Undefeatable – Ch437

Chapter 437 – Threat!

Han Hua and the others had gone to Heaven’s Boundary to cultivate.

Luo Tian currently had nothing to do.


After last night’s crazy training of skills, his profound energy was pretty much all gone. Even his medicinal pills and xuan stones were nearing empty.

After entering an immortal sect, one would usually count on their immortal force to fight.

But profound energy was the fuel for activating Luo Tian’s skills, so he couldn’t do without it.

Entering the Merit Hall.

There were many people pointing at him but they didn’t dare to be loud or attract Luo Tian’s attention.

“It was him that killed the Martial Hall’s Elder Xiao, and he took advantage of one’s perilous state to do it. What a despicable person.”

“Such a sinister deed.”

“This is basically Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s biggest disgrace.”

“I really don’t understand why Grand Elder is protecting him. A person like him should be killed by a palm strike already. Leaving him around Mount Hua Immortal Sect is like leaving a walking disaster in our midst.”

“What I don’t understand is why the twin flowers Yun Ling and Yun Yi are attracted to such a despicable person. It would be great if they fancied me instead.”

The voices were soft…

But Luo Tian could hear them clearly.

He was too lazy to bother with them though.

Xu Shan coincidentally came to the entrance of the Merit Hall. He saw Luo Tian and immediately told him: “Follow me.”


Luo Tian was a bit startled.

The crowd all looked at him with different gazes.

He followed Xu Shan to a side room.

Xu Shan looked around with caution before closing the door. He then asked Luo Tian: “What happened last night at Solitary Peak? How come I couldn’t even get close to it? Kid, what on earth were you doing inside there?”

Last night, Xu Shan was originally planning to look for Luo Tian and ask him what happened at Dark Abyss Valley.

He wanted to know why the Grand Elder who had always wanted to kick Luo Tian off the mountain would suddenly stand by his side. He really wanted to know why.

Luo Tian pretended like he didn’t know a thing and replied: “What happened? I don’t know. When I got back last night, I went straight to bed and slept until the morning. I have no clue what you’re talking about.”


“Now that’s strange. Last night, I was clearly forced out of Solitary Peak by a powerful energy and couldn’t take a single step forward. I thought that Grand Elder had decided to seal up Solitary Peak. But now that I think about it, Grand Elder doesn’t have such powerful strength.” Xu Shan said under contemplation.

Luo Tian didn’t want to tell Xu Shan that the Prime Elder came looking for him.

There were some matters he didn’t want others to know about.

Luo Tian laughed once before saying: “Old Xu, it looks like you’ve been too tense lately. How about this: I will give you something good as a supplement, hahaha…”

While saying this…

Luo Tian took out two pure inner cores from his spatial ring and said: “For the Grand Elder to stand by my side is exactly because of these things.”

“Inner cores?!”

Xu Shan’s eyes started seeing stars. He then said to Luo Tian with incomparable shock: “You kid… you are really not ordinary. No wonder Elder Wu Nian would take out Mount Hua’s Divine Token to have to stay. It looks like he knows you very well. In just half a month, you were able to rise up to Profound Ancestor 5th rank from the 2nd rank. Even if the old ancestor was still alive, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish this. Kid, you are really quite extraordinary. Those of the outer sect are mocking you as a piece of trash with a crippled dantian, but when compared to you, they are even less than trash.”

Right after…

Xu Shan wasn’t polite and directly took the two inner cores. He chuckled and said: “It would be fake of me if I said I didn’t want it. I won’t be polite and accept it!”

Luo Tian laughed faintly before saying: “Low-key, low-key. Old Xu, you should stay low-key about it. The reason I came to the Merit Hall is that I hope you can help me find a mission with a high merit reward. It would be best if it were some sort of dangerous mountain range with demonic beasts to kill and spiritual herbs to pick.”

He needed to replenish his profound energy.

He also needed to concoct some medicinal pills for emergency use, especially the Profound Burst Pill.

Currently, he didn’t have a single Profound Burst Pill on him.

If he happens to encounter a rather strong opponent, raising his powers by two small realms would make his strength on a completely different level.


Now that he possessed immortal force, he wanted to try using it to concoct medicinal pills. He wanted to see if he could concoct those legendary immortal pills. This was also a chance to see if he could make further changes to the attributes of the Profound Burst Pill.

Xu Shan was in thought for a while before saying: “There is, but it’s kind of far, at the Undead Territories of the extreme north. It’s very close to the dangerous Dark North Sea.”

“Undead Territories?”

“Dark North Sea?”

Luo Tian mumbled some words before saying to himself: “Wow, just hearing their names shows those places aren’t ordinary. There are definitely many strong demonic beasts there, hehe… Those kinds of places are the ones I like the most!”

Those two places were considered part of the ten forbidden places of the mortal realm.


In the world of immortal sects, those two places weren’t particularly that dangerous.

That’s why they would appear as a mission for the outer sect.

When Xu Shan saw Luo Tian’s excited expression, he lectured: “You brat, why do you get happier the more dangerous the place? I really don’t understand you.”

Luo Tian replied: “Enough chatter and quickly hand the mission over to me.”

If he could, he would’ve flown there right now.

Experience points, profound energy, and spiritual herbs; he wanted all of them!

Luo Tian was going crazy trying to find a way to level up. The experience points from demonic beasts weren’t that much, but he was still going to get some. There’s the saying that mosquitoes may be small but they still have some meat. It’s way better than doing nothing.

Xu Shan looked at Luo Tian and said: “It will take three months in order to complete this mission. There are about two and a half months before the inner assessment, so does that mean you don’t want to enter the inner sect?”

“Others require three months but to me, Luo Tian, at most it would take a month. Don’t worry; I will definitely make it back on time.” Luo Tian was laughing inside, “I was the King of quests in my previous life. Other’s needed three hours while I only needed one.”

Xu Shan didn’t continue forcing it. He narrowed his eyes in a faint smile and said: “For the sake of these two inner cores, I’m going to help you this one time. Follow me to the teleportation array.”


“Wow! Old Xu, you have this kind of right?” Luo Tian couldn’t help but be stunned by this.

Directly teleporting there would save time and effort!

“Cough~, cough~…”

Xu Shan coughed a few times before saying: “Outer sect Elders only get one chance per year to use the teleportation array. Do you know how valuable the teleport you’re using is? I’m only doing this for you kid. If it were for other people, it would be impossible for me to let them use it.”

Luo Tian said with a smile: “Wait until I get back, I will give you a few more inner cores. It’s about time your cultivation improves a bit.”

Xu Shan’s brows rose up in joy before saying with a smile: “It’s better if you raise your own cultivation level. Don’t think that you can act like a tyrant in the outer sect and feel like you can do the same in the inner sect. Kid, the inner sect is the strongest place of Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”

The two of them conversed while walking towards the location of the teleportation array.

Outside the teleportation array.

Venerable Hun Yuan narrowed his eyes like he was about to sleep. His eyeballs glared at Luo Tian through the slits before he said with a faint smile: “Luo Tian, you aren’t thinking of running away, right?”

Xu Shan immediately cupped his hands and said respectfully: “Greetings to the Grand Elder. Luo Tian has accepted a mission.”

He didn’t mention what the mission was about.

Venerable Hun Yuan didn’t even glance at Xu Shan before continuing with a cold smile: “Remember not to even think of escaping. Your brothers, you women, your Great Tang Dynasty; I know everything about them! Humph!”


This was a complete and utter naked threat!

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