Undefeatable – Ch411

Chapter 411 – I’m Going To Start A Massacre


“Bang~, bang~, bang~!”

His punches were like a volcano spraying out magma.

Amidst the darkness, the light of flames surged into the sky!

Each punch of Luo Tian’s contained all his strength as he smashed out with his life on the line.

Those ghostly beasts were charging at him like crazy!

The scene was incomparably brutal as the profound energy value plummeted like crazy. The fist shadows of Luo Tian showed that he almost couldn’t hold on any longer.

The crazier the ghostly beasts acted…

The crazier Luo Tian became.


“I’m going to smash you f*ckers to death!”

“If ten thousand punches aren’t enough, this daddy will use a hundred thousand! You want to play war of attrition with me? This daddy can deplete the energy of all eighteen generations of your ancestors!” Luo Tian roared out fiercely. The speed of his punches increased another notch while he calculated the time in his heart.

The time he had left camp was fast approaching half an hour.

This was the maximum time that one could take a shit!

“Most likely, Yun Ling would be anxious by now and might have even gone out to look for me.”

“Damn it!”

“I have to get rid of them quickly and hurry back!”

Luo Tian became serious. He pulled back his fists and no longer attacked with Magma Fist. He leaped into the air and floated there before shouting: “Myriad Thunder Roar, strike them for me!”

Lightning attributed attack!

Thunderous storm clouds converged. And under Luo Tian’s order, lightning started bombarding the ground.


Those ghostly beasts had been beaten by Luo Tian’s Magma Fist to the point of nearing death. Every single one of them was neither alive nor completely dead yet, so who here could resist Luo Tian’s myriad lightning strikes? There was no way they could stand it. At this moment, fresh blood splashed all over the place and even Luo Tian’s face was covered in it. It was no different from raining blood that covered Luo Tian’s entire body. He looked just like a person that had just climbed out from a pool of blood!

Those ghostly beasts were all blasted to the point of becoming the color of burnt charcoal.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Tiger Ghostly Beast. You have gained 25,000 experience points, 2000 immortal energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining…”


Dozens of alert tones sounded out.

Luo Tian was feeling quite proud, “It’s much cooler to gain experience points like this, and only through this method can my immortal energy points increase quickly. But…”

Luo Tian suddenly thought of a very important problem.

These ghostly beasts were giving him immortal energy and not profound energy. And the current him needed profound energy in order to support his usage of martial skills. If profound energy doesn’t get replenished, what on earth was he supposed to do?

Luo Tian started frowning.

He then mumbled: “It’s fortunate that I still possess a lot of medicinal pills. With the number of pills I have, it should be enough to last me for a short time. However, the problem with replenishing my profound energy needs to be solved as soon as possible or else I’ll be definitely screwed.”


“Now, I really miss that Fan Zhangjian from the Gnome tribe. If I ever go back to the gnome territory, I will definitely take the entire demon core mountain out with me.”

When he arranged arrays in Heavenly Sword City, Luo Tian used up all his supply of attributed demon cores.

He went from a handsome wealthy tycoon to a handsome poverty-stricken wretch. This kind of feeling was really not enjoyable.

In fact…

Luo Tian could actually use the Melting Heaven Divine Cauldron to break down his unused equipment into profound energy, but he didn’t do this. What he planned on doing was to hope for more items to explode forth and then fuse them all together. He could then create some type of super divine equipment which would be much more awesome in the long run.

After taking care of those ghostly beasts, Luo Tian didn’t have time to find a place to wash up and just directly went back.



“Yue Hua, you too will experience such a day.”

“From today onwards, Mount Hua Immortal Sect will no longer have a Team Skyfire. Hahaha…”

“This daddy’s Team Skyvain will ascend to the top three. The day of the inner sect assessment comes around; I will gain an immortal artifact. Then, I can still stand firmly once I enter the inner sect. Hahaha…” Mu Changkong was extremely excited.

He had been trailing behind them.

His fellow teammates were hiding their auras and maintained a certain distance.

After understanding the battle tactics of Team Skyfire, they directly struck when the night was the darkest.

This was a fatal blow with a single strike!

Zhao Chen had fainted off to the side. Yun Ling and Yun Yi were restrained by daggers from the members of Team Skyvain. Traces of blood could be seen from the area of their throats.

Yun Ling did scream loudly.


It was too late.

Mu Changkong directly released his immortal force. In a blink of an eye, he struck out eighteen punches and beat Han Hai to the state of nearing death.

On the other side…

The vice team leader Mu Changfeng followed up by blocking Yue Hua.

Yue Hua and Han Hai were separated, so their exquisite swordsmanship couldn’t be displayed to the fullest resulting in their downfall.

After that…

The Mu brothers worked together to seriously injure Yue Hua.

Seeing those two, Mu Changkong couldn’t help laughing smugly: “Junior sister Yue Hua, aren’t you usually very stuck up? Isn’t Team Skyfire very awesome? Now, this daddy is the awesome one, hahaha…”

Yue Hua and Han Hai had used up too much immortal force during the day so their strength had greatly diminished.

They thought that no one else would come to the Dark Abyss Valley.

They never imagined… they had been too careless.

“Senior brother Changkong, that trash Luo Tian isn’t here.”

Mu Changkong coldly harrumphed before saying: “Don’t bother with a piece of trash with a crippled dantian. A person like him dares to challenge Zhang Kuang? He must really feel like he has lived too long. Just thinking about this makes this daddy want to start laughing. Does he really think he’s very powerful since he can concoct some pills, engrave some arrays, and forge some equipment? This world is where strength dominates over one’s life and death. That piece of trash really overestimates his own strength.”

He didn’t put Luo Tian in his eyes.

He received an explicit message from Zhou Feng to kill that kid.


To Mu Changkong, Luo Tian was unimportant.

Who would pay attention to a piece of trash that has a crippled dantian and can’t even cultivate immortal force?

Yue Hua’s face was pale white. She coldly stared at Mu Changkong and said: “Killing fellow sect members? Aren’t you afraid of the Elders finding out?”


“Do you think any of you guys can escape today?”

“Just based on that terror-stricken piece of trash that’s hiding at who knows where? As long as he dares to return to Mount Hua Immortal Sect, he will be immediately killed off. He’s a person that all the inner sect Elders hate, so do you think anyone will care if he dies?” Mu Changkong had thought of everything. Even if Luo Tian manages to escape, he will still be killed once he returns to Mount Hua!

The spirit in Yue Hua’s eyes sank down another level.


She heard a sound transmission.

“Senior sister, I’m back. Don’t act recklessly!”

Yue Hua’s expression faintly changed. She sent a transmission back: “Luo Tian, quickly run away! You aren’t their opponent. Quickly go back and find Elder Xu Shan and tell him everything that has happened here.”

Luo Tian replied: “Distant water cannot quench a nearby fire – there’s no use telling him. At the most, he will condemn Team Skyvain for their crimes but you guys will be all dead at that time.”


“Spiritual sense sound transmission?!”


“It looks like that kid is still nearby.” Mu Changkong revealed a cold sneer. His gaze turned to Yun Ling and his mouth changed to a perverted smile. He then said: “Fellow brothers, these twin flowers are simply too beautiful. I will reward them to you guys so that tonight, they will feel like they’re floating to the heavens. Hahaha…”

At a hidden location.

Luo Tian clapped his hands together and prayed: “Amitabha. Grandmaster Wu Nian, I’m apologizing first because I’m going to start a massacre!”

He couldn’t hold back anymore!

Luo Tian could barely endure while at Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

Now, he was going to start a slaughter-fest!

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