Undefeatable – Ch419

Chapter 419 – Using A Boss To Temper One’s Body

“Ghostly King?!”

“A boss?!”


Luo Tian instantly boiled with excitement.

He originally thought a boss would only appear on the third floor of the Dark Abyss Cave. He didn’t expect the first floor to have one already.

How can he not be excited?


In a dark area, a ghostly beast with a golden glow charged out. Its whole body was covered in black scales. Each time one of its four legs stepped on the ground, faint ripples of immortal force could be seen from the impact on the ground. It had a long tail and at the end of it was a hammer-like protrusion.

These characteristics were similar to other ghostly beasts.

Except it had one odd characteristic…

Its face looked very similar to a human’s!

But it was completely out of place! The face has a ferocious expression and was extremely ugly to behold. Black sticky substance continuously seeped out from the gaps of its teeth, like it had just eaten the black sludge from the sewers. A nasty odor came from its mouth and was disgusting smelling to the max.

“Senior brother Zhao, you should step back!”

“You should all step back as well.”

Luo Tian directed them.

Before his voice faded, the boss was already charging towards him. Its body was like a mountain as it barreled towards Luo Tian with a roar. Numerous amount of black saliva sprayed everywhere as a result. Luo Tian’s stomach started churning as he almost threw up.

At this time…

Han Hua took a step forward and stood to the right of Luo Tian.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi did the same thing.

Zhao Chen faintly smiled. His hands started forming seals as he released what tiny little bit of immortal force he had. He created an array with a very strong defensive property before saying: “Team Leader, how are we going to fight?”

Luo Tian looked at them blankly for a bit before saying with a smile: “Aren’t you guys afraid of dying?”


“Very afraid!”

“But what we fear the most is being oppressed and looked down upon by others. Team Leader, if we don’t kill this ghostly king, there’s no way we can go down to the next floor. Last time we clearly killed it so how come it managed to be reborn?” Yun Ling asked in confusion.

Han Hua had an ugly look on her face as she said: “It seems to be stronger than the last time. Ever since we entered Dark Abyss Valley, all the ghostly beasts have clearly become stronger. Something weird is definitely going on inside.”

It wasn’t strange for a ghostly beast to become stronger.

The strange part was all of the ghostly beasts had become stronger collectively, so this would naturally cause some suspicion.

Luo Tian didn’t think so much about this. The only thing he was thinking about was what kind of good loot will explode out from the corpse of this thing?

Immediately after…

Luo Tian shouted: “You guys don’t attack yet. I want to use this thing to temper my fleshly body first.”

“Are you insane?”

“You can’t do that; you will die.”

“Team Leader, you are currently carrying the fate of our Team Skyfire so you cannot play around with your life.”

The four of them tried to persuade him out of it.

Luo Tian’s heart was filled with warmth.

He had been tempering his fleshly body for three days at Dark Abyss Valley. Under all the attacks, his fleshly body was gradually absorbing and gradually transforming. Luo Tian had a feeling that his fleshly body was about to make a breakthrough soon.

This kind of feeling was very miraculous.

Fleshly body breakthrough!

There were levels for the fleshly body and his current body was considered at the mortal level.

He had no idea what was above that.

But Luo Tian had a feeling that it wasn’t very far off from when his fleshly body makes a breakthrough to a new level.

Luo Tian smiled and said: “Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen to me.”

After saying that, Luo Tian charged out.

Han Hua’s gaze turned grim and immediately said: “Zhao Chen, you be careful too. When necessary, you need to block a fatal blow for our Team Leader. Yun Ling, Yun Yi; you two will be on guard with me. When necessary, we will charge out because we cannot allow our team leader to encounter any life-threatening accidents.”


“Got it!”

The three of them nodded before splitting up and watching with alertness.

Inside their hearts, they all knew the importance of Luo Tian.

They didn’t know about it in the past.

Now, they were very clear how powerful Luo Tian was. The degree of strength he possessed was so great that outsiders would never know of it. Only those close to him will become subdued by how powerful he is. And their group right now was subdued by Luo Tian’s strength.

He would mysteriously disappear.

He would then mysteriously increase his cultivation.

He had a crippled dantian yet could mysteriously absorb immortal energy and convert it into immortal force. His control in immortal force was also much better than theirs.

Luo Tian was really someone people cannot see through.

Having ghostly beasts attack you in order to temper your body – this kind of masochistic method of training was practically never heard of or seen before. Only a perverted person like Luo Tian could come up with an idea like this and actually be able to accomplish it.


“This grandpa is right here! Come bite this grandpa!”

Luo Tian pointed at the Ghostly King and scolded. Seeing its appearance, Luo Tian’s stomach started churning again while he said: “You are really too ugly. I have never seen a monster uglier than you. Not only are you ugly, but your stench is also extremely noxious.”

The boss seemed like it could understand Luo Tian’s words.

Its distorted mouth started making a weird laughing noise.

Without giving Luo Tian the chance to continue speaking, the aura on its body suddenly surged out and smashed against Luo Tian like a huge tide.

“Watch out!”

“Zhao Chen, array!”

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed as he shouted: “No need! I want to break the bottleneck of my fleshly body! Don’t worry about me!”

Luo Tian didn’t move.

The Ghostly King’s energy was crushing down like a mountain.


The tremor caused countless loose rocks to shower down.

Luo Tian’s body sank down into a sprawling position. His internal organs, his mind, and sea of consciousness were all shaken. It was very uncomfortable. The blood behind his chest roiled before he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. His expression turned faintly pale while he said to himself: “F*ck, this guy is strong!”



“Fuuu~… huuu~…”

After bearing this heavy blow…

Luo Tian’s fleshly body seemed like it was breathing on its own. Every single pore on his body had expanded and was continuously inhaling and exhaling like it was cultivating some type of breathing technique.

Luo Tian was confused himself.

But he felt like his fleshly body was about to make a breakthrough.

He started clenching his fists. Even though he almost couldn’t endure it, if his body was to truly make a breakthrough, then he would be able to reach a new realm. By that time, he would be capable of perfectly crushing Zhang Kuang on the Life and Death stage.

“Once more!”

“You ugly piece of shit, is that all the strength you’ve got?!”

Luo Tian scolded as he struggled to stand up.

His body kept on shaking.

Han Hua’s expression was extremely anxious as she cried out: “Luo Tian, you’ve gone insane! You will die if it happens one more time! There’s no way you can endure its second attack at your current condition! Hurry up and get away!”

“You big pig head!”

“Can you stop being so self-destructive? I feel like crying just from watching you.” Tears were forming in Yun Ling’s eyes. She almost couldn’t hold it in any longer from watching Luo Tian’s actions.

They all knew Luo Tian was doing this for Team Skyfire.

Luo Tian was carrying too many things on his shoulder.

Zhang Kuang, who was right before him; the revitalization of Mount Hua Immortal Sect; Dao Shang Alliance’s Long Wang; Shattered Sky City’s Murong Wanjian; Violet Organization and their Soul Hall; these were all the matters that have been weighing heavily on his mind. He had to rise up!

He had to become stronger!

What was some mere pain to one’s fleshly body considered as?

Luo Tian was clenching his teeth so hard that cracking sounds could be heard. He then roared into the air: “Once more!”


The ghostly king was completely enraged by Luo Tian. Its body started releasing a strong amount of immortal force before directly pressing it down on Luo Tian.

Everyone felt like their hearts had risen to their throats.

They were extremely worried and scared. Yun Ling and Yun Yi were so scared that they didn’t dare to continue watching.


Luo Tian was once again smashed into a sprawling position. His meridians felt like they were about to shatter and his body was about to split apart. This was incomparably unbearable!

But at this time…

An alert tone suddenly sounded off in his mind.


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