Undefeatable – Ch392

Chapter 392 – Blowing Up The Pill Cauldron?


“Competing with Wu Xiaoyang in concocting the Profound Spirit Pill? Even the outer sect Elders cannot concoct a better Profound Spirit Pill than him. Currently, one-fifth of all the Profound Spirit Pills in the outer sect are concocted by the hands of Wu Xiaoyang. That kid is going to suffer a big loss.”

“The kid probably doesn’t know that Wu Xiaoyang has the Snow Lotus bloodline, which is capable of enhancing the end product of the Profound Spirit Pill. The pills he concocts will definitely be refined to the micro-fine realm.”

Many people discussed this in low voices.

The voices were very soft.

So Luo Tian didn’t hear it.

Venerable Tian Ling’s mouth was at a slant while he revealed a cold smile.

As the master of Wu Xiaoyang, he naturally knew what medicinal pill his disciple was best at.

Profound Spirit Pill.

Most likely, there were less than five people in the whole Mount Hua Immortal Sect that can concoct a better Profound Spirit Pill than Wu Xiaoyang. And since he also has the enhancing spiritual liquid in his grasp, wanting to lose would be a difficult thing.

This time…

Luo Tian was going to lose, and he will lose in an extremely miserable manner. Those two were absolutely not comparable!

Right after, Venerable Tian Ling smiled smugly and said: “Don’t worry Grand Elder, that kid will absolutely lose. And he will no longer have any more good reasons to stay.”

Venerable Hun Yuan smiled in a satisfactory manner and said: “Junior brother Tian Ling, if you do a good job, you will have gained a huge merit for yourself. I will report this to the Sect Leader and I’m sure he will reward you for it.”

Venerable Tian Ling was ecstatic and immediately said some flattering words. “This was mostly due to Grand Elder’s credit while I’m just adding flowers to the embroidery.”


Venerable Hun Yuan started laughing.

Luo Tian made a please gesture and said: “You go ahead first.”

Wu Xiaoyang smiled in disdain. He walked forward and gently breathed out. He closed his eyes and forced out all distracting thoughts from his mind. When his focus entered the micro-fine realm, his eyes immediately shot open.

A black pill cauldron suddenly appeared in his hand.

And a natal flame appeared in the center of his palm. With the circulation of this profound energy, the flame started rising higher.

At this moment…

Wu Xiaoyang quickly selected the spiritual herbs to concoct the Profound Spirit Pill. The placement of every herb was extremely accurate and the deviation didn’t exceed one second.

The activation of his spiritual sense followed right after.

The profound energy at the center of his palm fiercely gushed out and wrapped up the pill cauldron in its entirety. Wu Xiaoyang’s brows formed a frown as an image of a snow lotus appeared above him. Profound energy that seemed to be nurtured by the world was added to it.

“Snow Lotus bloodline!”

“Hahaha… senior brother Wu is truly a person from an alchemist family.”

“There’s no need for that kid to concoct anything because he’s definitely going to lose. Who can beat senior brother Wu when it comes to concocting the Profound Spirit Pill?”

The outer sect disciples were all filled with excitement.

Those martial artists participating in Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s assessment were all moved by this scene, and there wasn’t a single person not in shock.

Now, this is an immortal sect!

A mere outer sect disciple was a rank 9 Alchemist and had a bloodline related to a spiritual herb! These immortal sects are too strong!

The flames were getting more violent.

Cold sweat started appearing on Wu Xiaoyang’s forehead. His gaze moved over to Luo Tian and found that Luo Tian wasn’t even looking at him, and was just looking down at the spiritual herbs on the table. Wu Xiaoyang coldly chuckled internally and said to himself: “Kid, you’ll be crawling under my legs in just a bit.”


The flames in the center of his palm sprayed out.

At this moment, his left hand started moving and poured in the spiritual liquid his master had given him.


A fragrant smell of profound energy mixed with spiritual herbs dispersed into the surrounding area. The medicinal properties of the spiritual herbs had already been brought to its peak existence by his rank 9 level.

“Form for me!”

Shouted Wu Xiaoyang. The flames condensed from profound energy on his palm suddenly stopped, and some faint smoke started coming from the pill cauldron. The fragrant smell started pulling back and injected itself back into the medicinal pill.

Wu Xiaoyang smiled excitedly and said: “It’s done!”

“Clap~, clap~, clap~!”

Venerable Tian Ling was the first to start applauding and saying: “Good, good, good! We can say that it was a perfect display of pill concoction. His speed was two times faster than your typical rank 9 Alchemist. The medicinal properties of the spiritual herbs have been elevated to its peak, so this medicinal pill is very close to being perfect!”

Even Venerable Tian Ling couldn’t help start praising the results.


Applause rang out from the crowd while people started yelling praises.

Venerable Hun Yuan revealed a pleased smile as he was very satisfied with Wu Xiaoyang’s performance.

“Not bad, not bad. Junior brother Tian Ling, your disciple will surely attain great accomplishments in the future.”

“Being able to refine an ordinary Profound Spirit Pill to the point of reaching the acme of perfection is truly a rare feat.”

“That’s right. Sometimes the most ordinary medicinal pill can be the hardest to perfect. The Profound Spirit Pill might look simple, but wanting to refine it well requires one to reach extremely high attainments in alchemy. It’s very clear that this disciple called senior brother Wu’s attainment is really not bad.”

“Good for you, senior brother Wu.”

“Hahaha… I really want to see what that kid has to compete with our senior brother Wu.”

“Kid, just admit your defeat. Quickly crawl under senior brother Wu’s legs and then quickly scram out of Mount Hua. This isn’t a place where trash like you should be staying at.”

In an instant…

The crowd in the training field was boiling up.

Words of ridicule were thrown out without reserve.

Wu Xiaoyang had a smug expression on his face. He took out the medicinal pill from the cauldron and said: “Kid, you wish to compete with me? You simply don’t even have the qualifications to challenge me. This pill here is at a realm that you will never reach in your entire lifetime.”

Very smug and very arrogant.

In his eyes, Luo Tian didn’t even know how to concoct pills.

Even if Luo Tian knew how to do it, there was no way Luo Tian could surpass him.

This Profound Spirit Pill was the best one he has ever concocted in the ten plus years of experience.

Luo Tian didn’t even look over at Wu Xiaoyang and was still staring down at the spiritual herbs on the table. There were times when he looked like he was lost in thought, and there were times when he mumbled something that people near him couldn’t understand. He hadn’t even once looked over at Wu Xiaoyang since the beginning.

Xu Shan, who was off to the side spoke up and reminded Luo Tian: “Little brother, it’s your turn.”


Luo Tian looked up and glanced over at Wu Xiaoyang. “He’s finished with his concoction?”


“It’s your turn now.” Xu Shan said once again.

Luo Tian smiled politely in return. He then looked over at Venerable Hun Yuan and asked: “Grand Elder, who’s going to judge the medicinal pill that we’ve concocted? In case the pill I’ve concocted is slightly better and you guys say it isn’t, then wouldn’t I be screwed over?”

Venerable Hun Yuan’s expression turned gloomy as he said: “Then who do want to preside over this then?”

Luo Tian replied with a smile: “We’ll have this Elder do it.”

Luo Tian looked over at Xu Shan.

Xu Shan was stunned by the development and looked over at the Grand Elder.

Venerable Tian Ling said unhappily: “What qualifications does he have to be the judge? His alchemy skill is only at rank 8, even lower than my disciple’s. He is obviously unqualified to be a judge.”

Venerable Hun Yuan was too lazy to bother with any more of Luo Tian’s nonsense and said: “We’ll do as you say. I really want to see what kind of waves you can cause.”

“Thank you Grand Elder.”

After saying that…

Luo Tian walked forward and brought out his Green Dragon Cauldron. His right hand moved and a colorless flame surged out. Luo Tian only selected a single main ingredient of the Profound Spirit Pill. His brows quivered as he demonstrated Xiao Yan’s alchemy skills.


The furnace started shaking and gave off a series of explosions.

Everyone started laughing. “Hahaha… he refined to the point of blowing up his cauldron.”

Luo Tian coldly scoffed while his right hand gently descended. Inside the pill cauldron was a black medicinal pill sitting there quietly. He then said with a faint smile: “I’m done.”

Less than 10 seconds was used!

At this moment…

Everyone was staring at him.

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