Undefeatable – Ch396

Chapter 396 – None Of The Respective Experts Submit

“Kid, you are acting way too arrogant.”

“Forging Hall, Liu Feng has come to accept the challenge.”

“Healing Hall, Ning Cheng has come to accept the challenge.”

“Array Hall, Zhao Chen has come to accept the challenge.”

People one after another appeared.

These people were the elites of their Hall, each of them experts amongst all experts.

For a brief moment…

Luo Tian had angered the whole Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

A piece of trash with a crippled dantian dares to be arrogant to this point? And he’s doing this right inside their immortal sect? How can these elite disciples of the immortal sect stand it?


The crowd in the martial training field yelled out in unison: “Destroy him!”

“A mere country bumpkin is trying to show off his powers in our Mount Hua Immortal Sect? All my senior brothers, you must demonstrate your prestige for him to see. He needs to know how high the heavens are and how immense the earth is. Let him see the true powers of our Mount Hua Immortal Sect!”

Many people were annoyed.

Luo Tian had struck a nerve and angered them all.

Looking at all the disciples who seem to be facing off at the same enemy, Luo Tian started smiling excitedly. His expression was still overbearingly arrogant as he coldly said: “Did I anger the crowd? Every one of you isn’t happy with this daddy, huh? Well, this daddy is also pissed off at you guys.”

“I would really like to see if there’s anyone inside Mount Hua Immortal Sect that’s capable of stopping me.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s gaze turned gloomy as he stared at Venerable Hun Yuan and asked: “Grand Elder, are you sure you’re sending out these people for the challenge?”

Venerable Hun Yuan swept his gaze past these people and recalled that he knew a bit about each of them. Although these people were outer sect disciples, he knew they were all talented individuals with strong inherited bloodlines. And the accomplishment in their skills have all reached a very high level.

Elder Tian Yuan faintly nodded and whispered: “Senior brother, I doubt he can beat them all by himself. His alchemy abilities are rather strong so it’s impossible for his forging abilities to be powerful as well. There’s also engraving arrays and healing skills, so I refuse to believe this kid is that capable at everything. As long as he loses in one of those subjects, we can kick him off the mountain so that he doesn’t stay in our immortal sect for a minute longer. In case junior brother Wu Nian is unable to give a proper explanation and the Starsea Immortal Sect comes for a punitive expedition, our Mount Hua Immortal Sect will suffer a huge disaster with him still around.”

Venerable Hun Yuan’s expression became stern as he nodded. He then said: “We’ll send them out for the challenge. Luo Tian, this will be your last chance. If you happen to lose in any subject, you shall immediately leave our mountain. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite towards you.”

His thoughts were the same as Elder Tian Yuan.

Luo Tian’s alchemy skill was really strong. If this was revealed to them any other time, he would most likely have allowed Luo Tian to stay.


Luo Tian had provoked the huge behemoth Starsea Immortal Sect. He was a plague, a walking time bomb that could go off at any second. Mount Hua Immortal Sect cannot afford this trouble, and couldn’t offend the Starsea Immortal Sect for a disciple that seems to be a bit strong in alchemy.


Luo Tian was a martial artist with a crippled dantian!

Luo Tian narrowed his eyes and coldly sneered. “Since Grand Elder said it out loud, naturally I have no other paths to retreat to. We’ll do it according to what you’ve said, and they can go ahead and start first.”

There was no hesitation.

Let’s do this if you’re unhappy about it!

Luo Tian had never feared anyone or any matter. It was the same when he faced Long Wang, Devil Monarch Skysoul, and the Starsea Immortal Sect’s envoy. If you piss me off, then I’m sorry, this daddy shall return it right back and piss you off even more!”

Luo Tian was currently very annoyed.

He was currently suppressing a raging fire.

He originally thought everything would work out as long as he endured a bit, but he never imagined these people would continue to make him jump through hoops.

Since this was how things were playing out…

How can I not fiercely slap them a few times?!

Venerable Hun Yuan asked seriously: “Are you sure you want them all to start at the same time?”

Luo Tian replied with arrogance: “Stop wasting time and have them start. I’m getting quite hungry right now.”

Venerable Hun Yuan’s expression faintly changed before shouting: “You all heard him! Luo Tian isn’t putting you in his eyes. You are all currently representing Mount Hua Immortal Sect and cannot bring disgrace to us. Bring out your greatest strength! As long as anyone of you beat him, you will immediately be promoted to becoming an inner sect disciple!”

Those disciples cupped their fists and said in unison: “We will not let Grand Elder down.”

Immediately after…

They didn’t continue speaking further and returned to their places.

The entire training field started boiling in excitement.

“Hahaha… This kid is challenging all the most talented outer sect disciples at once. Let’s see how this kid is going to die.”

“Forging Hall’s senior brother Liu has already reached the peak of a rank 9 Forger. He’s just a tiny little bit away from becoming a Forging Grandmaster. And all the xuan weapons he forges usually reach the peak of grade 9.”

“Array Hall’s senior brother Zhao is even more awesome. His ancestors used to do business with the Gnome race and have gained their skills in engraving arrays, making his array skills quite powerful. How many people in our Tianxuan Continent are strong in arrays? Most likely this kid has never even seen an array in his life.”

“There’s also senior brother Wang from the Taming Hall…”


Sounds of chatter and discussions were heard.

Every outer sect disciple was excited when these senior brothers of theirs came forward for the challenge.

Xu Shan was standing off to the side and looking at Luo Tian. He then sent a sound transmission: “Little brother, why are you torturing yourself over this? Just let it go so that you won’t lose the challenge. You’ll be kicked off the mountain once you lose and I’m afraid people might scheme against you afterward.”

Luo Tian faintly smiled at Xu Shan and said: “Don’t worry Elder, I will win.”

Immediately after…

He walked in front of Ning Cheng from the Healing Hall and said: “We don’t need a test subject because we already have the best one present. Just then, the bones in his hand were shattered by me so can you heal him?”

Ning Cheng smiled in a smug manner and said: “Give me two hours and I can have him recover to his peak.”

“Two hours?”

Luo Tian scoffed in disdain and said: “Then you can go off to the side and take a break.”

Right after…

Luo Tian glanced at Wu Xiaoyang who was still pale in pain before casting his Healing Art.

A holy white light wrapped around Wu Xiaoyang’s arms and his shattered bones started recovering at alarming speeds.

As the pain lessened, Wu Xiaoyang’s countenance started turning rosier.

In just a few blinks of an eye…

His hand had completely recovered!

The crowd was flabbergasted while Ning Chen had a really ugly look on his face. When he looked at Luo Tian, it was like he had seen a ghost.

Wu Xiaoyang’s expression turned cold before shouting: “Damn trash! Don’t think this daddy will let you off just because you healed me! You just wait for this daddy…”

Before he could finish speaking…

Luo Tian’s knife-hand strike chopped down once again. “I never said I was going to heal you. I just wanted you to be my lab rat.”


Another wail like a pig being slaughtered. Wu Xiaoyang rolled around on the ground in pain and no longer showed had any arrogant expression on his face. He actually didn’t dare to look at Luo Tian anymore and shouted: “Senior brother Ning! Save me! Save me!”

Ning Cheng was dragging his feet.

Once he revealed his healing abilities, it will instantly show the gap between himself and Luo Tian.

This kind of feeling was really unpleasant.


Luo Tian didn’t even look at the others and walked right up to Zhao Chen who was the expert at engraving arrays. He softly asked: “Do you know how to engrave the Ancient Dragon Execution Array?”

Zhao Chen was dumbstruck.

How would he know how to engrave the Gnome race’s secret array that isn’t passed on to any outsiders?


Luo Tian’s hands started forming seals at incredible speeds. In just a mere ten seconds, he was able to create a mini Ancient Dragon Execution Array. His right hand slapped down as he shouted: “Ancient gateway, open for me!”

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