Undefeatable – Ch426

Chapter 426 – Secret Skill

This was Luo Tian’s wild ambition!

The moment they treated him unfairly, this wild ambition of his started growing.

A very strong ambition.

It will take a very large and powerful force in order to complete it.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect had been established for several hundred millenniums and its heritage was incalculable. Wanting to completely control it would require the greatest strength and the most powerful means. If he could refine inner cores…

This would definitely qualify as the most powerful means to control an immortal sect.

Luo Tian became excited!

In other words…

He now had a chance to enter the ancient battlefield, level up, and surpass Murong Wanjian!


Even if he could get the four region’s blood and the Sky Dragon’s Bead, most likely the upper-level leaders of Mount Hua Immortal sect would not allow him to open the entrance. After all, it was labeled as a forbidden ground and Mount Hua’s most dangerous place. Who would let him open it up so easily? After all these years, the courage of those upper-level leaders of Mount Hua has become smaller than an ant’s, so how would they allow Luo Tian to do whatever he pleases?

This was absolutely impossible!

The black robed elder didn’t hesitate and said: “Of course. You are our devil sect’s ancestor. Now that you have reincarnated, our entire devil sect will be at your beck and call. Not to mention the method of refining inner cores, I wouldn’t even frown if you wanted me to die right now.”

Devil Sovereign Xingtian!

An existence with extraordinary powers in the devil sect.

Every member of the devil sects were followers of Devil Sovereign Xingtian.

He was the matchless eternal War God of the devil sects!

An irreplaceable existence in the hearts of every devil sect disciple.

Luo Tian was shocked as he never expected this fleshly body to possess such strong reverence. It actually could control the entire devil sect! His mind trembled before he said majestically: “Very good, this Sovereign is very satisfied with your performance. Teach me the method of refining inner cores first and after that, I have some tasks for you to take care of.”

“Your subordinate understands!”

The black robed elder excitedly nodded. Being able to serve Devil Sovereign Xingtian was his lifelong dream. He thought that this dream will never come true because Devil Sovereign Xingtian had fallen in the ancient eras. Now that he has been reborn, it should be something every disciple would be happy about.

Han Hua, Yun Ling, Yun Yi, and Zhao Chen were all dumbstruck. All they did was stand off to the side in a bewildered manner.

Right now, they couldn’t figure out if Luo Tian was an immortal sect disciple or if he was the War God Devil Sovereign Xingtian. If he was someone of the devil sect, what choices would they have to make?

Immortal sects and devil sects were irreconcilable like fire and water.

If they ever found traces of devil sect members, they had to instantly kill them because there weren’t any other choices!


Their Team Leader Luo Tian was actually Devil Sovereign Xingtian. Their brains were blank and had no clue what they should do. They couldn’t even figure out where to start thinking about the complexity of this issue and could only stare at Luo Tian in a dumbfounded manner.

The black robed elder taught Luo Tian the secret method of refining inner cores without holding anything back.


Everything was through spiritual transmission. Han Hua and the rest were immortal sect disciples, after all, so the black-robed elder had to take some precautions. If this secret skill was leaked outside, how would devil sects continue standing in this world?

One needs to understand that refining immortal energy inner cores is the secret skill of devil sects. Even Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s Prime Elder can forget about learning it.

A few minutes later…

A system alert tone sounded off in Luo Tian’s mind.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for learning a secret skill – Inner Core Refinement Skill!”

Luo Tian was in joy and immediately opened up his system interface. A new skill was indeed added to his abilities. “Motherf*ckers, who else?! Since this daddy has this secret skill, not to mention Mount Hua Immortal Sect, all the immortal sects in Tianxuan Continent will need to watch my mood when they act!”

“The number one of immortal sects, Imperial God Immortal Sect?”

“You guys think you’re so awesome, huh?”

“The number two of immortal sects, Starsea Immortal Sect… you guys are very arrogant, right?”

“You two just wait for me!”

Luo Tian was excited to the max. With this new skill of his, he would have an inexhaustible supply of immortal force in the future. Wanting to develop his own forces would be too easy. The rise of the five of them here would be unstoppable… hahaha…”


Luo Tian subconsciously yelled out.

Devil Sovereign Xingtian’s fleshly body also released the wildly arrogant aura of a King at the same time.

The black robed elder was even more excited than Luo Tian. He was ecstatic internally, “Sovereign Xingtian is back! Sovereign Xingtian is back! Hahaha… Our devil sect is about to rise up!”


The black robed elder cupped his hands and said: “Sovereign, when will you return to the sect? Lord Sect Leader and all the Prime Elders will definitely be ecstatic when they find out you’ve been reborn.”


Luo Tian was startled before saying: “This Sovereign currently doesn’t want to go back yet. After the rebirth of this Sovereign, I can only maintain this devil form for a very short amount of time. You should head back first because I have several tasks for you to take care of.”

“Please go ahead and tell me. This subordinate will definitely do my best to accomplish it.”


Luo Tian used his spiritual transmission and said: “I need the four region’s blood and I need the location of the Sky Palace Divine race.”

These were items to open up the ancient battlefield!

If he did this one at a time by himself, who knows how many years it would take? Since the entire devil sect was at his beck and call, then Luo Tian will definitely not let this opportunity slip by. The strength of the devil sects will definitely be quite strong, so using them to get the blood from the four regions will be much easier than having him do it.

As for the Sky Palace Divine race…

This was related to his SSS-rank quest and his dragon egg hatching.


Luo Tian had to personally go to where the Sky Palace Divine race was.

The black robed elder’s expression changed into extreme excitement while saying: “This subordinate understands. This subordinate will quickly return to the devil sect and handle the tasks you have assigned. Don’t worry; I will definitely prepare all four region’s blood for you in under half a year!”


“Next time when I head to the devil sect, I will definitely have your Lord Sect Leader reward you. Hahaha…” Luo Tian laughed crazily while feeling ecstatic. He then said internally: “As long as I get the four region’s blood, then go to the Sky Palace Divine race’s location to get the Sky Dragon’s Bead, I can open up the ancient battlefield. Then, I will level up like crazy and by that time… heh heh… Murong Wanjian, a son of a true dragon, huh? Just wait patiently for this daddy!”

The black robed elder cupped his hands with an excited expression before leaving.

He was immediately returning to his devil sect!

He wanted to bring the news that Devil Sovereign Xingtian had been reborn back to his devil sect!

Soon after…

The devil sects abruptly rose up and vented the anger of being oppressed by the immortal sects for over ten thousand years. But this was all in the future and won’t be mentioned for now.



Ten minutes was up.

Luo Tian transformed back to his human appearance. When he saw Han Hua’s shocked expression, he said with a faint smile: “That old guy is quite interesting… can you guys stop looking at me like that? I am still me. No matter if I’m a devil or a human, my name is still Luo Tian!”

Han Hua recovered from her shock and said: “No one can mention half a word on what happened today. We have to swear a deadly oath on it!”

“I agree!”

“I also agree!”

The four of them then swore a deadly oath in front of Luo Tian.

They knew very well the consequences of others knowing that Luo Tian could transform into Devil Sovereign Xingtian.

It absolutely cannot happen!

They couldn’t say it even if they were beaten to death!


Four days!

Luo Tian stayed inside the Dark Abyss Cave for four days and continuously refined inner cores. Apart from two inner cores each for Han Hua and the rest, Luo Tian also had in his possession a hundred plus inner cores containing unparalleled powers!

Tomorrow was the date for the Life and Death stage duel.

Luo Tian’s eyes shook as he shouted: “Let’s head back to the sect!”

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