Undefeatable – Ch414

Chapter 414 – I’m Sorry, I Went Off To Level Up

It was very uncomfortable when someone exhausts their immortal force.

Luo Tian had indeed used up all his immortal force.


He had killed seven people in a row and gained over ten thousand immortal energy points. The moment that Wang Sihai appeared, he instantly knew they were in a bad situation.

Right after…

He immediately fused the ten thousand plus immortal energy and created a hundred plus points of immortal force.

He briefly glanced at his experience points.

His heart started beating a bit quicker. When Wang Sihai wasn’t paying attention, he activated Shadow Clone that had just finished its cool-down period and disappeared off into the darkness.


“Don’t worry about that piece of trash kid, this daddy refuses to believe he can create any waves. Old Five, Old Six, you two are responsible for the perimeter. Once I finish enjoying myself, it will be you guy’s turn to enjoy yourselves!” shouted Wang Sihai as he almost couldn’t wait any longer. He then started walking towards Yue Hua with a perverted smile plastered on his face.

The crotch area of his pants was already in the shape of a tent as he said with a perverted smile: “Little cheap slut, here comes this grandpa! Hahaha…”

But then he said to Han Hai: “Han Hai, since you’re already the King of Green Hats, it doesn’t matter if you wear one more, right? Just wait a bit and I will let you two die together. So at least when you’re both in hell, you can keep each other company as lovers. People will no longer know that she’s just used goods, hahaha…”

“Senior brother!”

“You should reward them to the two of us.”

“No way!”

“Those two are people senior brother Zhang Kuang wants. Do you know what the consequences will be if you make any reckless moves?”


Wang Sihai suddenly had a perverted and enthusiastic smile as he said: “But touching a bit should be fine, hahaha…”

“Vile beast!”

“Hand over your life!”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi were enraged to the max as their left and right hammers instantly struck out. It contained powerful lightning energy and also a trace of immortal force. Even though it was very weak, it was all the immortal force they could currently muster.

Those two haven’t been with Mount Hua Immortal Sect for that long.

Being able to sense immortal energy in such a short time already showed they were powerful individuals. And being able to cultivate immortal energy into immortal force was even more outstanding.


When compared to the disciples next to Wang Sihai who had cultivated at Mount Hua Immortal Sect for many years already, this little bit of immortal force was really lacking.


“Two little hot peppers, just this little bit of immortal force isn’t enough to scratch an itch on this daddy.”

“You guys, take a good look at their twin peaks. Look at them shaking! It’s so big and so fierce! Old Three, you take the left while I take the right.”

“No problem, hahaha…”

Without allowing Yun Ling and Yun Yi to get close, Old Two and Old Three of Team Fourseas charged out and blocked the two.

Also around this time…

Yue Hua’s face was turning pale from fright. When she recalled her traumatic past, her body couldn’t help start trembling. She no longer had any attack power left. Her hands were supporting her body on the ground while she started retreating, and her gaze contained a sense of endless fear. She was stammering: “Don’t come over, don’t come over, don’t come over…”

“Brother Hai!”

“Brother Hai, save me! Save me…!”

She was extremely scared.

Her strength was considered not bad. Even though she was injured and her immortal force exhausted, she shouldn’t be scared to this point.


She was still a woman. And after experiencing such a trauma, it can be considered the darkest time she has ever encountered in her entire life. She used an entire year’s time in order to escape from this nightmare of hers. She originally thought the nightmare was sealed deep inside her heart, a place where no one could reach. But from the looks of it, she was wrong and this experience was something she could never get away from.

At this time…

Yue Hua felt a gloomy chill enter her body. She was extremely afraid as she cried out: “Brother Hai! Save, save, save me!”

Wang Sihai had a ferocious and perverted face right now. He had already taken off a portion of his clothes and revealed his large potbelly. His drool almost came out as he said with a perverted look: “Little beauty, no one can save you. You should just obediently lie on the ground and enjoy yourself, hahaha…”

On the side where Han Hai was at.

His whole body was scarlet red as he released all his remaining powers.

He had entered a state where one would consider the edge of cultivation deviation!

Cultivating immortal energy and devil arts were the same.

When applied correctly, the cultivator will derive great benefits from it. But if the application was done badly, immortal force can be counterproductive to one’s fleshly body, mind, sea of consciousness, and possibly even the soul.

Seeing Yue Hua in this state, Han Hai’s mind seemed to have entered the devil’s path.

A thick killing intent surged out of Han Hai before he transformed into a scarlet red light charging towards Wang Sihai. He then screamed mournfully: “I’m going to kill you!”

“Heh heh…”

“Old Four, go stop him.”


Almost instantly…

A disciple blocked Han Hai and said with an amused expression: “Senior brother Han Hai, you really shouldn’t be bothering them. It’s also quite enjoyable if you just stand to the side and watch the show, hahaha…”


The powers of those two collided together.

Han Hai was forced back several steps while the other disciple was forced back ten-plus steps. But that disciple instantly blocked in front of Han Hai again.

At this time…

Zhao Chen slowly woke up.

Without giving him a chance to stand up, Old Seven stepped step and directly stomped on Zhao Chen’s head. He then fiercely spat out a glob of phlegm and said with disdain: “Just lie there quietly for this daddy!”



Utter despair!

Yun Ling and Yun Yi were blocked and forced to step back. Wang Sihai’s team members, Old Two and Old Three, were deliberately playing with those two. Portions of their clothes were ripped which revealed their snow-white skin. When those two girls saw how much Yue Hua was shaking, a sense of anxiety flooded their hearts.

The more anxious they were, the more they became distracted and unable to take on their opponents.

Even though Han Hai was forcing his way forward step by step, his speed was still too slow.

He would take one step forward and would be blocked. Another step forward and be blocked again. Old Five and Old Six weren’t watching the perimeter anymore and were joining up with Old Four to block Han Hai.


Wang Sihai started laughing pervertedly. “I already told you that no one will be able to save you. You should just obediently cooperate with me, hahaha…”

While saying this…

Wang Sihai had taken off his pants.

Out of his whole body, the only clothing left was his underwear. His underwear was already pointedly stretched out like it was giving off a momentum it was going burst out at any moment.

Yue Hua’s body felt like it was getting colder and colder. Seeing how Han Hai and the twin sisters were blocked, and seeing how Zhao Chen’s head was pressed into the mud and couldn’t even get up, she had completely lost hope. Her eyes stared at the dark night sky, “Save me… heavens, please save me.”

“It’s no use calling out to the heavens.”

“There’s also no use even if you call out to your ancestors.”

“No one can save you. If you obediently let me enjoy myself, I will leave you a whole intact corpse. Hahaha…” Wang Sihai strode over and was only half a meter away from Yue Hua. His eyes were glowing and his expression excited to the max.


Yue Hua shouted: “Luo Tian, save me!”

The last life-saving straw in her heart!

Luo Tian could instantly kill Mu Changkong, which caused her to be extremely shocked. It was just that she didn’t have time to adjust to the shock and Wang Sihai had already appeared.

Now when she thought about it…

Luo Tian wasn’t ordinary. She then screamed out hysterically: “Luo Tian, save me!”


Not too far away…

A thunderous sound was suddenly heard. A huge ghostly beast had been smashed flying before heavily landing nearby Wang Sihai’s location.

On top of the corpse of that ghostly beast stood a person.

A person that didn’t seem to be exhausted from overusing his immortal force!

It was Luo Tian!

Luo Tian faintly chuckled. His light laughter contained rage and extremely strong killing intent from a grim reaper. “I’m sorry; I went off to level up!”

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