Undefeatable – Ch417

Chapter 417 – The Insane Luo Tian

Han Hai died!

Yue Hua’s heart also died.

She fiercely sliced up her beautiful face. Blood continued dripping out. Luo Tian wanted to help heal her but she refused it.

“Yue Hua has already died!”

“I am no longer Yue Hua; I am now Han Hua!”

Her voice was very cold.

It was similar to a little child who was suddenly forced to mature.

Her personality underwent a huge change.

She was cold, numb to her surroundings, and her eyes contained thick killing intent.

All of this…

Was caused by Zhang Kuang!

If it wasn’t because of him, she wouldn’t have been violated. If it wasn’t because of him, it would be impossible for Wang Sihai to know they had come to Dark Abyss Valley. If it wasn’t because of him, she would still be a cute, emotionally weak but kind girl.

When Luo Tian looked at her, the rage inside his heart had already reached a state where it couldn’t be held back. He kept clenching his fists on and off!

“Junior brother Luo.”

“Team Skyfire was established by brother Hai alone. His goal was to surpass Zhang Kuang’s Team Hurricane in merit points. Since he has left, you will be the new team leader of Team Skyfire. It will all depend on you on whether we can surpass Team Hurricane or not.” Han Hua said this in a calm voice.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi stopped crying and looked at Luo Tian.

Zhao Chen also walked over to look at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate or decline the position. He nodded and said: “I will keep walking this path while carrying senior brother Han Hai’s will. This, I promise with my own life. I will definitely have Team Skyfire stand at the peak of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Not just the outer sect but the inner sect as well! I will definitely accomplish it!”

Han Hai will not die in vain!

The humiliation Yue Hua has suffered will not be forgiven so easily.

Luo Tian then said fiercely to himself: “Zhang Kuang, you think you’re so awesome, huh? You love playing with schemes and conspiracy, huh? Just wait for this daddy. I will definitely let you die like a dead dog on the Life and Death stage!”


The group found a spot and buried Han Hai.

“I will now be the main attacker.”

“Senior sister Han Hua will be the support attacker; Yun Ling and Yun Yi will watch the perimeter. Senior brother Zhao will act as the scout and the tank. I will teach you an array in a bit that can block a single attack from a ghostly beast.” Luo Tian explained in a neither fast nor slow manner.

Everyone looked at him.

Luo Tian then said: “Senior brother Han Hai’s goal was becoming number one out of all the teams. At the same time, his goal was to surpass Zhang Kuang. We cannot let him die in vain. The mission in the Dark Abyss Cave must be completed, and we have to fiercely suppress Team Hurricane. Only then can we make them unable to raise their heads!”


Mount Hua Immortal Sect, outer sect.

Zhou Feng had an irritated expression on his face because he received a piece of news by Team Hades. The two teams, Skyvain and Fourseas had been annihilated without a single survivor.

He then notified Zhang Kuang of this matter.

Zhang Kuang’s expression didn’t change. His eyes faintly narrowed as he said: “Yue Hua; I didn’t expect a slut like you to still have some abilities. Back then, I should’ve fiercely ravaged you a few extra days. I cannot help but think of you once I recall those days. If you manage to come back from the Dark Abyss Cave this time, I will definitely have to give you a heavy dose of love!”

Zhou Feng then said: “Senior brother, Team Hades is still waiting for your next command. Should they continue or should they withdraw? They are somewhat afraid right now and their words seem to express their unwillingness to continue on.”


“A bunch of useless garbage!”

Zhang Kuang coldly harrumphed before saying: “They can do whatever they want!”

Zhang Kuang’s tone changed as he continued saying: “But tell Ming Wang that I can make his team rise up, I can also make his team disappear. Within the outer sect, there is not a single team that’s capable of fighting me. Have him think things through carefully.”

Zhou Feng smiled excitedly and replied: “Understood!”

He then quickly withdrew from the area.

Zhang Kuang looked through the window up at the night sky. His eyes faintly widened and a powerful immortal force surged out of his palm forming a sphere the size of a basketball. It kept on compressing and expanding, similar to countless demons struggling to charge out.


Zhang Kuang’s flipped his right hand and directly pulled the immortal force back inside his body.

His ability in controlling immortal force had already reached the point of bending to his will!


Zhang Kuang coldly harrumphed. His eyes flashed and endless killing intent surged out from him. His expression was fierce like a ghost as he coldly exclaimed: “I really want to see what you guys are going to use to fight with me. You can all wait to die!”


“Senior sister; the right side!”

“Attack the black spot right below its forehead.”


Luo Tian instantly attacked right after and killed the seriously injured ghostly beast.



“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing an Iron Armor Ghostly Beast. You have gained 30,000 experience points, 3000 immortal energy…”


Luo Tian pulled back his fist and shouted: “Let’s continue!”

An entire night went by.

Luo Tian was killing like crazy.

Han Hua was acting the same and was even crazier than Luo Tian. Each time she would use up all of her immortal force. There were several times that she didn’t even take a break. Her whole persona seemed to have transformed into a thousand year old iceberg that rarely spoke.


Her heart was starting to admire Luo Tian more and more.

Luo Tian always managed to find the quickest way to kill a ghostly beast. And Luo Tian taught her something that even her master couldn’t teach – how to control immortal force.

This type of power wasn’t something one can control easily just because they wanted to.

Luo Tian gradually mastered it after doing continuous research on it.

Immortal force was just a type of energy that was stronger than profound energy. In order to control it easily, one had to fuse their spiritual senses together with it. One must make it into another part of their own body, and only then will the user be able to control it freely.

Apart from this…

Luo Tian had Yun Ling, Yun Yi, and Zhao Chen forgo watching the perimeter and just cultivate in the Dark Abyss Valley.

He felt that these ghostly beasts became so strong because the immortal energy here was more abundant than other places. It was due to this that the fleshly bodies of these ghostly beasts could become so tough and their attacks so powerful.

“Senior sister, you should take a break.”

“Let me handle the rest.”

Luo Tian took a step forward and blocked in front of Han Hua. He then faced four ghostly beasts that had appeared together. Luo Tian fiercely smiled and shouted: “Grandsons, your grandpa is right here so come bite me!”

After saying that…

He directly charged forward.

He pulled back his aura.

He then pulled back his powers.

Han Hua’s expression showed shock as she couldn’t understand what Luo Tian was trying to do. But she didn’t stop him because she realized how strong Luo Tian was.




Luo Tian didn’t react as he allowed the attacks of the ghostly beasts to land on his body. His whole body started wracking with pain. These types of attacks containing immortal force were really uncomfortable to bear, but Luo Tian clenched his teeth and endured. He was trying to get used to these types of attacks.

He wanted his body to get used to attacks containing immortal force.

He wanted to make his fleshly body quickly turn stronger.

He wanted to show absolute suppression on the Life and Death stage. He wanted Zhang Kuang to never be able to stand back up ever again!



An hour later…

Luo Tian was covered in blood while his expression seemed to show he was getting even more excited. Looking at the four panting ghostly beasts around him, he coldly smiled and said: “Now it’s my turn!”

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