Undefeatable – Ch423

Chapter 423 – Ghost Dragon Number Two

Five days later.

A very long five days.

It was also an exciting five days.

Luo Tian didn’t stop a single second. He continuously killed; there were continuous loot explosions; he just went crazy taking the brunt of everything!

A full five days.

Luo Tian cleaned up the second floor of the Dark Abyss Cave. What made him surprised was the second floor didn’t have a boss, which made him a bit disappointed.

Standing at the entrance to the third floor.

A sense of fear started growing inside Luo Tian’s heart.

The entrance continuously wafted out a thick amount of mist – a fog-filled with death!

The fog from the Dark Abyss Valley came from here. The fog itself contained a terrifying aura. One couldn’t feel it on the outside but standing at the entrance, Luo Tian still felt fear growing inside him even though he had an immortal body.

“What on earth is inside there?”

“This black fog is very similar to the aura of death and gives one the feeling of black polluted air. Could it be that there’s someone burning trash inside there?” Luo Tian couldn’t help speak such nonsense to himself. Within the fog, Luo Tian could also smell a trace of medicinal pills.

It was very faint.

It smelled very special and was different from your typical average pill.

Only Luo Tian could do this. If it was another alchemist in his place, they wouldn’t be able to smell it.

The alchemy skill he cultivated was naturally not ordinary.

“Team Leader!”

“Big pig head!”

“You… did you clean up the entire second floor?”

The four of them ran over.

The aura those four were releasing was a bit different from five days ago.

Luo Tian was in joy as he said: “It looks like you all made a breakthrough.”

Han Hua replied: “The immortal energy inside the inner core was extremely dense, and we four had to use five days just to absorb all the immortal energy from it. With this kind of immortal energy, breaking through was quite easy for us. It was okay for me because I only broke through a single small realm.”

“Those twin sisters are perverted! They broke through three small realms and reached the Profound Ancestor 7th rank! Their current strength is several times stronger than five days ago!”

“Junior brother Zhao also broke through two small realms!”

The value of an inner core was extremely high.

Even inner sect Elders will treat it as treasures that they would snatch at all costs.

It contained 100,000 points of immortal energy. This amount was considered a lot because an immortal sect disciple who doesn’t rest or sleep for a whole day can only gain about 100 points. Some of it will even be lost in the process of transforming it into immortal force. It was different when it came to inner cores.

There will be no loss in energy and everything will be transformed into immortal force.

Zhao Chen scratched his head and said: “It was all thanks to the help of the inner core, or else I wouldn’t be able to break through into the Profound Ancestor 8th rank even after cultivating for a decade. Senior sister Han is the powerful one! She’s already stepped onto the stage of being a peak Profound Ancestor 9th rank. If it wasn’t for her deliberately absorbing less immortal energy from the inner core, most likely she would have broken through to the Profound Venerate realm already.”

Luo Tian was dumbstruck.

A single inner core could allow all of them to break through that quickly?!

Based on some minor calculations, a single inner core allowed breakthroughs of nine levels. This…


“Too awesome!”

Luo Tian was hiddenly excited. He was truly happy watching others become stronger and didn’t feel any regret for giving away the powerful inner core. He then said internally: “It would be great if we got some more inner cores so that their cultivation speed can keep increasing at a fast rate.”

“It would even be better if they could surpass those elite disciples in closed-door seclusion and replace them to participate in next year’s immortal sect competition.”


Inner cores were extremely precious items and wanting another one was difficult beyond description. For Luo Tian to desire a few more was as hard as ascension to the heavens!


The moment the Ghostly King spat out its inner core, Luo Tian felt something strange was going on.

Based on previous information, Han Hua and the others had already killed the Ghostly King the last time they came here. So why was it here again? And somehow, its strength was raised to a terrifying level and it even had an inner core. This made Luo Tian confused because this wasn’t a video game. It’s not like monsters would respawn themselves after being killed. This was supposed to be the real world so it wasn’t possible for a boss to respawn. So the idea that the previously killed Ghostly King could be reborn was worth thinking about!


Luo Tian had a bold thought.

Even he was enthusiastic about this idea before saying to himself: “Could the Ghostly King’s inner core be manually refined? Just like how one would concoct pills?”

Thinking up to this part…

Luo Tian immediately thought of the black fog coming from the entrance; a black fog that precisely had a trace of medicinal pills. His heart tightened before saying to himself: “Could it be that there’s a super alchemist down there? Damn… won’t that be a bit too ridiculous, right?”

“Team Leader, what are you thinking about?” Zhao Chen asked when he saw Luo Tian’s expression change.

Luo Tian shook his head and muttered: “I really want to know if this mission was really released by Elder Tian Ling. If it really is from him, I’m afraid that…”

“It shouldn’t be!”

Han Hua interrupted and said: “Elder Tian Ling controls all the alchemy disciples in Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Included are the especially strong disciples with high cultivation levels and high proficiency in controlling immortal force. He also has several Elders as subordinates and they are all saint immortal experts. For a mission like this, there is no need for him to release it because any disciple would complete it with just a word from him. Therefore, it’s impossible it would be him.”


“Then that’s really strange…”

“If it isn’t him, then who needs the Flower of Death from the Dark Abyss Cave? And that person wants to concoct the Lost Soul Pill. This kind of pill is too evil, and seems to be something a person from the devil sect that’s more inclined to concoct, right? Could it be that we have someone inside colluding with people of the devil sects?” Luo Tian was frightened by his own words.

Devil sects.

They were invincible existences just like immortal sects.

Exactly the opposite of an immortal sect.

Immortal sects and devil sects were like fire and water, irreconcilably hostile to each other.


Mount Hua Immortal Sect really had someone colluding with a devil sect, then…

Luo Tian’s mind shivered before shaking his head and saying: “Forget it; these matters aren’t for us to deal with. It’s more important for us to find a method to explore the third floor instead of bothering with this issue.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian took out all the skeletons from the ghostly beasts he had accumulated these five days.

He quickly arranged them into a design.

Luo Tian didn’t know if it was because he couldn’t let go of Ghost Dragon or not, but he couldn’t help himself in arranging the same layout as him. Luo Tian was startled by what he did and said: “You guys move away a bit.”

Han Hua and the others took several steps back and watched Luo Tian doing something they couldn’t decipher.

Luo Tian clapped his hands together and used up several hundred points of immortal force. The energy was like water as it slowly flowed out and connected all the skeletal bones together. He then shouted internally to activate Puppet Technique before saying out loud: “Succeed for me!”



The skeletal bones quickly connected with each other before giving off a series of explosions. It was similar to when the Transformers transformed and gave off a series of mechanical sounds.

Half a minute later.

An even bigger Ghost Dragon puppet was born.

Luo Tian didn’t inject his own spirit inside. He missed Ghost Dragon and didn’t want another puppet soldier to take that position. When he thought back to the time when Ghost Dragon departed, Luo Tian had a feeling that he would see him again one day.


“What is that?”

“Team Leader, you are way too awesome.”

“What kind of special martial skill is that? How many skills have you trained in? It feels like you know a bit of everything – are you a jack of all trades?”

Luo Tian faintly smiled in response.

His brows furrowed. He then sent his spiritual senses to control Ghost Dragon #2 to enter the third floor.

He wanted to know the situation on the third floor.


He didn’t expect it to be…

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