Undefeatable – Ch408

Chapter 408 – Tiger Ghostly Beast

The Dark Abyss Cave wasn’t far from Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

It was actually quite close.

At a quiet nearby mountain range of Mount Hua, was a valley covered in a cold yin aura.

At the mouth of the valley.

Yue Hua stopped walking and reminded Luo Tian: “Don’t do anything except for taking care of the wounded. Don’t recklessly run about or else we won’t even make it to the Dark Abyss Cave entrance.”


Luo Tian was stunned by her words. He was planning on wantonly killing everything and didn’t expect that he would instead be a support priest in the back.

He has played many different video games…

Yet he wasn’t used to playing the occupation of a Priest.

But he didn’t say anything and only nodded, “I will listen to big sister boss.”

Yue Hua giggled before looking at Zhao Chen and saying: “Old rules – you use your arrays to scout a path. Yun Ling and Yun Yi will be responsible for the ghostly beasts in the rear. Brother Hai, you and I will be the main attackers in the front!”

“Is there anything you guys don’t understand?”

“If there isn’t, let’s enter the valley!”


A team of six people.

Two main attackers, two rear support, one healer, and one tank. This type of team setup was commonly seen.

Luo Tian didn’t make any comments on Yue Hua’s distribution of tasks.

He actually said to himself: “Did this big sister boss transmigrate here as well? I’ve played many games in my past life and the group setup is almost the same as them.”

Of course…

It was impossible for Yue Hua to be a transmigrator.

This was the accumulated experience from entering the Dark Abyss Cave countless times.

“Enter the valley!”

The six of them entered the valley together.

Once they entered the valley, Luo Tian immediately felt the aura of this place became different. The surrounding atmosphere turned cold, containing a thick amount of death aura. This aura of death was different from the atmosphere from Dark Mountain Corpse City. The aura of death here was much more terrifying and seemed to have a trace of immortal energy. Immortal energy related to death!”

He then thought to himself: “Could it be that all the so-called ghostly beasts have cultivated immortal energy, and then transformed the strength to immortal force?”

He didn’t continue delving on this subject.

Luo Tian sent out his spiritual senses when…

Yue Hua’s gaze turned serious and immediately stopped him. “Junior brother Luo, don’t recklessly send out your senses. These ghostly beasts can sense it. If you do that, you will draw them all to our position so quickly pull it back.”

“Huh? Okay!”

Unwillingly, Luo Tian could only listen to her words while reminding himself: “You are only here as support. You are playing a healer support class and aren’t a damage dealer. Your job is only to heal people and don’t let any of your teammates die.”

“Here they come!”

Zhao Chen’s hands started forming seals to create a mini-array. It shook for a bit before giving off some light. His countenance turned to shock as he said: “One hundred and fifty meters ahead is a ghostly beast. It has already discovered us and is currently rushing over.”

The line of sight within the valley wasn’t good.

It was dark and extremely foggy. For cultivators in the Profound Ancestor realm, they could see a tiny ant that was a thousand meters in front of them. But it was absolutely useless here, while they could at best see about twenty to thirty meters ahead of them.

As Zhao Chen’s voice was heard…

Yue Hua and Han Hai stepped to the front.

The two of them drew out their swords and almost stabbed out at the same time.

At this moment…

That ghostly beast burst out from the fog. Its body was similar to black cast iron, giving viewers the idea that their fleshly body was extremely hard and tough. It looked very much like a tiger albeit its skin dried up looking and its whole body shrouded with an aura of death.

“Tiger Ghostly Beast!”

“A rank 3 ghostly beast! Little sister Hua, be extra careful!”


After identifying the ghostly beast, the sword skill those two were using started moving. Han Hai then shouted: “Fluid Cloud Sword Art, a sword that impacts the clouds!

“Fluid Cloud Sword Art!”

“Cloud chaser!”

It was the same sword skill but they used different styles.

Yue Hua was attacking from the side while Han Hai was attacking head-on. From the swordsmanship of those two, Yue Hua’s attack seemed a bit more imposing. But that was just on the surface. Han Hai’s attack may look simple but it actually contained a terrifying amount of power.

The cooperation of those two had reached a perfect level.



The Tiger Ghostly Beast swiped its claws with its long fangs bared. It didn’t wait for the swords to arrive and directly exploded forth with a powerful energy. Black energy flames were now bursting out in all directions.

Another Tiger Ghostly Beast with the exact same looks had now separated from the main body. One was a physical body while the other was condensed from black energy. They were both just as powerful as they charged towards the two.

“Senior sister Yue Hua, watch out!”

“Yun Yi, cover!”


Yun Ling and Yun Yi brought out their war hammers. Energy converged into their arms before their bodies exploded forth with ripples of power as they charged out.



Two sword attacks landed, but the Tiger Ghostly Beast’s false body wasn’t shattered.

Han Hai and Yue Hua both retreated several steps before glancing at each other with a frown. “I feel like it’s stronger than last time. It looks like something has happened to the Dark Abyss Cave, and maybe some treasure has been born.”



“Left Hammer, Right Hammer, Vertical Strike!”

The hammer of the twin flowers heavily smashed down.

The hammers directly struck the Tiger Ghostly Beast’s head. This was a force of 20,000 juns! Even the Tiger Ghostly Beast couldn’t handle it as its body sunk down. Its head had almost reached the ground, causing its eyes to angrily glare at the two.

“Yun Ling, Yun Yi; watch out!”

Luo Tian’s eyes widen in shock before he leaped to the front.

Yue Hua cried out: “Don’t step forward and cause a mess!”

As her voice faded…

Han Hai and her charged out once again and blocked in front of the Tiger Ghostly Beast. Their swords moved in unison and their bodies exploded forth with a momentum like immortals descending from the heavens. The swords moved according to their will, and two brief flashes of white light shone from their swords.

Zhao Chen cried out: “Immortal force!”


Luo Tian faintly shook. He realized the aura coming from Yue Hua and Han Hai was completely different now. The power coming from them was several times stronger and the energy from their swords made the beholder feel a trace of fear. Even the Tiger Ghostly Beast slightly trembled from it. Luo Tian couldn’t help saying to himself: “Immortal force is truly quite strong!”

“How come I can’t cultivate it?”

“Why can’t I cultivate such a powerful force?!”

“I refuse to accept this!”

Luo Tian complained internally. Seeing such a powerful energy yet unable to cultivate it was a very painful thing to him.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi retreated backward.

Yue Hua and Han Hai’s swords continued attacking.



The two swords possessed an unstoppable force as it pierced into the Tiger Ghostly Beast’s body.

The Tiger Ghostly Beast painfully howled into the sky.

Its body was shaking non-stop and the black flame aura roiling about.

“You damn beast, die for me!”

Yue Hua’s brows quivered. Another stream of immortal force came out of her palm before she chopped down with her hand.


The chop directly landed on the Tiger Ghostly Beast’s head.

Han Hai followed right after. He also threw a palm strike out that was covered in immortal force.

At the same time of those palm strikes…

The two of them stored their swords and dark black blood shot out. The two of them instantly leaped away and their countenance turned pink. They were faintly gasping for air like they had depleted a large amount of energy. The two of them glared at the Tiger Ghostly Beast that was angrily rolling about on the ground.

At this moment…

“Let me do it!”

A figure dashed out. Luo Tian noticed the health bar of the Tiger Ghostly Beast was about to bottom out so he quickly charged out and smashed down with his fist.


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