Undefeatable – Ch440

Chapter 440 – The Power Of Fate

Dark North City was fully prepared for a battle.

After Luo Tian was imprisoned in the dungeon, no one bothered to think about his matter anymore.

Of course…

Most of the people believed Luo Tian would die soon.

Who would bother to think about someone that’s already deemed dead?

Moreover, Dark North City was confronted by a formidable enemy so they had no time to bother about him. Luo Tian was nothing more than a kid trying to swindle people.


In the depths of the Dark North Sea.

“Lord Sect Leader, there’s about twelve days left. If Dark North City doesn’t hand over Princess Dark North, should we…?”

“Doesn’t hand over?”

“Humph~… would Dark North City dare to not hand her over? They won’t dare. Do you think they would be unwilling to exchange a single woman for the safety of an entire city? I gave Dark North King half a month’s time because I wanted him to consider things carefully and to not lose a city over a mere woman.”

The Ghost Merman Sect’s Leader, Ma Sheng, had a smug smile on his face.

Everything was in the palm of his hand.

The Ghost Merman Sect was located in the depths of the sea.

Each sect member could not be considered human. They could only be regarded as a half-fish half-human, also known as Merman.

They had two legs and gills under their cheeks. Their hands were similar to the webbed limbs of frogs and their whole body was extremely slippery-like. Because they usually lived in the depths of the sea, the constant water pressure made their fleshly body extremely strong. Even an earth grade xuan weapon would have a hard time penetrating their flesh.

Ma Sheng was a salmon who cultivated to an enlightened state.

He had a large body and it was covered in muscles with explosive strength.

He looked at the night sky and said with a smile: “Dark North King, you are getting too old. It’s about time you handed your title over. I should be the King of the Dark North territories.”

The Merman Elder beside him immediately started fawning, “Sect Leader, you are in fact already the Dark North King. When the Titan race disappeared, our Merman race took over the whole Dark North Sea territory. Who’s capable of contending with us right now? A mere Dark North City cannot fight with us.”


“Sect Leader, what I don’t understand is why Starsea Immortal Sect wants Princess Dark North? What’s the use of getting a witless young girl? Besides, with Starsea Immortal Sect’s strength, I doubt the Dark North King would not hand her over if they asked them upfront. Why would they need to use us as a proxy to suppress Dark North City? Could there be some sort of conspiracy behind this? Or does Princess Dark North have or know something we aren’t aware of?”

Ma Sheng’s gaze secretly tightened because it wasn’t like he never contemplated these questions. It’s just that there are some matters one couldn’t come up with an answer even if their brain breaks down from thinking about it. He then coldly smiled and said: “Starsea Immortal Sect is the number two immortal sect on the continent. Those people sitting up high above us all want face, and will not be so obvious when asking the Dark North King for her daughter. I’m guessing Starsea Immortal Sect may have hinted at before and failed, or else they wouldn’t be using us as a proxy and giving us the teleportation array left behind by the Titan race.”

“They want their Princess Dark North while I want the Dark North City. We will gain our respective interests. As for other matters, we shouldn’t bother with it.”

“This subordinate understands!”


Dark North City, a towering structure reaching high into the air.

The lowest level.

A girl was quietly sitting in the center.

A beam of silver-gray light scattered onto her, making her body exude lights like a crystal.

The girl was wearing a veil so people couldn’t see her face. Her eyes were especially clear so that one couldn’t see any impurities. Her large eyes were looking off in a certain direction like she was deep in thought.

Outside the tower.

Two columns of Dark North Guards with torch-like eyes were guarding the area.

Standing in the front was their Commander, who also happened to be the Commander who detained Luo Tian early in the day. His name was Yang Lin.

In front of him was a middle-aged man.

The man’s face looked rather haggard like he hadn’t slept for a few days.

That man was the Dark North King, Qiu Tianji!

His brows were furrowed as he looked at the tower. His face had a complicated expression mixed with indescribable sorrow.

The girl inside was his daughter – accurately speaking, it was his adopted daughter.

From the day he picked her up at the edge of the Dark North Sea, he felt that she wasn’t ordinary. It felt like everything seemed to be fated. He loved this girl very much and treated her like his own biological daughter.

He was initially excited the first time he found out about her ability but then became afraid.

This kind of ability was too powerful.

Powerful to the point that he could not protect her.

He had been filled with anxiety all these years. He kept reminding his daughter that no matter who it was, she was to never display her ability in front of them.

Her ability was simply too terrifying.

It had the power of fate, which was terrifying to an unimaginable level!

“Your Majesty, we have twelve days left. We should…” Yang Lin softly whispered.

Qiu Tianji exhaled before responding: “Just say whatever is on your mind.”

Yang Lin’s brows furrowed before saying: “We absolutely cannot hand over Princess Dark North, but we also cannot allow the citizens of Dark North City to suffer. How about… how about… we use these twelve days and leave Dark North City. We could then enter the Undead race’s territories.”

“No way!”

Qiu Tianji rejected and said: “Our Dark North City and the Undead race have an irreconcilable hatred for each other.”

His whole family was killed by the Undead race.

Having him enter the Undead race’s territory was an impossible matter.

Yang Lin knew this would be the answer, but he was also very clear that entering the Undead territory was Dark North City’s only path of survival. The teleportation array was created with immortal stones, so they were unable to damage it. As long as the Ghost Merman Sect continued teleporting people over, they wouldn’t have the strength to resist.

There’s no way to defend Dark North City!

Qiu Tianji understood this too, but he would rather die than enter the territories of the Undead race.

Around this time…

Yang Laosan came over and reported: “Lord Commander, that kid has been imprisoned in the dungeon!

Also at this time…

The tower’s door opened.

And a girl came out. Everyone was shocked and lowered their heads, not daring to look at her.

The girl walked over to the front of Yang Lin and said: “Uncle Yang, he can save Dark North City!”


“Who is it?”

“Which Grand Elder of the immortal sects? Or is it the son of a true dragon, Murong Wanjian?” Yang Lin has never doubted Princess Dark North and felt a trace of hope.

Princess Dark North replied: “The person you captured today who comes from Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”


“That kid? Princess, you need to know that his dantian has been crippled already. There’s no way any immortal sect would accept a martial artist with crippled dantian who cannot cultivate immortal force. That kid is just a swindler, so how can he save our Dark North City?” Yang Lin has never doubted Princess Dark North’s words yet today was the first time.

“Uncle Yang, he really can do it.”

“I’ve seen it!”

Princess Dark North’s voice was a bit emotional.

Qiu Tianji’s expression faintly sank and said: “Xin Er, didn’t I say that you aren’t allowed to use your ability?”

“I’m sorry father.”

“It’s all because of me. I cannot allow Dark North City to suffer because of me” said Princess Dark North. She then looked at Yang Lin and said: “Uncle Yang, please believe me.”

Yang Lin cupped his hands and said: “I’m sorry your highness, I cannot put Dark North City’s fate onto a person with a crippled dantian. He absolutely cannot be the person that can save Dark North City. Besides, he has already been locked up in the dungeon so most likely he’s already ripped into pieces by those old devils by now. ”


Inside the dungeon.

“Achoo~, achoo~! Who the f*ck is cursing this daddy now?!” scolded Luo Tian. He then flipped out two cards and shouted: “King blast! Old Devil Tong Tian, you’ve lost! Quickly take that thing you’ve hidden under that box of yours out!”

No one would’ve imagined…

Luo Tian was playing Fight the Landlord inside the dungeon!

And his fleshly body was in the form of Devil Sovereign Xingtian. He was maintaining his transformation and there wasn’t any time limit?!

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