Undefeatable – Ch397

Chapter 397 – Incomparably Cool Guy

“Ancient gateway, open for me!”


An ancient-looking door opened within the floating array and ancient power started pouring down.

It was only for a brief moment…

The center of the array was filled with violent and berserk energy, and the ground was instantly bombarded to the point of being burnt black.

Luo Tian glanced at Zhao Chen and said: “You should go take a break off to the side as well.”


This was awesomeness to a complete mess!

Zhao Chen didn’t even get a chance to form seals and had already lost.

There was no way to compare them.

Ancient Dragon Execution Array – a secret skill that the Gnome race didn’t pass on to outsiders! This… this… how can this be possible?

His expression and his mindset were all distorted. By the time he looked up, Luo Tian had already walked away and one could only see his back. Suddenly, Zhao Chen felt that Luo Tian’s back was extremely big. It was so lofty that it was at a level that he could never reach.

Martial training field.

It was silent without a trace of sound. Everyone was so shocked by Luo Tian that they couldn’t even speak. Some even forgot to breathe!

It was like everything happening was just a hallucination!

How could it turn out like this?

What the hell is going on?

Mommy… I want to go home!

Luo Tian was just too domineeringly crazy! In just ten plus minutes, he defeated the Healing Hall and the Array Hall. Those two representatives didn’t even get a chance to do anything and were already defeated. They didn’t even know how they lost!

And they lost to the point of being unable to say a single word.

This kind of feeling was similar to being completely crushed!

The difference in their ability was simply too large.

Many of the Elders’ expressions became increasingly ugly.

They’ve lost at concocting pills, healing abilities, and engraving arrays. Each time they lost, their faces felt like Luo Tian had given them a vicious slap. They were really wondering what kind of background the person they were trying their best to kick off the mountain had.

Who the hell was he?

They couldn’t see through him, couldn’t understand him, and were made speechless by him.

At this time…

Luo Tian walked over to the forger Liu Feng and watched his forging process. He then said: “One must inject their spiritual senses when forging a xuan weapon. Use your spiritual senses to pull out the energy from the material and then create a container for it. Then inject all of your profound energy inside so that it can absorb as much as it can. You need to merge the xuan weapon and your own breathing rhythm at a consistent rate, and only then will the xuan weapon you’ve forged be considered a xuan weapon with its own spirit.”

After saying that…

Luo Tian left him.

Liu Feng stopped his actions and walked off to the side. He was reluctant but his eyes were filled with admiration. “I’ve lost…”

Another talented outer sect disciple had lost.

He was a rank 9 Forging Master… This made everyone’s heart turn gloomy.

“This kid is too…”

“Shit, what kind of background does he have?”

“I’m going to cry soon.”

“I want to go home. I don’t think I can stand this any longer…”

Luo Tian walked over to the disciple representing the Taming Hall and saw a large ferocious looking demonic beast. That disciple was using his spirit to communicate with the demonic beast and constantly trying to cast some type of spell.

“Move aside for a bit.”

Luo Tian walked forth and activated his Magic Charm skill.


“Congratulations to player…”

The Magic Charm skill was successful!

The demonic beast immediately became his battle pet.

That disciple representing the Taming Hall had thoughts of killing himself. Is there any f*cking comparison here? He felt like a prancing clown that was unqualified to be here!

Everyone’s heart was once again knocked down another notch.

At this time…

It was as if the air had been vacuumed away and people started having problems breathing.

“Oh heavens!”

“What is going on here?”

“I’m about to lose my mind! I’m really going to go crazy!”

“This kid… this, this, this… even I’ve become incoherent in my speech.”


Extremely unbearable!

Especially those people that had ridiculed Luo Tian previously. Their faces felt red and swollen like someone had just viciously slapped them a few times. This kind of feeling wasn’t good at all, but at least it was still better than Wu Xiaoyang who had his hand broken.

Venerable Hun Yuan’s expression changed.

Venerable Tian Yuan’s expression also changed.

The expression on all nine supreme Elders of the inner sect had changed.

It turned into a very ugly look!

They never imagined Luo Tian would be this savage, arrogant, and domineering. And none of them could find any words to refute him. They could only watch Luo Tian act wildly overbearing.

He challenged every one of them in under half an hour.

And those disciples sent out as representatives were directly crushed.

Everyone was convinced of their loss and no longer showed a trace of ridicule on their faces. Apart from feeling respect for Luo Tian, they also showed a trace of worship. Luo Tian was simply way too cool; his cool factor had reached the point of being a complete mess!

Luo Tian walked to the center of the stage and swept his gaze through the crowd. His rage erupted as he roared into the air: “Motherf*ckers! Who else wants to try me?!”

“I’m going to ask one more time: Who else?!”

His voice was deep and powerful!

The voice exploded out onto the training field. With over ten thousand people present, no one made a sound.

They had all been thoroughly shocked by Luo Tian.

Luo Tian was practically a demonic existence!

A demonic existence good at everything!

He was unstoppable, and his talent too dazzling and incomparable. This caused every disciple present to feel a trace of fear

A while later…

Venerable Hun Yuan heavily exhaled. His eyes looked up at the sky before slowly closing. He then announced: “You have passed the assessment. From today onwards, you are an outer sect disciple of my Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”

“Grand Elder, you cannot do this.”

“The kid is a magnet for disaster and we cannot let him stay.”

“That’s right! We cannot afford to offend the Starsea Immortal Sect!”

“We cannot allow him to become a Mount Hua disciple just because he has a special talent. You need to know that he’s only a piece of trash with a crippled dantian who cannot cultivate. You cannot push Mount Hua into a bottomless abyss just because this trash had a bit of talent.”

“That’s right, Grand Elder!”

The surrounding Elders were saying this in deep aggrieved tones.

Luo Tian’s expression turned gloomy before shouting: “A bunch of garbage that’s afraid of death!”


“Kid, say that again if you have the guts!”

Several Elders glared at him with a shout.

Luo Tian replied without fear: “I said you guys are a bunch of garbage afraid of dying! I really don’t understand how you guys have cultivated all these years. In order to cultivate, one must first cultivate their heart. You guys are so afraid of the Starsea Immortal Sect that it’s reached an unexplainable level to me. How can people like you make Mount Hua Immortal Sect stronger? After the immortal sect competition, eighteen disciples were crippled by Murong Wanjian. Ever since then, have you guys ever looked at yourselves for the reason why?”

“A thousand years ago, Mount Hua Immortal Sect had a time when they were shining brilliantly.”

“Your ancestor, the divinity of Mount Hua had a free and unruly temperament. May I ask if he has ever feared anyone? Has he ever retreated a single step?”

“You keep saying this daddy is trash?”

“A piece of trash with a crippled dantian?”


“I shall let you guys experience what a true piece of trash is.”

After saying that…

Luo Tian walked over to the crystal column used to evaluate a person’s dantian potential and placed his hand on it.

“What’s he trying to do?”

“His dantian is crippled so there’s no way he can circulate his profound energy. Does he want to try it again?”

“The outcome will still be the same if he’s trying again.”

Luo Tian’s brow quivered as he swept his gaze through the crowd. He then shouted: “Everyone; watch carefully!”

“Level 5 Berserk!”

“Five million profound energy points, charge out for me!”

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