Undefeatable – Ch429

Chapter 429 – Playing With Zhang Kuang

Many people were paying attention to this duel on the Life and Death stage.

Many people were paying attention to this life and death battle.

Outer sect and inner sect.

Of course…

Most of them were paying attention to Zhang Kuang’s performance and paying attention to how Luo Tian would die.

Zhang Kuang was in the top ten strongest of the outer sect disciples; already qualified to become an inner sect disciple and even has the chance to become a participant of next year’s immortal sect disciple competition. Many people were optimistic about Zhang Kuang’s future.

They were paying attention to Luo Tian…

Mainly because they wanted to see how he would die.

When Luo Tian gave consecutive blows to all the outer sect Halls, Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s upper-level leaders couldn’t find any methods to kick him off the mountain.

If Luo Tian could die here, this will definitely be a matter to celebrate over.

When Starsea Immortal Sect arrives to condemn them, Luo Tian’s death could be manipulated into a deliberate killing so that they could get on their good side. This way, Mount Hua Immortal Sect could easily avoid the suppression by Starsea Immortal Sect.

“Senior brother Hun Yuan, what’s your opinion on this?”

“The kid will be taken care of without us having to make a move. That’s good too since we won’t have to give an explanation to Elder Wu Nian.”

“Since he’s not as skilled as his opponent, one can only blame themselves for being useless when dying on the Life and Death stage. This will be considered solving a hidden disaster for Mount Hua Immortal Sect. We can groom this Martial Hall disciple Zhang Kuang a little more in the future.”

Several Elders were discussing this.

And they had smug smiles on their faces.

They felt like a big rock had been removed from their minds.

Daoist Hun Yuan didn’t say anything and was paying attention to every move on the Life and Death stage. When he saw that Luo Tian was standing there without moving, he really couldn’t figure out what was going on. When facing Zhang Kuang’s most fierce Beast King’s Divine Fist, why did Luo Tian not prepare the most minimum of defense?


Luo Tian didn’t take any action to defend himself.

Even the aura on his body didn’t have any traces of fluctuations or changes.

The speed of the Beast King’s Divine Fist wasn’t very fast. Even if one’s strength wasn’t very high, there was still time for them to react. So, it was very clear that Luo Tian had no intention of taking up any defensive positions.

Did he freeze from fear?

Most of the people spectating came to this conclusion.

Only Han Hua, Yun Ling and the rest maintained their smiling expressions. An expression that people really couldn’t understand.

Xu Shan had a depressed look and asked: “What are you all smiling about? Why is that kid Luo Tian not putting up any defenses? Zhang Kuang’s Beast King’s Divine Fist is capable of smashing a Divine Bull into powder. Why is he not…”

“Elder Xu, just keep watching and you will know the answer.”

“That’s right. Team Leader is looking down on Zhang Kuang.”

“Doesn’t Zhang Kuang enjoy looking down on people? This time, Team Leader is letting him know what true arrogance and looking down on people is.”


Luo Tian was treating Zhang Kuang with contempt!

His arrogant gaze showed that he didn’t place Zhang Kuang in his eyes at all.

This pissed Zhang Kuang off! An illusory lion suddenly appeared before his fists and opened its bloody mouth. It then charged towards Luo Tian ready to bite down. “Damn trash; die for me!”


His right fist was heavy like a mountain and the strength behind it was as powerful as the sea!

A series of explosions happened inside the barrier as energy fluctuation surged outwards.

“Too strong.”

“Senior brother Zhang Kuang’s punch could probably instantly kill a ghostly beast. This kind of strength is simply too mighty.”

“That kid has most likely become a mound of meat paste.”

“How can that piece of trash resist senior brother Zhang Kuang’s attack?”

“Instantly killed by a punch. And this trash wanted to get on the Life and Death stage? Hahaha… this is going to make people laugh themselves to death.”

A burst of ridicule came from below the stage.

On the stage, Zhang Kuang revealed a smug smile as he said: “A piece of trash with a crippled dantian still dares to challenge me? Who do you think you are?”

“I’m not really much of anything.”

“But what I do know is that you are actually nothing.”

“You dare act arrogant in front of this daddy with your little bit of strength? Do you really think you are all that? Lion King’s bloodline? In my opinion, it’s nothing more than a dog’s fart! Ptui~”

As the dust started to disperse, a figure was standing there immovable like a rock.

His body was exuding a wildly arrogant momentum.

His gaze was playful as he stared coldly at Zhang Kuang. He then started chuckling with maximum arrogance, “Is this all the strength you have? So motherf*cking weak!”


The entire martial training field was filled with shock as everyone’s eyes protruded out of their eye sockets. They stared at Luo Tian’s figure that gradually became clearer on the stage. Everyone had shocked expressions on their faces as they didn’t expect this outcome.

Why is it like this?

Suffering from such a powerful attack yet he only slid back three steps. His expression hasn’t changed and he looks like nothing has happened to him.


They couldn’t understand this.

Not one bit.

“What’s going on?”

“That kid clearly didn’t put up a defense, so how did he block Zhang Kuang’s attack?”

“What just happened? How did Luo Tian resist that?”

“Impossible! With his current strength, there’s absolutely no way he can block Zhang Kuang’s attack.”

Xu Shan’s expression was also filled with shock as he said: “How did he do it? Even though Zhang Kuang’s Beast King’s Divine Fist wasn’t at full strength, it still contained immortal force. A lot of immortal force. Luo Tian didn’t put up any defenses, so how did he do it?”

Han Hua smiled and said: “Team Leader is capable of anything.”

Yun Ling gave a relaxed smile and said: “His fleshly body has evolved, so there’s no way Zhang Kuang can hurt him.”

Zhao Chen had an excited expression. He then roared out into the air like he was venting his frustration: “Team Leader is so mighty!”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi also shouted loudly: “Team Leader is mighty! Team Leader is domineering! Long live Team Leader!”

Everyone’s gaze turned in unison towards Yun Ling and Yun Yi.

Another round of soft discussion was heard.

“Team Skyfire’s Team Leader Han Hai died. Who would’ve imagined this kid would become Team Skyfire’s new Team Leader? It is quite exciting to instantly gain three beauties.”

“Not long ago, they handed in the completion for the Dark Abyss Cave mission. They have become number one in merit points and are now stepping on top of Team Hurricane.”

“What? They managed to complete the Dark Abyss Cave mission? Are they even still humans?”

On the Life and Death stage.

Zhang Kuang had an ugly expression on his face. His killing intent surged out in an unrestrained manner as he glared at Luo Tian. “It doesn’t matter what fortuitous encounters you have, you will still die here today. You will die by my, Zhang Kuang’s hands.”

“Come then.”

“Come and bite me.”

“Zhang Kuang, you piece of trash! Is this all the strength you have? You’re too weak! Why are you so damn weak? You still dare to act arrogant in front of me with your puny strength? You can’t even break my body’s defense! This is simply too funny, hahaha…” Luo Tian displayed his maximum arrogance.

Zhang Kuang was enraged!

He released all the immortal force within himself. For a brief moment, the immortal energy on Zhang Kuang became extremely ferocious.

Luo Tian became even more excited when he saw Zhang Kuang’s response. He then said to himself: “Come, come, come attack me. Use your strongest abilities to hit me. I need immortal force to refine inner cores; lots and lots of immortal force! Hahaha…”


A punch smashed forth.

Luo Tian stood there without moving as he said with ridicule: “Your sister… Is this all the strength you have? Can you put some effort into it? Come on, can you add some more strength to it? Have you not eaten yet or have you not taken a shit yet?”


Completely playing with him.

Zhang Kuang was continuously releasing his immortal force while Luo Tian was continuously absorbing it.

“In a little bit, this daddy will return all that immortal force back to you. Heh heh…”

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