Undefeatable – Ch421

Chapter 421 – Acting Like A Tyrant

“I gave you three moves!”

“Now, it should be my turn to make a move.”

Luo Tian smiled excitedly. He cracked his neck and the joints gave off “pak pak” sounds. He clenched his fingers and another series of sounds were heard. His eyes started at the Ghostly King with undisguised killing intent. He took a step forward and created a loud “boom” sound!

A wave of power rippled out from beneath his foot.

“So cool looking!”

Another round of excitement rose up inside Luo Tian. The feeling of his immortal body was simply too awesome.

At this time…

The Ghostly King shuddered as its body couldn’t help start trembling.

It was afraid!

Three consecutive attacks still couldn’t kill Luo Tian, yet his attacks actually helped Luo Tian make a breakthrough in his fleshly body. What the hell was this?!

This was similar to two people fighting…

And the opponent kept getting stronger as the fight prolonged. How was one supposed to keep fighting under that condition?

If one cannot continue, then the next option was to naturally run away.

The Ghostly King showed no hesitation. Its tail suddenly swung fiercely before its body shot away.

“You want to escape?!”

“Have you asked permission from this Lord yet?!”

Luo Tian lowered his body and directly grabbed downwards. He grabbed onto the Ghostly King’s tail while his legs braced himself against the ground. His arms then bulged out as he shouted: “Sprawl down for this daddy!”


His fleshly body instantly exploded with power!

The muscles on his arms looked like they were about to shred his clothes apart.

Very powerful!

Luo Tian was filled to the brim with immortal force. It was all released from his fleshly body!

While his hands were grabbing onto the Ghostly King’s tail, Luo Tian heavily flung upwards!

The Ghostly King’s body that was similar to a mountain was flung up into the air. The entire main hall of the Dark Abyss Cave shook as it gave off a mournful wail. Countless ghostly beasts were awakened by it and started running over like crazy.


“You are still capable of calling your little brothers over?”

“Come, come, come! I want to see how many little brothers you can call over” said Luo Tian in excitement. He strengthened his grip and roared out: “Sprawl down for me!”

Another round of strength exploded forth…

Before something was heavily smashed down.



The Ghostly King’s body smashed down and created a deep pit. Many of its black scales fell off and its distorted human face turned pale white.

In an instant…

Luo Tian didn’t stop. He turned around and faced another direction before flinging the Ghostly King into the air and smashing down again.

It was similar to a heavy artillery shell landing!


“Once more!”


“Huh? You haven’t died yet? Then let’s do it again!”


A left smash here and a right smash there. Everywhere around Luo Tian were large and small holes on the ground. Inside the holes were many corpses of ghostly beasts. Whenever a ghostly beast charged towards him, Luo Tian would smash down and instantly kill them! This was too cool; too awesome!

Luo Tian was using the Ghostly King’s body as a weapon and annihilating thousands of enemy troops!

“Big sister; we’re not hallucinating, right?”

“Damn! I’m about to start worshipping him.”

“Last time we killed the Ghostly King, we used up a full day of time. He… I really can’t see through him. This is a bit too strong, right? How could he be this strong? And those inner sect Elders were trying their hardest to kick him out. Isn’t someone like him exactly what our Mount Hua Immortal Sect needs the most?”

“My heart is trembling right now.”

Han Hua’s expression was extremely shocked. Seeing how Luo Tian was smashing left and right, it looked like he was just playing around in order to kill the Ghostly King. She then said to herself: “Brother Hai; Luo Tian will bring our Team Skyfire to the peak. He can really do it.”

They were all shocked.

Shocked to a complete mess!

Luo Tian was simply too terrifying.

Seeing how Luo Tian was messing around with the Ghostly King and killing all the surrounding ghostly beasts, this kind of feeling was just too great for them.


“Sigh~, your body is quite tough since you still haven’t died yet.”

“Then let’s do it ten thousand more times!”

Luo Tian was holding onto the half-dead Ghostly King by its long tail. The steel spikes on its tail had already retracted at this time.

He was pulling the Ghostly King and running around like crazy!

Whenever he saw a ghostly beast, he would hammer them to death.

The Ghostly King was played until the point that it didn’t dare to show any temper.

One must mention…

The Ghostly King’s body was truly tough and was considered a very powerful weapon. It could even be compared to an immortal weapon that could directly crush any ghostly beast.

The system inside Luo Tian’s mind kept giving alerts non-stop.

Experiencing points and immortal energy were soaring!

The blood essence and skeletons of the ghostly beasts were being constantly accumulated.

These things were all good stuff for forging items!

One might even forge an immortal weapon, something that every Mount Hua disciple dreamt of.



One hour later.

The Ghostly King still didn’t die. Its body was covered in wounds while all the black scales on it had pretty much all fallen off. It was similar to a wild chicken with all its feathers plucked out. When Luo Tian saw it, he wanted to roll around in laughter and ask “where are your little brothers now?”

“Keep calling them!”

“You dare to be presumptuous in front of me with so few little brothers?”

“Do you know how many little brothers I have?”

“You’ll be scared to death if I tell you.”

“I have tens of billions of them! There’s also my little brother Eggy’s little brothers, hahaha…”

Luo Tian was laughing excitedly.

With his immortal body, he was practically a bulldozer. Wherever he went, not even a blade of grass could grow. Using his fleshly body to run around rampantly, it was the complete embodiment of “if God blocks me, I will kill God; if Buddha blocks me, I will kill Buddha.” This kind of momentum had completely cleaned up the first floor of the Dark Abyss Cave!

The only one left was the half-dead Ghostly King boss.

Luo Tian really didn’t want it to die because it was just way too cool to use it as a weapon.


The entrance to the second floor was too small, so there’s no way it can be dragged down.


Luo Tian kept thinking about the inner core inside the Ghostly King. It was an inner core that kept on releasing immortal energy! It was definitely something good!

Immediately after…

Luo Tian gave an evil smile and walked next to the Ghostly King. Seeing its crooked half-dead look, Luo Tian said with a smile: “My apologies. I originally planned on having you live a little longer but I simply cannot endure anymore.”

“Nggg~, nggg~…”

The Ghostly King looked at Luo Tian with fear in its eyes while its body shivered.

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate.

This was a big boss! How could it let it off?

Luo Tian lowered his fists and released all the power from his fleshly body. He then directly punched down while roaring: “Explode for me!”



The Ghostly King’s head was smashed apart.

But even under that condition, it hadn’t died yet!

Its defense was so tough not because of its capability, but it was due to that inner core.

Luo Tian showed a startled expression before grinning: “Damn! I refuse to believe that I can’t kill you.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian sat on top of the Ghostly King. His fists were like rain as he fiercely pummeled it. He then scolded: “Are you dead yet? Are you dead yet? Have you died yet? This daddy wants to see if you’re dead yet!”

Everyone was scared stiff by it.

Too crazy!

The Ghostly King’s health bar continuously decreased until the last punch smashed out.

The system then gave off an alert.


Luo Tian pulled back his fist. He then grinned and said internally: “That inner core has to explode out!”

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