Undefeatable – Ch393

Chapter 393 – Need To Be Fierce When Slapping Faces

Ten seconds!

And the Profound Spirit Pill was completed. This kind of speed… was basically fast beyond words to describe.

Is this a joke?!

Has the spiritual herb inside the pill cauldron even melted yet?

Have the medicinal properties even come out yet?

Ten seconds?!

What can you do in ten seconds? It’s quite possible that your natal fire cannot even warm up the pill cauldron in ten seconds! Yet somehow, the cauldron in Luo Tian’s hand gave off a series of exploding sounds. This was clearly the sound of one’s cauldron exploding, a telltale sign of failure so how can it succeed?

“Kid, are you telling jokes right now?”

“Hahaha… hahaha… I can’t stop laughing. When I look at him, I want to laugh even more. I really can’t stop myself. Where did this idiot come from? This is too f*cking funny! Concocting a Profound Spirit Pill in ten seconds… are you trying to mess with us?”

“I think he’s just here to cause trouble. Grand Elder, people like him should be immediately kicked off the mountain. Allowing him to stay any longer will affect the reputation of our Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”

No one believed in it!

Even an Alchemy Grandmaster like Venerable Tian Ling wouldn’t be able to concoct the Profound Spirit Pill in ten seconds.

This has never happened in the history of Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

This was absolutely impossible to accomplish.

Venerable Hun Yuan’s face was filled with anger as he reprimanded: “Luo Tian, I keep giving you chances but you keep causing mischief. My patience is limited, so you better scram down the mountain for me. If you dare stay half a second longer, don’t blame my Mount Hua Immortal Sect for treating you impolitely.”

He thought Luo Tian was fooling around.

Almost everyone thought Luo Tian was fooling around.

Concocting a Profound Spirit Pill in ten seconds? Anyone that had some knowledge in refining and concocting pills knew this was impossible.

Venerable Tian Ling smiled in disdain and said: “This kid has been causing trouble all this time so we should teach him a lesson.”

Wu Xiaoyang started laughing in mockery. He just kept laughing while pointing at Luo Tian, “Hey trash! Just based on your status, you think you’ve succeeded in concocting a pill in ten seconds? Do you even f*cking know how to concoct pills? You really think it’s fine to just throw a spiritual herb inside a pill cauldron and everything will work out by itself? You are really too trashy. Competing with you in concocting pills is a complete insult to me.”

Luo Tian’s face showed no emotions and he didn’t say a thing.

At this time…

Xu Shan walked over with a frown. He walked up close to Luo Tian and softly said: “Little brother, don’t be reckless. This is Mount Hua Immortal Sect. If you cause any problems…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Xu Shan’s expression froze.

His eyes widened as he stared unblinkingly at the black medicinal pill inside Luo Tian’s cauldron. His body trembled while he started stuttering: “This, this, how can this be possible? It actually, actually, was concocted successfully?”


Xu Shan’s voice wasn’t very loud but many people still heard it.

The voices from the crowd immediately became silent.

Venerable Hun Yuan’s focus fell to the side of Luo Tian. He looked at the black pill inside the pill cauldron before looking over at Luo Tian. Venerable Hun Yuan’s face looked calm but his heart was shocked to a complete mess.

“Junior brother Tian Ling, go over and see if it’s really a Profound Spirit Pill!”

Venerable Tian Ling was stunned but his figure still moved and landed next to Luo Tian. Once he saw the medicinal pill inside the cauldron, no one experienced as much fear and shock as him.

Immediately after…

Venerable Tian Ling’s cleared his throat as he tried to stabilize the shock in his heart. He then said with disdain: “Kid, alchemy requires one to pay attention to duration, degree of heat, and medicinal properties. Do you think it’s good just to be fast? It’s impossible for a spiritual herb to properly release its medicinal properties just by being fast. Your medicinal pill most likely doesn’t even contain 10% of its medicinal properties.”

Wu Xiaoyang’s ugly expression slowly changed as he immediately handed his pill over to Venerable Tian Ling. He then said: “Kid, we’re not competing on speed but on medicinal properties. We don’t even know if this medicinal pill is something you concocted yourself. Who knows if it’s a Profound Spirit Pill that you’ve prepared early on and just placed it inside the cauldron?”

Luo Tian continued ignoring Wu Xiaoyang like before and said to the Grand Elder: “Wasn’t this supposed to be judged by Elder Xu Shan? I thought we just talked about it. This is being too disrespectful. If one doesn’t even have morals, one shouldn’t even be concocting pills in the first place. They should just go home and drink their mommy’s milk.”

“Who are you talking about?!” retorted Wu Xiaoyang in anger.

Luo Tian coldly flicked a glance over and said: “I’m talking about you!”


“You…” Wu Xiaoyang was so angry that he couldn’t even speak. His jaws were clenched to the point of making cracking sounds before saying: “You’ll be just like a dog crawling under my legs soon, hahaha…”

Venerable Hun Yuan’s gaze shifted as he said: “Give your medicinal pill to Elder Xu so it can be appraised.”

Venerable Tian Ling had a faintly unhappy expression on his face. He was the number one alchemist in Mount Hua Immortal Sect yet they were having an outer sect Elder whose alchemy level was lower than his disciple to be the judge. And this person happened to be Xu Shan which made him rather annoyed.

But of course, he didn’t show that on his face.

Xu Shan received the medicinal pill from Wu Xiaoyang. He closed his eyes and his countenance turned extremely calm. He sent his senses into the medicinal pill and said: “The medicinal properties of the Sky Energy Grass have reached 95%, the Spirit Bath Flower has released 95% of its medicinal properties… the pill’s effect has reached 95% and has reached the micro-fine level.”


“It’s 95%, just a little bit off from becoming a perfect medicinal pill.”

“Senior brother Wu will definitely win.”

“We’re just waiting to see that kid crawl under senior brother Wu’s legs.”

“Senior brother Wu, you have to fiercely humiliate this country bumpkin that doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens and the earth.”

Wu Xiaoyang smiled smugly before looking at Luo Tian and saying: “Kid, it’s your turn.”

No one had any objections to Xu Shan’s evaluation.

It was the same with Venerable Tian Ling.

Because everything Xu Shan said was accurate.

Luo Tian handed over the medicinal pill and said: “Elder, please evaluate this carefully with your senses.”

Xu Shan had a calm look on his face. Once he received the medicinal pill, he sent his senses into it. After several seconds, he couldn’t sense anything. His brows formed a frown while he glanced over at Luo Tian. He didn’t know what Luo Tian was up to because he felt this wasn’t even a medicinal pill.


He followed Luo Tian’s words and focused his mental spirit, sending his senses into the pill.


His senses finally sensed an explosive energy surging out. This energy had exploded forth instantaneously just like a volcano. The power surging forth made the beholder completely shocked! Xu Shan’s eyes open round and wide while his body started shaking from shock. “This… this… the medicinal properties of the Sky Energy Grass have reached 120% and the medicinal pill’s effect has exceeded 120%. The energy is clear and powerful without any impurities. This is a completely perfect medicinal pill. This…”

This was too shocking!

At this moment, his mind felt like it was about to explode.

Luo Tian grinned and asked: “Elder, is the medicinal pill I concocted a little better than the one he concocted?”

Xu Shan didn’t hesitate and replied: “It’s not just a little better; it’s basically better by several levels and cannot be compared with each other.”

Hearing those words…

Luo Tian smiled evilly. He rushed forth at almost instantaneous speeds and ruthlessly slapped Wu Xiaoyang three times.

His strength was fierce, his speed fast, and his action extremely handsome looking!

No one had time to react!

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