Undefeatable – Ch415

Chapter 415 – Kill Him And I Will Be Yours

Exhausting one’s immortal force?

The fleshly body cannot handle it and will collapse?

These weren’t considered big problems for him!

As long as he levels up, everything will recover by itself.

It was the same with immortal force!

This was the same concept of profound energy. As long as you level up, all the attributes will recover. Your immortal force at the previous level was at 500 points. After using it all, leveling up would make your immortal force recover to 500 points or more.

This was a constant rolling snowball.

This is the power of the system!

While standing on top of the ghostly beast corpse, Luo Tian looked like he was above all and staring down at the world. His mouth curved into a smile before saying at Yue Hua: “Big boss sister, I’m sorry for being late.’

Everyone was dumbstruck.

They were completely shocked by Luo Tian.

Everyone had stopped their actions to stare at Luo Tian.

Tears swirled in Yun Ling and Yun Yi’s eyes before they started crying. For some unknown reason, their hearts became relaxed. When they saw Luo Tian, it was as if everything would be fine with him around, even if the sky was falling down.

Han Hai was still enraged as he stepped on the border of cultivation deviation.

Zhao Chen used all his strength to raise his head up to look at Luo Tian.

A trace of hope seemed to appear in everyone’s heart as if they had just grasped a life-saving straw.


When Wang Sihai recovered from his shock, he revealed a sneer of disdain and said: “Here I was wondering who it was, so it’s actually the piece of trash with a crippled dantian. What? You want to scare us with a corpse of some random ghostly beast?”

“With your cultivation level, do you think you could kill a ghostly beast by yourself?”

“I wouldn’t believe it even if I was beaten to death!”

Luo Tian looked up at the sky and inhaled deeply before saying: “Grandmaster Wu Nian; I really don’t want to kill anyone but people seem to enjoy acting despicably in front of me and keep touching my bottom line. Therefore, I can only sincerely apologize to you!”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian’s figure suddenly disappeared.

His speed was like a ghost where no one could see his figure as it moved through the darkness. Even his aura couldn’t be detected by others.

He wasn’t hiding but rather, his speed was simply too fast.

“The first one!”

“Die for me!”


As Luo Tian’s voice was heard, Team Foursea’s Old Four was lying in a pool of blood. His eyes were bulged out and his face showed he didn’t even know how he had died. In the area around his heart was an imprint of a fist that had directly shattered his internal organs. This was an instant kill!

The system gave off an alert.


Luo Tian didn’t bother with it as his speed accelerated once again.


“The second one!”


Old Seven, who was stepping on Zhao Chen, had died. It was a miserable death where he didn’t even know how he died either. His eyes were popped out staring at a certain area while his expression was filled with shock.

“Quick! Quick!”

“Everyone group together!”

“Old Two, Old Three, get in a defensive formation!”

“Old Five, Old Six; send out your senses! Use your strongest powers to find that damn trash’s location!” Wang Sihai’s expression turned grim. He wasn’t Mu Changkong who waited for all his brothers to die before he finally reacted.

At this moment…

He made a prompt decision to immediately have everyone group up together. Even if Luo Tian attempted another sneak attack, the moment his figure was revealed was the moment he dies!

The members of Team Fourseas quickly clustered together.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi quickly ran over to support Yue Hua up. “It’s okay now senior sister! Everything’s okay! Junior brother Luo has come, so everything will be fine.”

While saying this…

Yun Ling took off her outerwear and put it on Yue Hua who was still shaking. After holding onto her, the twins truly saw how afraid she looked and felt very upset about it.

Yun Yi then said: “Junior brother Luo, they all have to die.”

“Do not let a single one of them off.”

“They all deserve death for scaring senior sister to this degree. If you can kill them all, I shall be yours!”

Yun Yi didn’t think it over and directly said this out loud.

Because she really hated these people.

Han Hai’s countenance had recovered a bit. His eyes glared at Wang Sihai in a gloomy manner while he walked towards him one step at a time.

Wang Sihai wasn’t scared. His expression showed that he was calm, while his mouth showed a playful smile. He then said to Han Hai: “King of Green Hats; from that look on your face, it looks like you wish to kill me? I might be afraid if it was back then, but based on your current strength… heh heh…”

“Old Six, kill him!”

“Old Five, stay alert.”


Old Six lowered his palms and released his immortal force with a gloomy smile. He then shouted to release a powerful martial skill before stabbing towards Han Hai’s mingmen meridian point (waist area).

Han Hai didn’t stop walking.

His gaze was still focused on Wang Sihai and never shifted away from him.

He didn’t glance at Old Six’s attack and directly ignored it.

In his heart, there was only one target – Wang Sihai!

There was only one thought in his heart, and that was to kill him!

His thought didn’t waver. He was similar to someone possessed by a demon that ignored everything but his target.

When Zhang Kuang violated Yue Hua, he wasn’t present. He hated himself all this time for not being there and being unable to change the outcome.

Today, something like that had happened once again.

This actually happened in front of his face. The pain he felt inside his heart cannot be described with words. The hate inside his heart had made him lose his sanity. He wanted to kill people; he wanted to rip Wang Sihai into pieces!

“Die for me!”

Old Six shuttled through the air. His sword that contained a powerful force accurately pierced towards Han Hai’s mingmen meridian point. Seeing how Han Hai didn’t have any defense up and didn’t show any signs of dodging, his heart started feeling joy. Being able to kill Han Hai was something he could be proud of and show off to others.


When his sword was just half a centimeter away from Han Hai’s mingmen area, it stopped.

No matter how much strength he used, he couldn’t continue piercing forward. It was as if some type of force was directly blocking it.



A voice like it came from the gloomy depths of hell was heard by him.

A ferocious-looking expression appeared near his right hand as it was frozen by some type of force. He wasn’t able to move at all, which was the reason he couldn’t continue piercing forward.

Luo Tian’s right hand pulled down while his left shoulder heavily slammed forward.


Old Six felt an intense pain in his chest before staggering backward.

Luo Tian didn’t allow him to stabilize himself as his figure had already appeared behind him. Luo Tian’s fists turned to palms as he shouted: “Skysoul Palms, shatter for me!”


Skysoul Palms containing immortal force smashed forth, and Old Six was directly shattered into powder. A breeze blew by and the residue of his body scattered to the ground. Even the cost of cremation was saved now.

“The third one!”


His voice was ice cold. The moment his voice faded, Luo Tian once again disappeared.

At this time…

He appeared right at the side of Han Hai. As he looked at the four remaining members of Team Fourseas, his eyes only saw them as experience points and immortal energy points!

Another instant kill.

Wang Sihai was panicking. One hand grabbed Old Two and the other hand grabbed Old Three. He then tossed them over and shouted: “Old Two, Old Three; I’m counting on you guys!”

Immediately after…

Another kick knocked Old Five to the front.

Wang Sihai then started escaping frantically.

He ran off like crazy while only wearing his underwear.

Luo Tian’s gaze turned cold before sneering: “Is that what you call brotherhood?”

Luo Tian was repulsed by Wang Sihai’s actions. Just when he was about to chase after him, Han Hai’s gaze turned cold before saying: “His life belongs to me. Luo Tian, just take care of them…”

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