Undefeatable – Ch427

Chapter 427 – Zhang Kuang, Scram Out Here For This Daddy

Mount Hua Immortal Sect, outer sect.

“Senior brother, today is the day that you’re scheduled to be on the Life and Death stage with that piece of trash, yet that kid hasn’t come back yet. In my opinion, he must’ve died in the Dark Abyss Cave already. He is still destined to die even if he manages to come back. Maybe he heard senior brother has broken through into the Profound Venerate realm and off’d himself out there. Hahaha…” Zhou Feng had a smug expression while saying this. Whenever he thought of Luo Tian’s arrogant looks, it would immediately piss him off to no end.

Profound Venerate realm!

Zhang Kuang broke through the day before yesterday.

His current cultivation level was at the Profound Venerate 1st rank and was practically a matchless existence amongst the outer sect disciples.

Many days passed by.

Team Hades had been waiting outside the Dark Abyss Cave for many days and hadn’t seen Luo Tian and the others come out. One can easily imagine that they had all died inside.

Zhang Kuang coldly laughed.

His face didn’t show any big changes in expressions.

He treated Luo Tian as air.

To him, Luo Tian was below an ant. A person with a crippled dantian wasn’t qualified to stand on the Life and Death stage with him. If he wasn’t so enraged, he wouldn’t have agreed to Luo Tian’s demand. Agreeing to Luo Tian’s demand only made him lose face.

Killing a piece of trash wasn’t something one would brag to others!

Zhang Kuang then coldly said: “What a pity. It’s such a pity about the twin sisters… If I knew this was going to happen, I should’ve used the same method I used against Yue Hua on them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be regretting like I am right now. What a pity! Sigh~”

He really wanted to give those twin sister flowers a taste.

He never imagined…

Zhou Feng immediately said in a fawning manner: “Don’t worry senior brother; I will definitely find a pair of twin sisters even more pretty for you. I guarantee you will be satisfied.”

Zhang Kuang chuckled before saying: “Don’t go down the mountain for now. There are only two more months before we challenge the inner sect assessment. Our whole Team Hurricane must pass it. By that time, we will then rise up together in the inner sect.”


“I heard the outer sect will select twenty disciples to prepare for the assessment at Heaven’s Boundary. I wonder if I have the qualifications?” Zhou Feng smiled dryly.

Heaven’s Boundary!

A territory where all immortal sects worshipped.

A mountain top with ten kilometers of open space.

It was large, open, and had the densest immortal energy out of all the immortal sects. It was the best place for immortal sect disciples to cultivate, and also the most competed for location between all the immortal sects.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

Their strength was not comparable to their past. Each year, they only had one chance and could only send twenty disciples to cultivate at Heaven’s Boundary. Disciples can only stay there for seven days.

Imperial God Immortal Sect was allowed three thousand disciples. They didn’t have a time limit and could enter and exit throughout the year to cultivate.

Starsea Immortal Sect had about the same conditions.

Even the Antarctic Immortal Sect could send out eight hundred disciples.

As for Mount Hua Immortal Sect…

Each year, they could only send disciples there once and were limited to twenty disciples. And those disciples would have to endure the moods of the other immortal sects. The disciples entering Heaven’s Boundary can only cultivate at the periphery where immortal energy was the weakest.

They were similar to beggars.

Zhang Kuang faintly smiled and was about to say something when someone ran in from the outside.

“Not good, senior brother. That trash has returned.”


Zhou Feng was the first to ask that before his expression sank. “Impossible…”

“That kid Luo Tian is back.”

“He is currently on the Life and Death stage. And… and…”

“And what?” Asked Zhang Kuang’s with his brows furrowed.

“And Team Hades, Team Fourseas, and Team Skyvain – not a single member has returned. And…”


Zhang Kuang slapped that person in rage and said: “Say everything in one sentence for me.”

That person held his cheeks and quickly said: “And Team Skyfire completed the Dark Abyss Cave mission. Their merit points have surpassed ours and they have become the number one team.”


“Outrageous! That kid…”


Zhang Kuang became furious! A violent aura surged out of him as the Lion King’s bloodline swelled up. Zhou Feng, who was at the Profound Ancestor 3rd rank couldn’t resist by his side and was instantly crushed to the point of being unable to breathe. This was too terrifying!

Also at this time…

A voice was heard in the airspace above the outer sect.

“Zhang Kuang, you damn mongrel! Quickly scram out here for this daddy!”

The voice was very loud so every disciple of the outer sect could hear it.

Zhang Kuang’s expression turned ferocious. His gaze turned gloomy before saying in an ice-cold tone: “Kid, you are courting your own death!”

As his voice faded…

Zhang Kuang’s figure disappeared from the room and became a beam of light shooting towards the martial training field.


“Quickly look! That trash Luo Tian really came back!”

“That kid is absolutely courting his own death.”

“Senior Zhang Kuang just broke through to the Profound Venerate realm the day before yesterday. Even the inner sect’s Martial Hall Elders were shocked by the news, and they all look favorably upon him. Some even asked the Sect Leader to put his name down for next year’s immortal sect disciple competition.”

“Right? Is there anyone in the outer sect that can be senior Zhang Kuang’s opponent now?”

“Luo Tian is quite strong at concocting pills and forging items. But when it comes to martial strength, he isn’t even qualified to carry the shoes for senior brother Zhang Kuang. He can’t even absorb immortal energy with his crippled dantian so how is he going to fight with senior brother Zhang Kuang? He is basically asking for a beating.”

The outer sect was boiling up in excitement.

Countless outer sect disciples were heading towards the martial training field.

Even the inner sect was shaken by this.

The Grand Elder’s gaze turned serious and his eyes faintly shook. He then said internally: “Does that kid really feel like that he’s lived for too long? He actually dares to challenge Zhang Kuang? I thought he had run away this half a month and didn’t expect that he would actually come back.”

“Grand Elder, it’s fine like this as well.”

“No matter how strong Luo Tian is, there’s no way he can be Zhang Kuang’s opponent. He cannot even cultivate immortal energy so how can he fight Zhang Kuang? And Zhang Kuang knows our inner sect isn’t happy with Luo Tian’s existence. There’s no way he would show mercy and would most likely deliver a fatal blow.”

“Luo Tian will surely die this time!”

“This is good too. We already gave him a chance to keep his life yet he stubbornly wanted to stay. Once he dies, this will be considered giving Elder Wu Nian an explanation. He’s the one to blame for being overconfident in his own abilities. What a laughable and ridiculously funny situation!”

Some of the inner sect Elders felt relief.

For the past half a month, the inner sect was secretly paying attention to Luo Tian.

They were paying attention to every single action he took because they wanted to find a reason to kick Luo Tian off the mountain. But what they didn’t expect was that Luo Tian would suddenly not wish to live any longer and challenge Zhang Kuang. This gave them all a big relief.

The two of them were not comparable at all!

Zhang Kuang crushed Luo Tian in all aspects!

Besides, Zhang Kuang had broken into the Profound Venerate realm so Luo Tian was in an absolutely hopeless situation.

His death was certain!

Martial training field.

Luo Tian was filled with wild arrogance on top of the Life and Death stage and pretended he didn’t hear all the scorning and ridicules below the stage.

Xu Shan yelled out from below the stage: “Quickly come down! Even if you’re at the Profound Ancestor 5th rank, you still aren’t Zhang Kuang’s opponent. He has already stepped into the Profound Venerate realm. You will die on the stage. Luo Tian, listen to my words – as long as the green mountains stand, one does not need to worry about the shortage of firewood!” ¹

“Elder Xu, just enjoy the show. Our team leader will not disappoint you.”

“That’s right!”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi said with a giggle.

Xu Shan was confused. He couldn’t understand why Han Hua and the others maintained a smile on their faces.

Weren’t they afraid of Luo Tian dying up there?


¹ – There is still hope as long as one keeps their life.

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