Undefeatable – Ch416

Chapter 416 – Luo Tian Enraged To The Max!

Han Hai’s tone was very serious.

As he said this, his gaze briefly glanced over at Yue Hua who was still shaking. He clenched his fists and charged out like a crazy demon. Han Hai then screamed out in rage: “Wang Sihai, hand your life over!”

From the look of his eyes, Luo Tian could see that Han Hai was determined to kill even if he had to forfeit his own life.

Luo Tian didn’t stop him.

There were some matters men had to do themselves.

They couldn’t back down even if they had to die for it!

Luo Tian didn’t stop him or have a reason to stop him. If he was in Han Hai’s place, he would be doing the same thing as well.

Also at this time…

Old Two, Old Three, and Old Five who were pushed out to defend tried to block Han Hai. But the moment they started to act, Luo Tian forced them away with a triple roundhouse kick. He then said to the three of them: “Your opponent is me.”

These three weren’t easy to deal with.

They were, of course, angry for being abandoned by Wang Sihai but they didn’t lose their combat powers due to that.

The three of them glanced at one another before getting closer to each other.

Old Two reminded: “He is a single person by himself. When he dealt with Old Seven, Old Six and the rest, he should’ve used up a lot of immortal force. He should be entering an exhausted state very soon and will no longer be our opponent.”

Old Three nodded and said: “What Second brother said is right. Once we kill this trash, behind us are three little white beauties. There’ll be one for each of us, hahaha…”

Old Five’s expression showed that he was inspired by those words.

Luo Tian’s gaze turned fierce. He didn’t immediately make a move because dealing with people like them required him to use the cruelest methods possible. He then said with a sneer: “It’s too easy for me to kill you guys, but I want to give you guys a chance to keep your lives.”

“Out of the three of you, only one is qualified to keep their life. As for who that will be, that will all depend on your own abilities.”

Luo Tian smiled.

The three glanced at each other before Old Two shouted: “Luo Tian, you can forget about trying to sow discord amongst us! We are brothers that have gone through many years of life and death…”

Before he could finish his sentence…

Old Three and Old Five acted at the same time. A sneak attack consisting of one palm and one punch struck out.


Old Two’s figure was smashed flying and his face turned pale white.

Luo Tian coldly smiled because he already knew this would happen. There’s an idiom that says if an upper beam isn’t straight, then the lower beams will also be crooked. Since Wang Sihai was capable of abandoning these brothers of his that have gone through many years of life and death experiences with, then his subordinates were also people capable of such an act.


Luo Tian didn’t imagine their reaction would be so quick.

Old Two suffered a serious injury.

Old Three and Old Five instantly leaped away from each other.

Old Three was the first to point at Old Five and say: “Fifth brother, you are truly ruthless. You actually made a move against Second brother.”

Old Five was unwilling to fall behind as he said: “Third brother, likewise to you. It seems like the strength you used was much stronger than mine. Second brother; when you die and become a ghost, the first person you need to look for is Third brother. He has done quite a few acts that have wronged you. Second sister-in-law was Third brother who…”

“Old Five!”

“You are courting death…!” Old Three’s expression turned to anger.

Old Five quickly leaped away. He couldn’t compare to Old Three when it came to cultivation and immortal force. But when it came to schemes, Old Three was lagging far behind. The words previously were all just made up by him.

Old Two suffered a serious injury but it wasn’t fatal.

Hearing Old Five’s words, he almost stood back up at an instant. His fists were clenched tightly and contained a strong amount of immortal force. He then roared out: “Old Three, I’m gonna kill you!”

“Second brother, don’t listen to his nonsense!” Old Three’s expression turned to one of panic.

Old Five started adding oil to the flames, “Third brother said that when he was enjoying himself on the bed with Second sister-in-law, they tried all eighteen different postures. Even eldest brother knows about this while you’re the only one still in the dark. Second brother, even I start to feel some sorrow on your behalf.”

Old Two was even angrier at this point.

Luo Tian looked over at Old Five and secretly said to himself: “Oh crap, this guy is talented!”

For the time being…

Old Two attacked with his life on the line while Old Three could only desperately defend. This wasn’t the time to talk anymore. Since they’ve shed all pretenses of cordiality, there was no longer any need to hold back. They could only use their most powerful attacks to fight it out.


Old Three wasn’t an idiot. While he was fighting, he directly pulled Old Five into the battle as well.

There was no way for Old Five to leave the battle even if he wanted to.

For the time being, three dogs were basically biting each other.

Luo Tian was standing off to the side and watching the show. His eyes were staring unblinkingly at the health bar above their heads. Seeing that there wasn’t much left, his mouth formed a sneer as he was about to make his move. He then said playfully: “My apologies but I was just joking with you guys. I only wanted to test the bond of your brotherhood but didn’t expect you guys to have that type of relationship. It can be considered that I, Luo Tian’s experience have been broadened by this. Hahaha…”

“Luo Tian!”

“You damn despicable scoundrel!”

“You will die a miserable death!

“My fellow brothers, let’s attack and kill him together!”

They dare to act arrogant when they’ve reached the end of the rope?

Luo Tian didn’t even bother to use immortal force. Just like cutting up cabbage, he instantly killed the three of them.

The system gave off three alert tones.



Unfortunately, nothing good came from the loot explosion.

But what Luo Tian needed the most right now was immortal force and undefeated points.

Ever since he came to Mount Hua Immortal Sect, Luo Tian realized the importance of bloodlines. He also understood why the entire continent was focused on Murong Wanjian’s true dragon bloodline. Therefore, he had to quickly fuse the four divine beast bloodlines together!

After taking care of them…

Luo Tian turned around and came close to Yue Hua. He then said in a caring tone: “Senior sister, everything is fine now.”

While saying this…

Luo Tian cast several Healing Arts on her.

Yue Hua’s pain and injuries gradually decreased, except she was still shaking subconsciously. Her eyes still show extreme fear while she held onto Yun Ling like a scared little child. Seeing this made Luo Tian’s heart ache.

Tears were still gushing out from Yun Ling and Yun Yi.




A series of explosion sounds were heard not too far away.

Luo Tian’s mind tightened as he felt Han Hai may have encountered trouble.

Luo Tian sighed internally before a trace of raging flames ignited unknowingly. How did people find them the moment they entered Dark Abyss Valley? And why would two teams hunt them down and try to kill them off? What is actually going on?

There’s definitely someone who found out their whereabouts and then released this piece of news.

Who was it?!

“Bang~, bang~…”

A few minutes later, the sound of heavy footsteps was heard from the darkness.

Han Hai was covered in blood while his hand held a bloodied head.

The head of Wang Sihai!

Seeing the current appearance of Han Hai, Yue Hua’s body finally came to a stop before she stammered: “Brother Hai!”

Han Hai faintly smiled in response and said: “Little sister Hua, I killed him. Wait for me in the next life. I will definitely not let you suffer any bit of harm…”

His voice became weak.

Luo Tian instantly charged over. He cast several Healing Arts on him but it was useless.

Han Hai’s voice was extremely weak as he said: “It’s no use. I exploded forth with all my immortal force and my internals have already turned to mush. Luo Tian, help, help, help me take good care of them…”

Luo Tian nodded seriously. It was extremely uncomfortable as he felt like his heart was being squeezed.

Han Hai faintly smiled and said: “Thank you. You cannot go on the Life and Death stage with Zhang Kuang. You definitely cannot. Wang Sihai and the others were sent by him. His strength has already reached the Profound Venerate realm and the immortal force he controls is already above the outer sect Elders. You definitely cannot go up on…”

He died!

Luo Tian was clenching his teeth so hard that cracking sounds were heard.

At this moment…

Yue Hua’s expression was very calm. She brought out a dagger and directly made a long cut on her face…

“Zhang Kuang!!!”

Luo Tian was enraged to the max!

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