Undefeatable – Ch400

Chapter 400 – Is The Dragon Egg Going To Hatch?

“Ancient Battlefield?”

Xu Shan’s expression instantly changed. He pulled Luo Tian to the side and whispered: “You kid… it can’t be that you came to Mount Hua Immortal Sect just because of that, right?”


Luo Tian was in thought for half a second and didn’t deny it, “I did come for it.”

He didn’t want to lie to Xu Shan.

Apart from Wu Nian who had left Mount Hua Immortal Sect, most likely Xu Shan was the only other person that sees him in a favorable light.

This morning in the martial training field…

Luo Tian wanted to fuse the Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird bloodlines together. He wanted to show everyone how powerful he truly was. But in the end, he didn’t do that.

The reason was very simple…

When you stand at the highest peak, you will realize there’s no one left around you.


He revealed his Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird bloodlines; it will definitely cause a huge sensation. The uproar will definitely be ten thousand times more crazier compared to him using five million profound energy to cause the crystal column to surge into the sky. The entire Tianxuan Continent will definitely shake because of him. Having a son of a true dragon appear once in ten thousand years had already made the human race excited beyond measure.

Murong Wanjian, a dragon amongst men.

He was too brilliant and dazzling for the eye!

The humans in the continent were all paying attention to him.

If Luo Tian merged the Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird bloodlines together, it will absolutely shake the entire world.


He will also attract endless killing intent.

There’s no way anyone would allow such a person to belong to another’s force. The Imperial God Immortal Sect will immediately send people to kill him. The Starsea Immortal Sect will do the same because they will never allow Mount Hua Immortal Sect to rise back up. Additionally, the current Mount Hua Immortal Sect did not possess the power to protect him.

It wasn’t that Luo Tian was afraid of trouble.

A big part of him didn’t want to merge the bloodlines right now.

Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise, and the White Tiger; these four divine beast bloodlines were prepared for dealing with Murong Wanjian. Only at the right time will Luo Tian merge the bloodlines together!

Since he was stepping on someone, then he had to stomp that person to death!

There’s a saying that people are afraid of becoming too famous while pigs are afraid of becoming too fat. Luo Tian’s current goal was to level up in a low-key manner so that he can be amply prepared to snatch the bride two years later. This preparation for him was a matter in which he cannot lose!

Xu Shan’s expression turned to one of shock. He then said out loud to himself: “I knew Elder Wu Nian wouldn’t bring an ordinary person up the mountain without reason. Since you were able to kill the Starsea envoy, that means you are absolutely not ordinary. Before you killed the envoy, you definitely had the qualifications to choose any immortal sect you wanted. Those two Imperial God and Starsea immortal sects were both within your grasp. Elder Wu Nian must have promised you something in order for you to follow him up the mountain.”

“Your analysis is not bad!”

“It was him that told me about the ancient battlefield. It was also him that told me about the loopholes of Mount Hua Immortal Sect rules.”

“Apart from me making the crystal column surge out today, everything else went according to Grandmaster Wu Nian’s predictions.” Luo Tian didn’t plan on concealing this information. He then asked again: “Elder, the ancient battlefield is very important to me. Do you know where the entrance is?”

Luo Tian entered Mount Hua Immortal Sect for only one reason – to level up!

Two years really wasn’t that long of a time.

The experience points he needed to level up now was just too great.

Two years later, he had to enter the highest cultivation realm possible. Or else, what was he going to take out to go against Murong Wanjian?

Xu Shan smiled faintly and said: “I do know of it. All the disciples of Mount Hua Immortal Sect know of it as well but no one has entered it, and no one dares to enter it. Inside are all exceptionally powerful ancient demonic beasts with matchless might. Even experts at the peak Profound Venerate realm would have a difficult time fighting against them.”

One can easily imagine how powerful demonic beasts from the ancient world was.

Hearing Xu Shan’s words, Luo Tian became even more excited. The stronger the demonic beast, the more experience points they would give and the faster he would level up. He then said joyously to himself: “It looks like Grandmaster Wu Nian didn’t lie to me. Hahaha… I’ve come to the right place!”

“Do you have a way to enter it?” Luo Tian asked while trying to suppress his excitement.

Xu Shan was surprised and replied: “I don’t have any methods. Based on logic, Elder Wu Nian should be the one to tell you the way to enter it. Could it be that he didn’t tell you?”


“He didn’t say a word. He only told me that Mount Hua Immortal Sect had a forbidden ground called the Ancient Battlefield. He didn’t say anything else. I thought we can casually go inside anytime and didn’t expect… that I would be fooled by him.” Luo Tian laughed bitterly to himself while feeling he had fallen into a trap.

If he couldn’t get inside, then coming to Mount Hua Immortal Sect was a complete waste of time.

It would be more worthwhile if he found a random mountain range with lots of demonic beasts to slowly level up.

“Elder, has no one entered it before?”

“There’s no way you would know about the ancient battlefield unless someone has gone in. Someone definitely went inside before so that everyone now knows the information about it. Please tell me; I really have something important to take care of.” Luo Tian asked full of anxiety.

Xu Shan’s expression turned gloomy. It was only after half a minute did he loosen up and say: “During the prime of our Mount Hua Immortal Sect, someone indeed opened up the ancient battlefield. Ten supreme experts at the Profound Emperor realm went in and only one came out alive. It was from that day on that Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s prestige gradually declined.”

“That senior who came out alive only managed to live for another year before dying as well.”

“He warned all the disciples not to open up the ancient battlefield and to not let the disciples adventure inside. The creatures inside are the most ferocious demonic beasts that this continent has ever seen. If by chance they are accidentally released, Mount Hua Immortal Sect will definitely be destroyed.”

“Ever since then, no one has dared mention the words Ancient Battlefield ever again.”

“Rumors say…”

When Xu Shan said up to that, his face turned gloomy and he looked like he was struggling internally. He eventually said: “Rumors say that using the four region’s blood and the Sky Dragon’s Bead can open up the ancient battlefield. Whether that is true or not, no one knows.”

“Four region’s blood?”

“What’s this four region’s blood?”

Luo Tian had never heard of that name before.

Xu Shan replied: “Southern area’s Elf race blood, northern area’s Barbarian race blood, western area’s Devil race blood, and the eastern area’s Titan race blood. Each drop of blood must be from the essence of each race’s leader. Only with the blood essence from the four regions can it activate the huge door leading to the ancient battlefield.”

“Just the four region’s blood alone isn’t enough. You still need to look for the Sky Palace divine race’s Sky Dragon’s Bead. Only with those things combined can you open up the place.”

“Kid, you should just give up.”

“Those items are something you cannot gather. There are some places that even I don’t know where they are located. The eastern deep sea’s Titan race had already disappeared ten thousand years ago during the myriad race war. Not to mention Tianxuan Continent’s most mysterious race, the Sky Palace divine race.”

“Opening the ancient battlefield is basically an impossible thing.”


Luo Tian left Xu Shan’s place of residence.

His eyes were spiritless as he walked towards Solitary Peak one step at a time.

He was scolding inside his heart: “Wu Nian, you damn crooked daoist! You fooled this daddy into coming here! You cheated this daddy and pushed me towards death! Where the hell am I going to find those things? Those things are impossible to find!”

“And the blood essence of each race’s leader? Those guys are existences standing at the peak, while each drop of their blood essence is basically their life! Who the hell is going to give me some?!”

“F*ck you!”

“This time, I’ve truly been cheated to the point of even losing my underwear.”

Luo Tian was grumbling continuously in an irritated manner.


Xu Shan had given him a trace of hope.

Wanting to find those things wasn’t really impossible.

Every immortal sect had its own version of a Merit Hall. Inside was a place where missions were given and a place to redeem items.

Some items Luo Tian needed might be able to be redeemed there.

It’s rumored that Mount Hua Immortal Sect still has several items from the last time they opened the ancient battlefield.

Luo Tian mumbled to himself: “I will go take a look tomorrow.”


Luo Tian’s brows were tightened as his insides were shaking like crazy. He then thought to himself: “Is the dragon egg about to hatch?!”

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