Undefeatable – Ch436

Chapter 436 – You Can Only Serve Me After You Become Stronger

The black shadow left.

Luo Tian came back to this world from the gates of hell.

Extremely excruciating.

Taking a stroll on the edge of life and death, where one could instantly report to Lord Yama. This kind of feeling was really not pleasant.

Being suppressed and restrained by the throat so that you couldn’t even move an inch.

It all came down to strength!

He wasn’t strong enough!

Provoking Venerable Hun Yuan was one of his chess moves. Luo Tian was also prepared in luring out Mount Hua’s strongest boss. Even though he was prepared, Luo Tian was still pissed off at the outcome. Especially that Prime Elder; the feeling of being suppressed by him made the flames of rage inside him surge.

Luo Tian looked off into the distance as his gaze turned gloomy. He then said to himself: “This daddy will one day make him pay for this!”

“This, I promise!”

He was truly enraged.

Luo Tian’s expression was particularly gloomy.

He clenched his fists before shouting: “Shadow Clone!”

“Skysoul Palm!”

“Deathgod Domain!”

Whenever the cool down was over, Luo Tian would activate a skill.

The system would then give off alert tones.

“Proficiency +1…”

He would completely use up tens of millions of profound energy until nothing was left, then consume a medicinal pill or xuan stone afterward. His profound energy slowly went up and Luo Tian would start training again. He was training like crazy!

Without monsters to kill, the only way to get stronger was to level up his skills. This was the only thing Luo Tian could do at this moment.

He could only keep hoping the devil sect would bring him some good news.


He wasn’t too knowledgeable when it came to the devil sects. Would they really help him get the four region’s blood and the location of the Sky Palace Divine race? But seeing the hysterical expression of that black-robed elder, there’s a high chance they guy would do his best to find them.

“As long as the four region’s blood and the Sky Dragon’s Bead are in hand, I will immediately open up the ancient battlefield. This daddy doesn’t really care about whatever Mount Hua Immortal Sect. This kind of immortal sect should really disappear from this world.” Luo Tian’s mind tightened as he couldn’t help sighing when he thought of Venerable Wu Nian. He then said to himself: “I wonder how the situation is with you right now.”

Venerable Wu Nian had left for half a month.

Logically speaking, he should have already reached the Starsea Immortal Sect. Could he have died at Starsea Immortal Sect?


If Starsea Immortal Sect planned to seek justice, they should’ve arrived here by now. Since they haven’t appeared yet, does that mean Venerable Wu Nian had resolved the conflict? Except… Why hasn’t he returned if he has taken care of this matter? Did something bad happen on his way back?

Luo Tian couldn’t figure it out.

No matter what, Venerable Wu Nian did all this for him.

If something did happen to him, Luo Tian would have to avenge him. This was the least Luo Tian could do.

For one whole night, Luo Tian didn’t stop to rest for half a second.

He was crazily training his skills.

Early morning.

Han Hua, Yun Ling, Yun Yi, and Zhao Chen came to Solitary Peak.

Inside the courtyard.

Luo Tian’s upper body was naked and covered in scars. It was rather fierce-looking, like many centipedes crawling all over him. No matter how many times Luo Tian cast Healing Art, he couldn’t heal those scars.

These were the original scars on his body. They were similar to his crippled dantian that Luo Tian couldn’t heal.

Han Hua was secretly shocked by this.

The sisters Yun Ling and Yun Yi were dumbstruck. When they saw Luo Tian, tears were swirling in their eyes. They were both asking themselves: “What kind of past did this man experience?”

A man with a story tends to attract girls more easily.

Every scar represented a story.

Of course…

They didn’t know what happened to Luo Tian when he was at Jade Mountain City.

Luo Tian poured a bucket of cold water over himself. His whole body cooled down and felt refreshing. His muscle definitions had reached a state of perfection, and would faintly tremble as the water droplets followed those curves to drip down.

At this moment…

Luo Tian was manly to the max. Yun Ling and Yun Yi started blushing from seeing him.

Han Hua grinned and said: “You girls… have you fallen in love? Hahaha…”

Yun Ling glanced at Han Hua and pouted: “Senior sister, you are so bad. There’s no way I would have fallen in love, humph!”

Yun Yi didn’t blink and kept staring at Luo Tian. She then softly said to herself: “Team Leader is so handsome.”


Their words weren’t heard by Luo Tian or else he would have definitely shown off some more. After pouring water on himself, Luo Tian entered the hut to change into a set of new clothes. The clothes were prepared by Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er before he left.

Luo Tian walked into the courtyard and asked: “Why are you guys here? Today should be the day you enter Heaven’s Boundary to cultivate. Could it be that someone isn’t allowing you guys to go anymore?”


“Team Leader, why aren’t you going as well?” Han Hua asked in puzzlement.

Ever since they used the so-called back door, there would be a crowd of people pointing at their backs wherever they went. Their previous friends and close fellow sect members had drawn a clear line between them and showed expressions like they didn’t know them. The team was unhappy about this but didn’t say a thing to the others.

Their current pillar was Luo Tian.

Luo Tian scratched his head and said with a smile: “There’s really no need for me to enter Heaven’s Boundary. You guys know that with my crippled dantian, I’m unable to absorb immortal energy or refine it. My cultivation method is different from you all, so it’s best that my place for entering Heaven’s Boundary is given to other disciples.”

If Luo Tian wanted to go, he would’ve requested five placements yesterday.

He really didn’t want to go.

If he had time, he might as well raise his skills a bit more.

Han Hua became silent while feeling extremely grateful.

If it weren’t for Luo Tian, they would most likely have died within Dark Abyss Valley, let alone get the qualifications to enter Heaven’s Boundary to cultivate. It would also be impossible for them to become the number one team in the outer sect as well.

Everything was due to Luo Tian!

Their gratitude towards Luo Tian had reached a point that words couldn’t describe.

Luo Tian said with a smile: “The most important thing is for you all to become stronger. When you enter Heaven’s Boundary, you all need to put your biggest effort in making breakthroughs or else you would have let me down on my arrangements. Hahaha… cheer up. Don’t act like you owe someone tens of thousands of gold or something.”

Luo Tian knew what they were thinking about inside.

Even though these four weren’t that strong right now, Luo Tian really wanted to have them become true experts.

Han Hua’s gaze turned serious as she looked up. “We will not disappoint you.”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi clenched their fists. They looked at Luo Tian in a serious manner before saying in unison: “Team Leader, we will quickly become stronger. We will follow you with our proud smiles through the inner sect and smash those unwilling to submit into crawling positions. Hee hee…”

Luo Tian smiled in response. Seeing those two beautiful twin flowers, his heart couldn’t help start palpitating. He then said: “That’s more like it! Once you two become stronger, you can better serve this team leader of yours.”


“Speaking nonsense!”

“Humph, I’m not talking to you anymore.”

“Senior sister, let’s go. He’s a complete scoundrel.”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi left the courtyard. Just like little kids, they turned around and stuck their tongues out at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian smiled.

He smiled with genuine happiness.


Outer sect, the peak of a certain mountain.

There was a small teleportation array covered in densely packed runes.

An outer sect Elder walked over and activated the array. He then said in a serious manner: “Cultivate diligently and don’t lose face for our Mount Hua Immortal Sect!”

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