Undefeatable – Ch424

Chapter 424 – Devil Sect Expert

Ghost Dragon #2!

It was refined by immortal force.

Its strength and defensive properties weren’t any weaker than those experts at the Profound Ancestor realm.


Luo Tian didn’t imagine that once Ghost Dragon #2 entered the third floor, he no longer was able to sense anything in less than a second!

Puppet soldiers were objects Luo Tian can control with his spiritual senses.

Even if they were ten thousand miles apart, whatever the puppet saw would be reflected inside Luo Tian’s mind.


The instant Ghost Dragon #2 stepped onto the third floor, a black shadow flashed by and everything turned dark!

His senses were cut off and there was no longer any connection with the puppet anymore!

Instant kill!

This was a true instakill, where it didn’t even take a second.

Luo Tian’s expression drastically changed as he took a step back. “There’s someone down there!”

That black shadow gave him a feeling that it was a person!

A very powerful person!

As for what kind of person it was, Luo Tian didn’t know because he or she was too fast. Ghost Dragon #2 wasn’t able to sense it. Luo Tian’s cultivation was considered not bad yet he couldn’t sense it. Even if his spiritual sense was inside the puppet, it didn’t help at all.

He could only see a black shadow!

Everyone’s expression also underwent a drastic change.

Han Hua’s expression turned serious as she said: “How come there’s a person there?”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi blurted out: “Did you see wrongly? With so many powerful ghostly beasts around, how could there be a person down there? If there really is someone there, what could they be doing?”

“I don’t know!”

The more they talked about it, the more Luo Tian wanted to figure it out.


He looked at Han Hua and asked: “Is the Flower of Death only on the third floor?”

Han Hua nodded and replied: “The mission does say that only the third floor would have the Flower of Death.”

“Then we’re in a tight spot.” Luo Tian’s brows furrowed before saying: “It’s impossible for us to accomplish this mission. The strength of the person down there already surpasses our imagination. We cannot continue forward. Going there would only result in our deaths.”


“What should we do then?”

“That means we can’t complete the Dark Abyss Cave mission? So we’re still going to be suppressed by Team Hurricane?”

“It’s fine if we can’t complete it because our lives are more important. Team Leader, we should quit this task. We only have less points than Team Hurricane, right? We can just complete other missions and catch up to them,” said Han Hua. She was actually the person who wanted the most to step on top of Team Hurricane.

But she also understood what was more important.

Luo Tian’s words were also very clear – no matter what, they couldn’t take any reckless actions.

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed again. Thinking about Team Hurricane and Zhang Kuang’s arrogance, he subconsciously started clenching his fists. He was in thought for a while before saying: “The key is that we don’t know what’s going on down on the third floor. We don’t know if it’s a person down there or some type of creature. What if there’s a trap waiting for us there?”

Without waiting for them to respond…

Luo Tian said: “Let me try once more!”

“Team Leader, just give up.” Han Hua had a calm look as she continued: “The mission has already surpassed our abilities. We can just do other missions to compensate for it, so why force it? There’s no need to take such risks for me, brother Hai and Team Skyfire. You are very important, actually more important than anyone of us here!”


“What senior sister said is right!”

“Big pig head; listen to senior sister. Once we become stronger, we can come again.”

“Team Leader, let’s withdraw from here.”

Luo Tian felt grateful when he looked at them.


He had a feeling that if they withdrew from here, that person on the third floor will leave and the Flower of Death they needed would also disappear.

Not only was it for the mission…

The most important part was that there’s definitely a boss on the third floor!

Luo Tian wanted to explode that thing!

Luo Tian gave a consoling smile and said: “I will try one more time. This time, I will send two puppet soldiers to test the waters out. Once we figure out what’s happening inside, then we’ll make further plans.”

After saying that…

Luo Tian started refining another puppet.

This time, he didn’t use the skeletons of ghostly beasts and only used the loose rocks on the ground. He didn’t use his immortal force either and only used normal profound energy. A few minutes later, a mouse puppet soldier the size of one’s fist was made.

A few minutes later, there was another one.

Luo Tian used his spiritual senses to control them and had them stand around the entrance to the third floor.

“Squeak~, squeak~…”

Two puppet scout mice then started entering the third floor quietly.

Luo Tian’s senses lingered inside the puppet scout mice and followed their sight.


Luo Tian frowned. He disregarded the risks and charged into the third floor while shouting: “That person is trying to escape!”

Before his voice faded…

Luo Tian was already on the third floor. His eyes reflected his shock when he looked at his surroundings. There were bright blood-colored flowers everywhere! Each of them was dazzling to the eyes and was releasing an aura of death.

The base of the flowers was black and seemed to be absorbing an aura from hell deep beneath the soil.

Each flower was releasing energy containing a horrifying ghost-like presence that seeped into the bones of the beholder. Apart from the flowers, there were piles of skeletons, rotting corpses, and a blood pool that gave off a disgusting stench.

In the middle was a large pill cauldron.

A scent of medicinal pills was coming from the cauldron, and inside was a corpse that was currently being cooked. A corpse that was clothed in the uniform of a Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciple! While the corpse was being cooked, strands of immortal force were coming out from it which was then frantically absorbed by the flowers. The Flowers of Death inside the cauldron didn’t whither from the heat and was actually growing crazily. A few of the petals on the flower looked like human faces giving you a horrifying smile.

Beside the pill cauldron.

An elderly man in black robes was quickly trying to pack all the things on a table. The black robe on the elder had a large alluring Flower of Death sewn on it.

“Hii~ hii~…”

“Hii~ hii~…”

The black robed elder gave off a weird shrill laughter.

Upon seeing Luo Tian, a right hand shot out like a five-fingered claw that directly locked onto Luo Tian’s throat. The elder then said in a gloomy voice: “You actually made it to the third floor. You can go die now.”

Luo Tian was instantly restricted!

He didn’t have any time to react!

The strength of those five fingers contained a powerful immortal force. Since they were so close, Luo Tian could see the elder’s face now. It was an extremely horrific-looking face, very similar to the one on the Ghostly King. It was as if they both came from the same mold!

“Someone from the devil sects!”

Han Hua was the second to enter the third floor. She immediately yelled this out when she saw the Flower of Death embroidered onto the black robe of that elderly person.

The black robed elder smiled in an eerie manner and said: “At least you have a little knowledge. It was fine if you guys didn’t come down here but now you know too much, so you all have to die!”

“Hii~ hii~…”

“Hii~ hii~…”

A powerful force was fluctuating beneath the elder’s black robes.

A bunch of lights then lit up inside the stomach of the black robed elder, very similar to those luminous pearls.

Inner cores!

A stomach full of inner cores!

This fellow was really here refining inner cores!

Luo Tian’s expression immediately became enthusiastic. He was actually thinking of exploding this boss and getting the skill to refine inner cores.

At this moment…

Luo Tian’s gaze turned firm as he shouted: “Become a devil!”

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