Undefeatable – Ch389

Chapter 389 – The First Round, Fail!

He agreed!

The expressions on all the Elders were smug to the extreme.

They were afraid Luo Tian wouldn’t agree. If he didn’t agree, they really didn’t have any other ways to deal with him for now.

After all, Mount Hua’s Divine Token was present.

If they broke their promise, how could Mount Hua Immortal Sect continue standing in this world?

Venerable Yun Ji’s mind relaxed as he smiled internally. He then said: “Since you’ve agreed, then you shall participate in the assessment today. Grand Elder, I will hand this matter over to you. You need to follow the rules strictly so that if Luo Tian manages to pass the assessment, you can no longer treat him with prejudice.”

Hun Yuan cupped his hands and said: “Order received.”

Immediately after…

Venerable Hun Yuan walked over to Luo Tian and flipped his right palm. A black cloud suddenly materialized beneath Luo Tian’s feet as he said: “Let’s go!”

Luo Tian was stunned.

Before he had time to react, the two of them already flew out of the main hall.

All those Elders in the main hall smiled smugly at each other as if a large rock had been lifted from their hearts.

“Today, the kid will be kicked out of the mountain.”

“Hahaha… we can pretty much consider the kid being kicked out. If we continued dragging this issue, I’m afraid no one can resist it when Starsea Immortal Sect kills their way over.”

“We should all go take a look and see how that kid’s going to fail. Hahaha…”

“Let’s go!”

After saying that, eight beams of light shot out of the main hall and towards the outer sect area.

Outer sect martial training field.

It was extremely huge and the surface area was even larger than Jade Mountain City.

The training field was filled with people.

These people were either Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s outer sect disciples or the prospective disciples for this time’s assessment. It was a very lively and crowded scene!

“Everyone look!”

“Immortals! They’re immortals! Look at the immortal clouds beneath their feet. I heard that only supreme experts who train in immortal skills can create such immortal clouds. That’s so cool! If I could one day refine such a cloud and go home with it, I will definitely charm Little Li off her feet!”

“Grand Elder?”

“Third Elder, Fourth Elder… all nine great elders from the inner sect have taken action together. Did something major happen?”

Xu Shan, the outer sect elder in charge of the assessment underwent a drastic change to his countenance. He dropped the task he was doing and quickly walked over to receive them. He cupped his hands and said: “Disciple Xu Shan pays his respect to all the Elders.”

Hun Yuan waved his hand said: “Let him be the first one to be assessed.”


Xu Shan glanced at Luo Tian and didn’t dare to say anything.


It was inevitable for someone in the crowd to criticize this. Some of the voices could be heard saying: “We’ve been waiting in line for three days yet this kid comes and jumps the queue.”

“That’s right.”

“Doesn’t Mount Hua Immortal Sect always say they treat everyone fairly?”

“So is this how one goes through the back door?”

Second Elder Tian Yuan’s expression turned gloomy as he shouted: “He is a special case and will be very quick. It won’t delay everyone’s time by too much.”

Some of the more observant outer sect disciples recognized Luo Tian.

Before Luo Tian came to Mount Hua Immortal Sect, his name was already known to many of the disciples.

Seeing Luo Tian, many of those outer sect disciples had ugly expressions on their faces.

Someone couldn’t hold it in anymore and said: “Why would a walking disaster like him need to be assessed? Just directly kick him off the mountain. Allowing him to stay here will only bring our sect countless troubles. For someone like him that even dares to kill the Starsea envoy, did shit enter his brains or something?”

The crowd was shocked.

Those Elders faintly smiled and cast looks of appreciation towards the disciple that said those words.

The Elders didn’t stop the discussion from the disciples so those words of criticism increased.

“A piece of trash with a cripple dantian isn’t qualified to participate in this assessment.”

“Assess your ass, just scram down the mountain.”

“Trash – this is an immortal sect and not your home. Assess your bird, just quickly scram off. You’ve already failed the first round with a crippled dantian.”

“That’s right; you will only lose all face for Mount Hua Immortal Sect by staying here.”

Voices of mockery came and went.

None of the Elders stopped it.

They actually exposed a cold sneer towards Luo Tian like he was the butt of the joke.

The martial artists lining up for the assessment all started showing looks of disdain.

“Participating in the assessment with a crippled dantian? Is this kid mentally ill?”

“What the hell is going on? Why are they even letting trash like him be assessed?”

Luo Tian was neither fast nor slow and maintained his calm expression. He followed behind Xu Shan without saying a single word.

Xu Shan walked up to a huge crystal column and said: “Put your hand on the surface of the column, then activate your dantian to circulate your profound energy.”

The crystal column was a spiritual column used to detect the limits of one’s dantian.

An ancestor of Mount Hua found this crystal in the outer territories, a divine artifact specifically used to detect the talents of prospective disciples.

Luo Tian walked forward and followed Xu Shan’s direction. He placed his hand onto the column and activated his dantian…


Activate, activate…!

“Shit, nothing is activating for me!”

There was naturally no profound energy with his crippled dantian. Even if Luo Tian used all his strength, it would be useless because there’s no way the column can detect anything from it.

The crystal column didn’t give off any kind of light, not even a little spark. Xu Shan’s expression faintly changed before he advised: “Use your senses to activate your dantian. Try again and don’t give yourself too much pressure, no one will rush you on this.”

Luo Tian smiled at him before placing his hand on the surface again.

The result was the same.

How can a crippled dantian circulate profound energy?


“Not even a spark of light, I’m going to die laughing! It looks like this kid is really a piece of trash with a crippled dantian. Trash should scram off, the sooner the better. This isn’t a place for people like you so hurry up and go home.”

“I have never seen such a trashy person in my life! This daddy is going to die from laughing!”

Mockery. Pretty much everyone was mocking Luo Tian.

Venerable Hun Yuan walked forward with an icy expression. He then asked: “Do we need to continue testing further? You have failed the first round so look around and see how many people are mocking you. Why continue suffering such humiliation? What I’ve said previously is still valid – take the 20 top grade xuan stones and leave Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”

Luo Tian didn’t even take a glance at Venerable Hun Yuan nor at the ridiculing expressions of the surrounding crowd.

To him, these people were just waiting for a slap to the face.

Only one slap was enough to make the faces of these people swollen.

Luo Tian was coldly scoffing internally while saying: “Laugh; laugh all you want. Soon, you guys won’t be able to laugh even if you want to.”

Luo Tian smiled respectfully at Xu Shan and said: “Elder Xu, please take me to the next round.”

Xu Shan was a bit surprised before glancing over at Venerable Hun Yuan. Seeing how the Grand Elder’s eyes filled with anger, he softly cautioned: “You should take the 20 top grade xuan stones and leave this place. You really aren’t suitable to cultivate here.”

Luo Tian replied: “Don’t worry; I will definitely be staying here.”


When Xu Shan saw Luo Tian’s confident smile, a strange feeling appeared in his heart as he felt this kid wasn’t that simple.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian was brought to another area.

“That kid is still not giving up?”

“Is there a need to continue testing when he has a crippled dantian?”

“With his country bumpkin looks, what kind of bloodline inheritance do you think he would have?”

Xu Shan brought Luo Tian over to a certain structure and said: “Bring out the divine mirror!”

A disciple carefully brought over a mirror that exuded an air of antiquity. This was a divine mirror that detected one’s bloodline inheritance. Upon dripping blood on it, it would immediately reveal that person’s bloodline.

Luo Tian squeezed out a drop of blood essence and it was slowly absorbed…

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