Undefeatable – Ch413

Chapter 413 – Can’t Find Luo Tian

There was no hesitation.

The remaining immortal force was released all at once – what he wanted was a one-hit kill!

Mu Changkong had already touched Luo Tian’s bottom line.

For those kinds of people, Luo Tian would still kill them right in front of Venerable Wu Nian’s face.

These kinds of people will be of no help to Mount Hua in the future. They will only harm and scheme against fellow sect members. If Luo Tian hadn’t returned in time, most likely Yue Hua, Han Hai and the rest would have died by his hands. Since this was the case, then Mu Changkong cannot be left alive.

A fist smashed out!

The fist contained a force that seemed to be unblockable!

Mu Changkong didn’t have time to react and was directly smashed to death!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Mu Changkong. You have gained 50,000 experience points, 2000 immortal energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining…”

Nothing good came from the loot explosion.

Luo Tian never expected Mu Changkong to give him any good loots anyway since he wasn’t a boss. He wasn’t even considered an elite mob, so it was natural for nothing good to come out. It was the same even if Luo Tian had 100 points in luck.

Mu Changkong died.

Luo Tian’s mind relaxed and his body crumpled down.

It was extremely uncomfortable!

Using up immortal force was just like over exhausting one’s body. This power had exceeded Luo Tian’s imagination since it was so strong.

This was a power that completely outmatched profound energy.

He felt extreme excitement inside his heart, but at the same time, his fleshly body couldn’t bear it. Every inch of his body felt like it was completely drained. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling. He directly sat down in a cross-legged position before bitterly smiling: “It’s fortunate that these people were killed or else we will be in a sticky situation.”




“This is really unexpected! A piece of trash with a crippled dantian can actually cultivate immortal force! And can actually kill Mu Changkong! What an eye-opener for me today! If I hadn’t witnessed this myself, I would definitely not believe it if someone told me it.” Wang Sihai chuckled as he came out from the darkness.

Yue Hua’s gaze turned grim before saying: “Team Fourseas, who is ranked fifth!”

None of them imagined there would be people still hiding nearby, and it was actually an entire team!

Luo Tian’s expression changed.

Yun Ling supported Yue Hua up, and Yun Yi supported Luo Tian up.

Yue Hua didn’t have time to be shocked. Her heart that was just feeling relaxed suddenly tightened up. She looked at Wang Sihai and said: “Senior brother Sihai, you wouldn’t be here to get rid of my Team Skyfire as well, right?”

Wang Sihai’s mouth formed a grin as he replied: “What do you think? Team Skyvain was annihilated so my Team Fourseas has risen by a rank. Once your Team Skyfire is gone, my Team Fourseas will rise to the third rank. An immortal grade item is an incredible treasure, something everyone wants. You want it, I also want it, therefore… heh heh…”

Wang Sihai made a signal with his eye. Six disciples behind him then charged out in unison and surrounded everyone.

When Wang Sihai looked at the miserable corpse of Mu Changkong, his countenance turned cold as he said with disdain: “Mu Changkong, oh Mu Changkong, you took action when you didn’t even ascertain your opponent’s strength. For a person like you to die is a very normal thing.”

Luo Tian clenched his teeth and held back the pain that was wracking his body. He let go of Yun Yi’s hand and took a step forward before saying with a cold smile: “Do you think you’re very smart? If I were you, I would immediately leave this place and let everything you’ve seen here rot inside that stomach of yours.”

“I’m not that smart.”

“But one thing I’m very clear on is that you and the others have exhausted your immortal force. In order to stand up, you are practically clenching your teeth and holding on with your last ounce of strength.” Wang Sihai said this with a sneer while pointing at Luo Tian, Yue Hua, and then finally at Han Hai who was still unconscious.

Exhausting one’s immortal force.

Anyone that cultivated immortal force understood how painful this feeling was.

Seeing how Luo Tian slaughtered Team Skyvain, Wang Sihai had thoughts of retreating. But once he saw Luo Tian topple to the ground, his eyes changed while thinking to himself: “Here’s my chance!”


“You need to think carefully about this.”

“I don’t want to kill you guys but if you really force me to, then don’t blame me for being impolite.” Luo Tian’s tone of voice turned ice cold. The devil flames from his body started surging out, making him look extremely ferocious in the dark night.

Yue Hua frowned and said: “Sihai, you need to think this through carefully. If we really do fight and you aren’t able to kill me, the next time we meet will be the day of your death.”

“Yoh oh?”

“I’m so scared.”

“Junior sister Yue Hua, your explosive temper still hasn’t changed. But I like it! The whole outer sect thinks Yun Ling and Yun Yi, the twin flowers are the most charming. But in the eyes of I, Wang Sihai, you are actually the most charming little hot pepper. There are many moments that I wish I could just throw you onto the bed and give you a good time, hahaha…” Wang Sihai started laughing pervertedly.

The members of Team Fourseas also started laughing.

“Senior brother, you have a good opportunity today.”

“Senior, you should leave the twin flowers to us then. Heh heh…”

“Big brother is so mighty!”

At this time, Wang Sihai felt there was no need to hide anymore because these people were already dead in his eyes.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi were so angry that their bodies started shaking.

Yue Hua’s face started turning pale.

Han Hai, who had just woken up from the ground heard those last few words. He clenched his fists before struggling to stand up.

Wang Sihai didn’t give him a chance to stand up and immediately kicked out. “You should just keep lying down on the ground for me. In just a bit, I will broaden your horizons on how I will intimately love your junior sister Yue Hua. Wahahaha…”

Han Hai’s rage had reached the extreme. His eyes were bloodshot as he yelled at Wang Sihai: “If you dare to touch a single hair on her, I will make it that you can’t even become a ghost after death!”


“Han Hai, why are you torturing yourself over a piece of junk that Zhang Kuang tossed aside from boredom?”

“She’s just a cheap slut. Han Hai, don’t tell me you still haven’t tasted her? I heard Zhang Kuang say that her bed techniques are quite extraordinary. Hahaha…” Wang Sihai started laughing in ridicule.

This was the past that Han Hai didn’t want to remember.

It was also the most hateful and painful point of time for Yue Hua.

Hearing those words, Yue Hua’s face had become even whiter than a sheet of paper.

Han Hai was so angry that he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. His persona then seemed to have stepped onto the edge of madness as he started circulating the last bit of immortal force inside him. His expression became extremely gloomy as he glared at Wang Sihai filled with endless killing intent.

Wang Sihai wasn’t afraid and actually smiled even more. He then pointed at Han Hai’s nose and scolded: “You damn King of Green Hats ¹, I’ve got to hand it to you. Everyone in the outer sect knows Yue Hua is just used goods, yet you… hahaha…”

“Don’t worry; when I finish playing today, I will let my brothers enjoy her as well.”

“I will do it right in front of you so that you will truly know she is nothing but used goods. Hahaha…”

“Fellow brothers!”

“Get ready…”


Wang Sihai realized there seem to be a person missing.

A disciple ran up from behind him. His eyes were observing the surrounding before saying: “Senior brother, we can’t find Luo Tian.”

At this moment…

Killing intent started spreading out. It was even thicker and stronger than the previous killing intent!


¹ – For those who forgot or don’t know, the Chinese term of wearing a green hat is when a guy gets cuckolded (their woman sleeps with another person).

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