Undefeatable – Ch394

Chapter 394 – You Don’t Submit? I’ll Beat You Until You Do

“Pak~, pak~, pak~”

Three loud slaps that were extremely piercing to the ear was heard.

No one could react in time.

Even Venerable Hun Yuan didn’t have time to react.

Wu Xiaoyang felt a stinging pain coming from his face. Apart from the pain was a bit of numbness. Finally, the corner of his mouth was red with some blood coming out while his left cheek had lost all feeling.


“I’m going to kill you!”

Wu Xiaoyang’s anger surged into the sky. He was slapped in front of a large crowd which was considered a huge insult to him!

He couldn’t hold back anymore.

Just when he was about to counterattack, Luo Tian had already returned to his original position at an unknown time. Luo Tian then said: “Cheh~, one must acknowledge their defeat when gambling. You can’t afford to lose? You were the one that agreed that I can give you three slaps if you lost. I’m a good samaritan that will gladly satisfy this special hobby of yours.”

“Elder Tian Ling, what I’ve said was correct, right?”

“He agreed to the gambling stake in front of so many people, so you guys must’ve heard it too.”

Luo Tian’s expression was really smug!

He was extremely proud of himself.

Not only did those three slaps strike Wu Xiaoyang’s face, it also struck all those people that had been ridiculing Luo Tian. It was just too satisfying! The crowd was struck to the point of being unable to say a word, and their expressions beyond ugly to look at.

Venerable Tian Ling’s expression turned fierce and his eyes looked like they were spraying out flames. He glared at Luo Tian and the aura from his body surged out ferociously, pushing Xu Shan off to the side. He then shouted: “Scram aside! Do you even know how to evaluate medicinal pills as a rank 8 alchemist? This kind of pill is considered perfect? It’s lacking the full recipe for the Profound Spirit Pill so how the hell can it reach the level of perfection?!”

Extremely irritated!

Venerable Tian Ling surged with irritation at that thought.

He took the medicinal pill and sent out his senses. It was just like Xu Shan at the beginning where he didn’t sense a single thing, so the flames in his eyes practically erupted.


The flames instantly became impotent right after.

Replaced with it was shock. A shock that was unparalleled in nature! Even though he tried to cover it, he wasn’t able to hide it. His fists were clenched underneath his robe while his body shook. He then said internally: “Impossible… absolutely impossible. This cannot be a Profound Spirit Pill. The profound energy inside this medicinal pill is even stronger than a tier 9 pill, so how can it be a Profound Spirit Pill?”

Luo Tian revealed a disdain countenance and said: “It’s not like the more spiritual herbs you put in, the more profound energy it contains. Those old fashioned concepts must be changed. The Sky Energy Grass is a spiritual herb that naturally absorbs profound energy from heaven and earth. It requires eight years from birth to reach maturity. We can say that it hasn’t lost a single drop of profound energy it has absorbed for those eight years. Combining other spiritual herbs with it will only cause its profound energy to weaken, so it’s basically an unnecessary step.”

“Someone who calls himself an Alchemist Grandmaster huh? You don’t even know such common sense… sigh~”

Luo Tian said this with a forced smile.

Venerable Tian Ling had a really ugly look on his face. It was even uglier than Wu Xiaoyang who had been slapped three times.


Luo Tian’s words made him unable to retort!

This was the real reason why he had such an uncomfortable feeling.

Wu Xiaoyang walked forward and angrily said: “Master, even if what this kid says is correct, it’s still impossible for the medicinal properties to be fully released. He definitely must have cheated so I refuse to acknowledge it.”

“He definitely must’ve prepared that Profound Spirit Pill beforehand.”

“He definitely used a lot of money to buy that Profound Spirit Pill.”

Wu Xiaoyang refused to believe Luo Tian was capable of concocting a perfect Profound Spirit Pill.

Practically no one present believed in it.

Venerable Tian Ling’s gaze turned gloomy. His eyes contained a powerful force as he looked over at Luo Tian. He wanted to see through Luo Tian but he wasn’t able to.

Luo Tian looked at Wu Xiaoyang with a cheap look and said: “What? You’re unhappy with those three slaps? You want another three slaps to go along with it? So you really do have those special kinds of hobbies, hahaha…”


“Damn dog thing, compete with me one more time if you have the guts! This time, I will make you understand how powerful I am!” Wu Xiaoyang said with rage while his eyes contained a strong amount of killing intent. He definitely had to wash away the shame after losing face in front of so many people in the outer sect.

Luo Tian looked over at Elder Hun Yuan and said: “That round was considered my victory, right?”

Elder Hun Yuan didn’t answer that question and asked: “Are you afraid?”


“Do you really want to watch me slap his face again?”

“Grand Elder, I feel like you’re a bit too cruel.” Luo Tian said with a smile.

Wu Xiaoyang shouted: “Kid, I will play bigger with you. Whoever loses this time will have their hand chopped off and then scram down the mountain!”


“Your masochist tendencies are a bit too strong, huh?”

“But since you wish to challenge me, I will definitely satisfy your request. This Lord has never shied away from a challenge!” Luo Tian shouted overbearingly while his body released an endless aura of arrogance. He then said right after: “Please go ahead!”

Wu Xiaoyang’s eyes narrowed and said: “In order to prevent you from cheating, we shall concoct a tier 9 medicinal pill, the Dragon Yang Pill!”

Luo Tian revealed an expression of indifference and replied: “I’m fine with that.”

Also at this time…

Venerable Hun Yuan’s voice came out a little louder: “Due to us being unable to see clearly if you cheated or not, the previous round will be considered invalid. I will personally supervise this round to make sure.”

Venerable Tian Ling coldly scoffed and said: “Kid, I want to see how you’re going to concoct the Dragon Yang Pill this time.”

Luo Tian was getting pissed off as he scolded internally: “Motherf*ckers! So this is the kind of virtue you guys have, huh? Fine, this time I will slap each and every one of your faces until it’s swollen red!”

Venerable Hun Yuan’s words made him extremely pissed.

You want this daddy to leave, huh?

Then I’m definitely going to stay here. I will let you everyone see how powerful I, Luo Tian am!

Immediately after…

Luo Tian walked up to the stage.

Wu Xiaoyang did the same thing.

This time, Wu Xiaoyang didn’t pick the spiritual herbs first and let Luo Tian pick them first.


Luo Tian ignored him like before and quickly chose his spiritual herbs.

“Ardent Sun Flower!”

“Dragon Rock Grass!”

“Smelting Heart Grass!”

They were all spiritual herbs containing a strong yang property.

He wasn’t taking one of each but all of them – every stalk of each herb was taken off the table.

There’s over ten of each herb!

“Did he lose his mind?”

“Can he control so many spiritual herbs with such intense yang properties?”

“This kid has definitely gone nuts.”

“Hahaha… I already know he’s going to lose just by looking at the spiritual herbs he selected.”

Wu Xiaoyang also revealed a cold sneer while saying internally: “This kid definitely doesn’t know that the Dragon Yang Pill requires a spiritual herb with yin properties to balance it out. Otherwise, there’s no way the pill will condense and will definitely make the pill cauldron explode!”

Immediately after…

When Wu Xiaoyang was selecting his spiritual herbs…

Luo Tian already started refining with his Green Dragon Cauldron. His speed was extremely quick because the cauldron was already spurting out yellow flames. Intense auras of yin and yang were erupting, causing the process to be extremely difficult to control. Luo Tian then roared internally: “Level 5 Berserk!”

Thirty-two times his base attributes were released.

Right after, Luo Tian immediately consumed 800,000 profound energy before roaring out: “Condense for me!”


The pill cauldron gave off a humming noise.

Luo Tian walked over and directly handed the medicinal pill to Venerable Tian Ling. He didn’t wait for Wu Xiaoyang to finish concocting the pill and only said in a cold and overbearing manner: “Excuse me, can I go chop off his hand now?”

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