Undefeatable – Ch391

Chapter 391 – Blank

Way too arrogant.

This was basically challenging Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s authority.

All the Elders and outer sect disciples were beyond angry.

“That kid is too arrogant!”

“I really want to slap him flying.”

“He has a crippled dantian and doesn’t have any inherited bloodlines. What the hell does he want to do? He has already become a laughing stock yet still wants to continue? Does he even care about his own face?”

“Grand Elder, don’t agree to it. A piece of trash like him should be immediately kicked off the mountain.”

Everyone was filled with resentment!

They believed Luo Tian was being unreasonable and deliberately causing trouble.

Someone with a crippled dantian that can’t even circulate profound energy; how can they concoct pills? How can they forge xuan weapons? How can they engrave arrays?

No one would believe it!

Luo Tian maintained his calm look and stared at Venerable Hun Yuan without blinking.

Venerable Hun Yuan’s sword-like brows rose up and the aura around his body underwent a slight change. Anger reared up in his heart as he said: “Luo Tian, do you think you can beat them? You are only a common mortal. Our location here is Mount Hua Immortal Sect, a true and genuine immortal sect. Do you think this is a poverty-stricken rural village?”

Inside an immortal sect…

Alchemists and Forging Masters were all at the grandmaster level.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to join an immortal sect.

One can say that the accomplishments of these grandmasters have all reached a supreme realm.

Each and every one of them were grandmasters that have lived and studied their art for several centuries.

Luo Tian was actually challenging them? This was practically humiliating Mount Hua Immortal Sect!

This made everyone annoyed. Extremely annoyed!

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “What? Are you scared? You don’t dare? I am merely a villager from the boonies, a country bumpkin. I actually want to challenge your Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s Alchemists, Forgers, Healers… and I have the right to.”

“Don’t forget, it was you that wanted me to participate in the assessment!”


Extremely arrogant!

They were annoyed, but when did Luo Tian have a good time either?

Since this was the case…

There was nothing left to hold him back.

Venerable Hun Yuan was so angry that he was shaking. If it weren’t for the relationship with Venerable Wu Nian; if it weren’t for him being the one to suggest that Luo Tian participate in the assessment; he really would have chopped down with his palms by now. He then growled out: “Good! Good! Good!”

He said “good” three times in succession.

His expression turned fierce while saying: “You wish to compete right? Then I shall satisfy you!”

“Sixth Elder!”

“You manage the inner sect’s medicinal pills and also our sect’s number one Alchemist. I know there’s no need for you to step out when dealing with this kid, but I want him to completely give up. I want him to know how powerful Mount Hua Immortal Sect is.”

He was truly enraged.

Venerable Hun Yuan was extremely angry.

“Sixth Elder, named Venerable Tian Ling stepped out with an expression of disdain. He looked over at Luo Tian and said with a smile: “Grand Elder, competing with trash like him will actually raise his status. Any random disciple from my Pill Hall is stronger than him.”

Immediately after…

A disciple walked out. He cupped his hands and said respectfully: “Grand Elder, there’s no need for my master to make a move when dealing with a piece of trash. I am more than enough!”

Wu Xiaoyang had stepped out.

“Senior Wu, a rank 9 alchemist!”

“The number one pill refining disciple of the outer sect. He has already been chosen by Sixth Elder and brought under his tutelage, and is only waiting for the inner sect assessment coming up in three months’ time.”

“With him making a move, that kid will definitely be finished. One needs to know that Senior Wu comes from a family of alchemists. He possesses the Snow Lotus bloodline which enhances his pill concoction results. The medicinal pills he concocts can display 90% of a spiritual herb’s effectiveness.”

Venerable Hun Yuan smiled faintly as he got to know about this Wu Xiaoyang. He realized it wouldn’t be quite right if he sent out Venerable Tian Ling because it would lower the Elder’s status. After all, beating a piece of trash with a crippled dantian is nothing worthy of celebrating and was actually quite shameful.

Immediately after, Venerable Hun Yuan said: “Fine, you will be the one to accept the challenge. If your performance is good, there’s no need for you to participate in the assessment three months from now. You will directly become an inner sect disciple.”

Wu Xiaoyang was extremely excited as he replied: “This disciple will not disappoint Grand Elder.”

Luo Tian shook his head and said with a smile: “You should switch another person or else you’ll say my special talent isn’t strong enough. What should I do at that time when you go back on your words?”

Venerable Hun Yuan harrumphed and said: “Don’t worry; as long as you beat him in refining pills, I will consider you passing!”

Wu Xiaoyang coldly sneered. He walked right up to Luo Tian and said: “Kid, I will make you lose in the most ugliest way possible.”

Luo Tian completely ignored him and didn’t even give him a glance.

Wu Xiaoyang’s expression turned gloomy. Flames of rage was burning inside his heart as he said internally: “Damn dog thing, you wish to refine and concoct pills? I bet you haven’t even seen a medicinal pill in your entire life! Just wait and see how I’ll humiliate you. I will let you know how awesome I, Wu Xiaoyang is!”

In a brief moment…

Outer sect disciples had set up a stage and prepared several types of spiritual herbs.

“Senior Wu, thoroughly defeat him with a perfect victory!”

“Senior Wu, there’s no need to leave him any face since the skin on his face is quite thick already.”

“Senior Wu, I love you! Quickly defeat that kid and kick him off the mountain.”

Elder Tian Ling walked over to Wu Xiaoyang and said with a smile: “Use all your strength so that Grand Elder and others can see it. You must do a good job.”

While saying those words…

Elder Tian Ling made a hand motion underneath his sleeves and a small bottle flew into the hand of Wu Xiaoyang. He then sent a voice transmission: “When you start concocting a pill, pour this spiritual liquid into the furnace. It will raise medicinal properties by 10%.”

This type of spiritual liquid was extremely precious.

Even Elder Tian Ling rarely used this himself.

But in order to embarrass Luo Tian and make his disciple shine, he didn’t care about the expenditure.

Wu Xiaoyang’s brows shook as he sent a voice transmission back: “Thank you, master. I will definitely not disappoint you.”

Immediately after…

Wu Xiaoyang walked up to the stage. He smiled with disdain before saying: “Please!”

Luo Tian replied: “These spiritual herbs here can concoct several dozens of different medicinal pills. Which pill do you want to concoct?”

On top of the table were only seven different types of spiritual herbs, yet he says several dozens of medicinal pills can be concocted from them?

Wu Xiaoyang couldn’t hold back and mocked: “What a bumpkin! With these spiritual herbs here, the most we can concoct are sixteen different types of medicinal pills. You really have no knowledge regarding this subject. As long as you kneel down and kowtow acknowledging your defeat, I won’t make you lose too ugly.”

Luo Tian chuckled once before looking over at Elder Hun Yuan saying: “Grand Elder, you should be the one deciding what medicinal pill we’re going to concoct. This dumb idiot knows nothing.”

“Who are you calling a dumb idiot?!”

“I’m talking about you! What? You didn’t hear it clearly? Then I’ll say it again: You’re the dumb idiot! I really don’t understand how you became a rank 9 alchemist.” Luo Tian said with disdain.

Elder Hun Yuan’s expression sank while looking over at Venerable Tian Ling.

Venerable Tian Ling was also angry while coldly shouting: “Just concoct a tier 1 Profound Spirit Pill.”

“A tier 1 medicinal pill?”

Luo Tian was stunned by that.

Wu Xiaoyang immediately mocked: “What? You’re afraid?”

Luo Tian replied with a smile: “I’m just afraid that you’ll become a sore loser.”

Wu Xiaoyang started laughing loudly. “Kid, how about we make a bet? If you lose, you will act like a dog and crawl under my legs. I will do the same for you if I lose.”

Luo Tian replied: “You’re already a dog so there’s not much for me to gain on the stakes. But since you want to bet, I will naturally accompany you. If you lose, I will just give you three slaps.”

“Fine! This daddy will bet with you!”

Wu Xiaoyang angrily growled while saying internally: “Kid, just watch and see how you’re going to be crawling under my legs soon. Everyone knows that even the eldest senior brother of our Pill Hall cannot compare with the pills I concoct. Just wait and see how bad you’ll lose!”

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