ji’s response.

It didn’t matter what all the Elders say. As long as the Sect Leader nodded, it will no longer be a problem.

Venerable Yun Ji’s brows were sunken like a ravine. Wu Nian had caused their Mount Hua Immortal Sect a lot of trouble, and that trouble was precisely Luo Tian. Once Luo Tian is allowed to stay, the Starsea Immortal Sect and the Imperial God Immortal Sect will definitely put pressure on them.

Venerable Yun Ji’s gaze shifted over to Luo Tian. He then exclaimed in his mind: “How is he supposed to cultivate with a crippled dantian?”


Venerable Yun Ji softly sighed. His gaze became firm as he said: “Wu Nian, send him back to Heavenly Sword City. You should be clear that his dantian is crippled. Even if we let him stay in our Mount Hua Immortal Sect, it wouldn’t be of great help to him. He cannot cultivate so it’s a complete waste for him to stay here.”

“What Sect Leader said is correct.”

“We cannot allow the kid to stay here.”

“Wu Nian, I think you’re getting old and confused. You actually brought back a piece of trash with a crippled dantian to our immortal sect. You also offended two immortal sects because of him. Is this how you take care of matters? I really don’t understand what’s going on inside that brain of yours.”

“The Sect Leader has made his decision so quickly take him down the mountain. I’m afraid Starsea Immortal Sect will slaughter their way over if we delay this any longer. We cannot afford to provoke them.”

Luo Tian’s expression was still very calm.

He hadn’t said a single word since he entered the main hall.

During their journey here, Venerable Wu Nian had mentioned this might happen so he was already mentally prepared.

Wu Nian promised that he will definitely have a way for him to stay.

Wu Nian’s gaze changed as he said calmly: “All the Elders present and Sect Leader, can we give him a chance to stay? He will definitely not disappoint you all. Can you not think from a different perspective like how someone with a crippled dantian killed the Starsea envoy? Isn’t this a form of miracle? He has many things in him we cannot see through or understand. Wu Nian hopes that everyone can give Luo Tian a chance to prove himself.”


“That’s right, no way that’s going to happen!”

“It’s precisely due to him killing the Starsea envoy that we cannot let him stay.”

“Wu Nian, this matter was caused by you. You should personally go to the Starsea and Imperial God Immortal Sect to seek forgiveness and not drag Mount Hua Immortal Sect into it.”

Everyone unanimously opposed.

The current Mount Hua Immortal Sect was similar to a wooden raft in the ocean, possibly flipping over at any given moment by a single wave. They couldn’t withstand anymore blows. They definitely couldn’t afford to offend the Starsea Immortal Sect so that’s why they were acting like this.

Venerable Yun Ji then said: “The trouble he provoked is too big and our Mount Hua Immortal Sect cannot handle it. You should let him descend the mountain. Gift him ten top grade xuan stones and consider it as traveling expense from our Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”

Wu Nian closed his eyes.

After thinking for three seconds, he opened his eyes and a brief glint of light could be seen. A black wooden token had suddenly appeared in his hand!

“Mount Hua’s Divine Token!”

“Wu Nian, what are you trying to do?”


Everyone had expressions of shock on their faces.

Mount Hua’s Divine Token – something created by Mount Hua’s first-generation Sect Leader.

Back then…

Wu Nian’s ancestor had performed an outstanding merit for Mount Hua Immortal Sect, receiving Mount Hua’s Divine Token. As long as one takes out that token, the present Sect Leader must fulfill the holder’s request.

Wu Nian was putting everything he had on Luo Tian!

He had a calm expression as he said: “Sect Leader, I hope you can allow him to stay. As for the Starsea and Imperial God Immortal Sects, I will personally go over to seek forgiveness.”

Venerable Yun Ji’s expression hiddenly changed while asking: “Wu Nian, why are you doing this to yourself?”

“Is that kid really worth it for you to do this?”

“Worth it!”

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