Undefeatable – Ch407

Chapter 407 – Team Skyfire

There was no need to imagine what Yun Ling wanted to say.

Even if he had to die on the stage, Luo Tian didn’t want Yun Ling to do such a thing!

The girl glanced over at Luo Tian with eyes full of praise.

At this time…

Zhao Chen rushed over and said: “Senior sister Yue Hua, senior brother Han Hai; he is Luo Tian, the person that can instantly heal one’s shattered bones.”


“He’s the one that injured Wu Xiaoyang? The Luo Tian that instakilled the outer sect disciples that can forge, engrave arrays, heal, and tame beasts?” Yue Hua was surprised while keenly observing Luo Tian with an interested expression.

Han Hai was startled by this. “Your performance yesterday demonstrates that you’re a person with a high intellect. Yet, why would you recklessly agree to fight with Zhang Kuang?”

Luo Tian grinned before saying: “It was me that challenged him.”



Yue Hua and Han Hai fell over and almost died.

They couldn’t understand Luo Tian!

Immediately after…

Yue Hua said: “You’re currently at the Profound Ancestor 2nd rank. Your dantian has been crippled and you are unable to master immortal force. The best course of action right now is that you leave Mount Hua Immortal Sect, but it looks like you don’t want to leave. Even if you want to leave right now, I’m afraid there’s no way for you to do that either. A person like Zhang Kuang will never allow you to leave alive, so he will have definitely sent someone to guard the entrance.”

Han Hai added: “He’s that type of despicable person that will seek revenge for the smallest grievance. Since you’ve displayed such intimate actions with Yun Ling and Yun Yi in front of so many people, you’ve made him completely enraged. There’s no way you can escape unscathed now.”

“How about…”

Speaking to this point…

Yue Hua and Han Hai glanced at each other.

Zhao Chen’s expression underwent a drastic change while asking: “Senior brother, senior sister; you two aren’t planning on exploring Dark Abyss Cave again, right?”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi’s expression turned to shock as one of them said: “Last time, senior brother Hai Shan died there! We can’t go there again! It’s useless with our current strength, so going there means certain death. It’s best that we think of another way.”

“With him there this time, I believe we have a good chance.”

Han Hai then said: “Zhang Kuang’s power is very strong. If you want to survive on the Life and Death stage, you need an immortal grade armor. This is the only chance you can keep on living. Dark Abyss Cave will definitely have treasures. As long as you have an immortal grade armor, then the fight will no longer be a problem for you.”


“Junior brother Luo; this situation was caused by the two ignorant girls Yun Ling and Yun Yi. As long as there’s a chance, we will definitely help you out. Not to mention that this mission has the highest merit point payout in the whole outer sect. If we can somehow complete it, then our Team Skyfire will surpass Zhang Kuang’s Team Hurricane. This kind of momentum can push him down a notch.”

Team Skyfire is currently ranked second in all the outer sect teams.

It had always been pushed down by Team Hurricane.

They had never surpassed them all these years.

It annoyed Yue Hua to no ends each time they encountered Team Hurricane and saw how they strutted around proudly. But unfortunately, there was no way for her to vent it out.

There were three months left before the assessment to become inner sect disciples began.

With Yun Ling and Yun Yi’s current strength, wanting to pass the assessment was still a bit difficult. Yue Hua wanted to use merit points to exchange for two inner sect disciple quotas so that she could bring them with her. She was simply too worried to leave these two in the outer sect alone.

These past years…

Those outer sect disciples didn’t dare to move against the twin flowers firstly because of Zhang Kuang, and secondly because of them.

There was one other reason as well.

The number one team in merit points is rewarded with an immortal grade item!

This kind of immortal grade item may not have been born naturally, but it was forged by a Grandmaster in the inner sect with their immortal force. Its power naturally reaching an extraordinary degree!

Even if not for this…

Yue Hua wanted to vent her pent up frustration!

She hated Zhang Kuang to the bones!

Listening to all those words…

Luo Tian couldn’t help asking: “High returns naturally mean that it’s highly dangerous. It’s not difficult for me to guess from your words that Dark Abyss Cave is a very dangerous place to explore.”

“It’s not just very dangerous…”

“It’s extremely dangerous! My advice is that you guys don’t go. And your Team Skyfire isn’t the only team that has accepted this mission. Hurricane, Hades, Skyvain… many teams have accepted it. If they know that you’ve entered the Dark Abyss Cave, they will definitely hatch some sinister plot. It’s just too dangerous for you guys.” Xu Shan said in a soft tone.

He was an Elder of the Merit Hall.

So he obviously knew how many people accepted a certain mission.

This was considered a secret but he still revealed it to them. He wanted Luo Tian and the others to understand that they couldn’t go to the Dark Abyss Cave.

Failing meant losing their lives.

Even if they manage to succeed, they might have to pay a heavy price for it. Who knows, there might even be several teams guarding the cave entrance since everyone wants to be the oriole eating the fatty piece of meat.


The reward for the Dark Abyss Cave was simply too high, reaching 8000 points. Just these 8000 points were enough for someone to exchange for an inner sect disciple qualification. This was also enough for a top five ranking team to rocket themselves to the first spot.

Yue Hua’s expression became downcast.

She hadn’t thought this deep into it.

Han Hai’s brows also formed a frown as he didn’t know how to proceed.

Luo Tian scratched his head and asked: “I wish to ask a question – are there demonic beasts inside the Dark Abyss Cave for us to kill?”

This was the only question he was concerned with.

This was also a question he cared most about for the remaining half a month.

The reason he came to Mount Hua Immortal Sect was due to Venerable Wu Nian’s talk about the ancient battlefield. He never expected that in order to open the battlefield, it required the four region’s blood and a Sky Dragon’s Bead. There was no way he could gather those items for the time being. And since he couldn’t enter the battlefield, then he had to find another place for him to level up.

Luo Tian was new here and unfamiliar with the territories, so there’s no way he would know which locations would have demonic beasts for him to kill.

There was no need to mention any immortal grade armors because the main problem he had was finding a place to level up.

There was a life and death battle waiting for him in half a month. If he didn’t level up a few times, most likely the consequences would be quite serious. After all, this place was an immortal sect so he can’t just randomly transform into Devil Sovereign Xingtian, right?

This would be considered a great insult towards an orthodox immortal sect. At that time, those Elders that wanted to kick him off the mountain would have a great excuse. He would be pretty screwed if he didn’t even have a chance to enter the ancient battlefield and was already kicked out of the sect.

If we looked at this from a different perspective…

Only by staying at an immortal sect will Luo Tian gain information on things the outside world didn’t know about.

For example, the location of Sky Palace Divine City.

This was a SSS-rank quest! Luo Tian will definitely not sleep well his entire life if he couldn’t complete it. And the dragon egg most likely needed a divine dragon’s soul to help it hatch. No matter what, Luo Tian cannot get kicked off the mountain because there were too many things he needed to do.

Everyone looked at Luo Tian when he finished asking his question.

It was as if they were sizing up a monster.

“Are there flowers on my face?”

“I will become embarrassed if you guys keep staring at me like that.”

Zhao Chen was the first to respond, “That place doesn’t have demonic beasts but ghostly beasts. They are all ghostly beasts sent from hell and are stronger than demonic beasts by ten thousand times. Junior brother Luo, don’t you know about this elementary knowledge?”

“That’s right!”

“The danger we’re talking about is precisely these ghostly beasts.”

“It’s not possible to kill them all. And wanting to reach the lowest level of Dark Abyss Cave is an impossible matter.”


Everyone looked at Luo Tian with eyes full of disdain.

Luo Tian smiled.

His smile was a bit perverted mixed with happiness. He couldn’t hold back his excitement as he said: “What are we waiting for then? Let’s kill our way over!”


“Senior brother, I’ve just received news that Team Skyfire is headed towards the Dark Abyss Cave.”

Zhang Kuang’s gaze turned cold while a sneer of disdain appeared on his face. “Have this piece of news sent to Team Skyvain, Team Hades, and Team Fourseas. They are not to do anything except for guarding the cave entrance.”


Zhang Kuang’s eyes narrowed as his expression turned evil. “Yue Hua, you damn cheap hooker… You think you’re qualified to fight with me? This daddy will play you to death!”

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