Undefeatable – Ch399

Chapter 399 – Huge Walking Scourge

Luo Tian’s words made the training field silent once again.

Venerable Hun Yuan stared intently at Luo Tian with an incredulous expression and asked: “You have an inherited bloodline?”

“What do you think?”

Luo Tian replied with a faint smile. When he saw how serious Venerable Hun Yuan was, he continued: “Don’t act so serious, I’m only joking. How would I have an inherited bloodline? If I really did have a special inherited bloodline, I would’ve shown it off already, hahaha…”

Venerable Hun Yuan’s expression turned gloomy before rolling his eyes at Luo Tian.

“You damn scoundrel, you dare to fool the Grand Elder?!”

An Elder jumped out and scolded.

Venerable Hun Yuan didn’t seem too angry and said: “Luo Tian, you have passed the assessment so you are now an outer sect disciple. As to which Hall disciple you will be part of, I will need to discuss this with the Sect Leader. We also need to see which Mount Hua Immortal Sect Hall is willing to accept you.”

After saying that…

Venerable Hun Yuan gave Luo Tian another serious look.

Right after that…

He flicked his sleeves and said: “Our Mount Hua Immortal Sect isn’t as weak and useless as you think. The disciples you’ve challenged today are all outer sect disciples so their cultivation focus isn’t on those occupations. Look after yourself in the outer sect.”

After saying that…

Venerable Hun Yuan announced: “Return to Mount Hua’s main hall!”

A group of immortal-like clouds started rising into the air.

The nine Elders floated into the sky and instantly disappeared.

Once again, the training field was filled with clamoring from the crowd.

There were many different types of gazes focused on Luo Tian now.

There were some filled with worship, some with ridicule, some with envy, and many that seemed to hate Luo Tian.

The most surprising thing…

Those people that had been lining up for several days had lessened quite a bit. It looks like a lot of those martial artists here for the assessment had quietly sneaked away.

“Aiya~, my stomach hurts. Not good, it looks like I can’t participate in the assessment today.”

“My period has come, agghh~, it hurts so much.”

“Ah crap, my aunt’s period has come. That person that had just left is actually my aunt. I’m sorry, I need to leave and go look after her.”

“I… I’m going home to start farming. It’s obvious that cultivating isn’t suited for me.”

The large crowd had dispersed and it looked like not a single person wanted to stay behind.

It was mainly outer sect disciples of Mount Hua that were left here.

They were all looking at each other as they couldn’t understand what was going on.

Previously, they were fighting to enter the mountain yet now they all looked like they had seen a ghost. They were acting like they wished they were born with extra legs so that they could leave Mount Hua Immortal Sect as quickly as possible. It seems like they were scared someone would try to make them stay!

This wasn’t the most important part…

Those martial artists who had already passed the assessment were now using various excuses so that they could leave Mount Hua as well.

After busying themselves for over half a month, there were less than a hundred people left. And these were the martial artists that still hadn’t participated in the assessment yet.

“What’s going on?”

“It was still fine before so why did it suddenly change like that?”


“It’s all because of him! He killed the Starsea envoy yet still wants to shamelessly stay at our Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Who would dare come here anymore? Let’s not talk about others, even some of our outer sect disciples might want to leave as well.”

“That’s right! The Starsea Immortal Sect is too powerful and isn’t an existence we can offend. We will be fated for punishment if we stayed here and might even lose our lives in the process.”

It was very obvious…

Those people here for the assessment were leaving because of Luo Tian.

Everyone understood how powerful Starsea Immortal Sect was.

No one will have good days if they offended this whale of an existence and they were all very clear on this. Mount Hua Immortal Sect couldn’t even protect themselves so they might even lose their lives if they stayed here. One might as well leave instead of taking that chance.

Luo Tian’s expression turned gloomy.

Xu Shan walked over and said with a faint smile: “Don’t lower yourself to the likes of them. But what they’ve said is a fact – because of you, most likely Mount Hua Immortal Sect won’t be able to recruit many disciples this year. Especially the ones with slightly better innate talents.”

“If our Mount Hua Immortal Sect doesn’t participate in next year’s immortal sect disciple competition, I’m afraid we’re going to lose our ranking.”


Xu Shan faintly sighed as he mentioned this.

Luo Tian wasn’t bothered by it and asked: “Elder, such a big Mount Hua Immortal Sect cannot even send out some slightly decent disciples? If you guys aren’t participating this year, wouldn’t that be an even bigger blow to Mount Hua Immortal Sect?”

Xu Shan lowered his voice and said: “Our inner sect took a big blow while the outer sect wasn’t able to recruit any good disciples. Mount Hua Immortal Sect these past few years have been in a state where our granary is low and the new crop isn’t ripe yet. In order to train the new disciples to tackle next year’s competition, our Sect Leader had those disciples undergo closed-door seclusion just for that. As for giving up this year’s competition in order to go all out next year… If we happen to lose horribly again, then Mount Hua Immortal Sect will really become a normal sect.”

“Closed-door seclusion?”

Luo Tian was surprised by this. He didn’t really understand how people cultivated but what he did know was that cultivation wasn’t something you force out of someone.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian thought of Feng Lei and the others and subconsciously smiled. He then mumbled: “It would be great if I could bring Feng Lei and the others here. We could participate in the immortal sect competition together and give all those immortal sect elite disciples a heavy trauma. Now that would be awesome.”

Before Luo Tian left…

He tried to beg Wu Nian but wasn’t successful.

Feng Lei and the others could only give up.


Luo Tian made an agreement with Feng Lei and the others – on the date of Li Xue’er’s wedding in two years’ time, they would meet up at Shattered Sky City!

This was a promise between them.

Thinking of this, Luo Tian subconsciously smiled and mumbled: “Fatty, Xuan Yuanyi, Blindman, how are you guys doing?”

“Chunchun, big brother Luo Tian misses you!”


Missing so very much!

But he was at ease.

An Chunchun and the others had Wild Blade to protect them. Heavenly Sword City had an extra expert at the Profound Saint realm as a backup, so those that wanted to incite trouble had to weigh things out. With Wild Blade present, no one would dare to cause trouble.

Tang Jiu was using all his efforts in developing and expanding.

The Great Tang Dynasty was steadily improving.


Mount Hua’s main hall.

Venerable Yun Ji’s brows were faintly locked. When he heard Elder Hun Yuan’s words, he could only sigh and say: “So it looks like the heavens wanted it to happen like this. All my Elders, what do you think of allowing Luo Tian to stay? Which outer sect Hall wants to recruit him as a disciple?”

“Sect Leader!”

“We really can’t let the kid stay…”

Venerable Yun Ji’s brows rose up in a glare while saying: “Since he has passed the assessment, then he is now a Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciple. Do not mention those words ever again. Our Mount Hua Immortal Sect needs to stand unified.”

Venerable Tian Ling said: “Outer sect’s Pill Hall does not have the resources to add any more disciples.”

“It’s the same with my Forging Hall.”

“Same with the Taming Hall.”


Everyone refused it.

There was not a single Elder willing to bring Luo Tian into their Hall. No one wanted to incur the repercussions of housing this huge walking scourge.

Luo Tian had become a member of their immortal sect. Once Starsea Immortal Sect reaches their gates, the first thing they will do is start knocking on their Hall’s doors. So there’s definitely no way anyone is willing to accept this kid.

Venerable Yun Ji’s brows tightened once again.

Hun Yuan, who had remained silent all this time spoke up: “Sect Leader, how about we let him train by himself? He might leave on his own when time passes by and he realizes he hasn’t made any progress. We can just observe in the shadows!”

“What Grand Elder said sounds good!”

Venerable Yun Ji reverted back to a calm look as he said: “We’ll do that for now then.”


Outer sect.

Xu Shan’s place of residence.

Luo Tian couldn’t help asking: “Elder, do you know where the entrance to Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s ancient battlefield is?”

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