Undefeatable – Ch398

Chapter 398 – You Want Me To Show You My Inherited Bloodline?

Since it was time to be arrogant, then he might as well be arrogant to the extreme!

Ridiculing this daddy because of my crippled dantian, huh?

Fine then! This daddy shall use a crippled dantian to slap your faces!

Luo Tian roared into the sky: “Five million profound energy points, charge out for me!”

The profound energy value was controlled by Luo Tian’s senses so it instantly decreased by five million points. His robe started flapping as raging winds suddenly swirled around his feet and blew the surrounding dust away. His whole body was currently exuding an unimaginable amount of power!




Thunderous sounds kept exploding inside Luo Tian’s body.

The profound energy inside him coursed through his arm and into the palm of his hand. Then from the palm of his hand, it entered the crystal column in an endless flow.


The crystal column started exploding forth a humming sound.

The sound was similar to a machine that was fully filled up with energy. The crystal column’s lower portion then started becoming bright.


Another portion became bright.



The crystal column was divided into equal sections and was very similar to those sci-fi novels where each energy meter’s block was slowly being filled up.


The energy required to fill the crystal column was way too much.



“It’s blue now!”

“It’s already reached the blue level, meaning one’s dantian has reached the realm of being like the sea. Based on the assessment requirements, he has already reached the target standard.”

“It’s still rising and the light is still changing.”

“Oh heavens! What on earth is going on? My heart can’t handle anymore of this! How the hell did he do that? How can someone with a crippled dantian circulate their profound energy? This is something absolutely impossible!”

The crowd in the martial training field was boiling up.

There was not a single person not shocked by Luo Tian.

At the same time, their faces turned into the color of pig liver with incomparably ugly looks. The purple liver color contained traces of black as if they had been slapped over a hundred times.

The sounds of ridicule were just lingering around the training field.

Their words were still echoing in the air above the training field. Now they’ve realized what a joke they were, similar to a dancing clown prancing around.


An extremely uncomfortable feeling!

Venerable Hun Yuan’s face turned green. Luo Tian’s words had made him feel rage and shame at the same time. What has Mount Hua Immortal Sect been doing all these years?

They hid when there was trouble.

They didn’t even dare to participate in this year’s immortal sect disciple competition.

They were simply cowards!

Luo Tian’s words were like a thunderous explosion echoing inside him. Watching the light from the crystal column keep changing and keep surging upwards, a trace of hope rose up in his heart. But he then shook his head and said to himself: “Why would I have these thoughts? How can a martial artist with a crippled dantian save our immortal sect? It’s absolutely impossible. I’m over thinking things.”

The other eight Elders also had extremely ugly looks on their faces.

At this time…

The entire martial training field had become Luo Tian’s stage.

The whole area was so quiet that it made some people unnerved. There were even some people that couldn’t look at Luo Tian anymore because their hearts couldn’t endure it.

“It’s purple now!”

“The crystal column has reached the purple color.”

“My heavens! This is the first time I’ve seen someone’s dantian reach the purple realm.”


Another round of shock!

Luo Tian widened his eyes and glared at the surrounding disciples. He then shouted: “First of all: So what if the enemies are strong? Second: So what if they’re the number two immortal sect? We, humans, live on this world as proud existences. Fight if you don’t submit! There has never been a place for retreat on the martial path. If you retreat once, you will keep retreating in the future. As this continues, how can you make yourself stronger? You will create a shadow in your heart by then so how can you increase your cultivation further?”

One had to live in an elegant and unrestrained lifestyle.

If I can’t beat you conventionally, then this daddy will change to unconventional methods to play you to death!

When facing any problems, difficulties or a powerful enemy, one cannot give up! Or else your heart to become stronger will be affected!

His voice was echoing above the training field.

Luo Tian’s expression changed. Out of the five million profound energy points, less than one-fifth was used up at this point. Seeing how the Mount Hua disciples were savoring his words, he roared out: “Explode for me!”


“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”


Dark purple, then gray, then black, then gold, then dark gold, then reaching the peak of colorless light.


The topmost part of the crystal column exploded upwards.

It couldn’t handle the profound energy coming from Luo Tian’s body so it directly exploded!

One needs to understand that this crystal column was something the old ancestor of Mount Hua brought back from the outer territories. It was supposed to be even tougher than some divine artifacts!

Yet the tip of it burst apart from Luo Tian’s profound energy.

The whole training field rose up in a clamor!

Some were so agitated that tears started coming out of their eyes.

There were many people rubbing their eyes and mumbling: “Hallucination… I’m definitely hallucinating right now. This can’t be happening; it’s not real.”

Luo Tian’s appearance had made their understanding of martial artists completely flipped upside down.

Their views and thoughts were all distorted and they couldn’t understand it!


Profound energy surged into the sky through the crystal column’s tip. A rainbow colored light surged into the sky at the speed of light and disappeared beyond the clouds. Creatures tens of millions of kilometers outward were shocked and frightened by this. Also at this moment in time, all creatures were crying in unison. Sounds of thunder rumbled through all nine heavens and the earth started shaking non-stop.

Luo Tian!

His body was exuding an aura like he was looking down on everything in the world! He was powerful to a complete mess right now!


A while later…

Luo Tian faintly breathed out while his forehead was covered in small beads of sweat. Using up five million profound energy in such a short time really took a toll on one’s mentality. But the feeling he got in return was really too cool. Looking at the dumbstruck expressions on all the Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciples, Luo Tian’s heart started boiling up.

He had shocked them to this point by just using five million profound energy. What if he fuses the Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird bloodlines?

Wouldn’t their hearts, livers, spleens, lungs, and kidneys all shatter from shock?!

Luo Tian walked in front of Venerable Hun Yuan in neither fast nor slow fashion. He then asked: “Grand Elder, Second Elder, and all other Elders: I would like to ask if I’m qualified now? Have I passed the assessment?”

Venerable Hun Yuan looked at Luo Tian.

The other eight Elders all looked at Luo Tian.

They all wished to see through Luo Tian. They wanted to see what kind of powers he was hiding inside him.


None of them was able to see clearly.

All they saw was the original crippled dantian and a normal person’s bloodline coursing through his body. There was absolutely nothing special about him at all.

Venerable Hun Yuan wet his lips due to the dryness. He had suddenly forgotten what he wanted to say.

“Agree to his request!”

“Agree to his request!”

“If this awesome person can’t even pass the assessment, then I’m going to refuse to take the tests!”

“Same with me!”

“This kid is too awesome! I have never seen such an awesome person in my entire life.”

“Grand Elder, comply with him.”

“Let him stay!”

Luo Tian had convinced many people here for the assessment on the martial training field.

They were completely shocked by him.

Venerable Hun Yuan’s mind felt like it was sinking endlessly before glancing over at the Second Elder.

Elder Tian Yuan had a gloomy expression on his face and couldn’t say a word.

All the other Elders looked the same as they couldn’t say a single word either.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “What? You still want me to show you my inherited bloodline, huh?”

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