Undefeatable – Ch443

Chapter 443 – Only One Day Left

Luo Tian was considered knowledgeable when it came to arrays.

When he entered the dungeon, he could feel the power of the Soul Refining Array. Originally, he thought it was just an array that was a bit stronger than others. There was no way its strength can be stronger than the Ancient Dragon Execution Array, right?

He didn’t put any importance on it.

But now… he was in a daze.

The strength of the Soul Refining Array had exceeded his imagination.

It’s no wonder that these devils didn’t request Luo Tian to lead them out of this place.

Because they were very clear that Luo Tian wasn’t able to leave either.

Even if it was the Honorable Devil Sovereign Xingtian himself, most likely it would still be extremely difficult to leave.

An array’s strength was based on the eye of the array.

The eye of the array was powered by immortal stones from beyond the heavens. Its power had already exceeded what an expert at the Profound God realm could handle. Luo Tian’s current cultivation was only at the Profound Ancestor 5th rank, so of course, he couldn’t endure it. Even if he was the incarnation of Devil Sovereign Xingtian, he still couldn’t handle the array’s impact force.

How can you complete a quest if you can’t get out?

Could it be that he was going to end up like these devil sect experts and be imprisoned here for tens of thousands of years as well?

He was only at the Profound Ancestor realm and cannot live that long.

Luo Tian frowned and said to himself: “This won’t do, I have to find a way to get out. Let me give it another try.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian leaped into the air and instantly arrived at the main entrance. He then carefully inched forward.

Old Devil Tong Tian said: “Sovereign, you won’t be able to get out. If you possessed this Venerable’s strength, maybe then you would have a chance. But after your rebirth, your strength has only recovered to the Profound Ancestor realm. It’s impossible for you to break through the Soul Refining Array with your cultivation, so please don’t keep harming yourself.”

“That’s right.”

“Sovereign, even if our strength wasn’t sealed, we still wouldn’t be able to break out.”

“That Gnome ancestor really deserves death! Who knows how he was able to activate the power of the immortal stones from beyond the heavens? And he managed to use it as the eye of the array. If I ever find him in the future, I will definitely smash his mouth until his lips become the size of sausages.”

“His granny! We were all ruined by him.”

The devils were all griping about this.

Sometimes you have to go try for yourself before you can understand the outcome.

The Soul Refining Array was indeed very powerful.

But Luo Tian believed every array had their own weakness and there was no such thing as a perfect one. It was the same with the Ancient Dragon Execution Array; it was very powerful and able to release powers from antiquity. But the array was only powerful on the surface while underground was its weakness.

It should be the same for the Soul Refining Array.

There has to be some type of weakness in the array.

Luo Tian inched forward while his right palm slowly extended forward.


A bright light appeared at the entrance.

A light in a hexagonal shape!

The runes engraved on the array gave out the most powerful feeling he had ever encountered in his life. Each line of runes seems to have reached the realm of perfection. He was currently an Array Grandmaster at level 6, but he couldn’t find any loopholes when dealing with this array!

The power flowing within the array appeared very faint, but there was also a trace of power that was like a wild beast hiding there waiting to devour you!

Luo Tian started pushing harder with his palm.


Luo Tian was once again bounced away flying.

Even though Luo Tian was mentally prepared, he was still smashed flying with a surge of powerful immortal force. Even if his fleshly body had already become an immortal body, he still couldn’t resist this force of impact. It was extremely uncomfortable!


Luo Tian smashed against the wall, and a bright hexagonal light briefly flashed. The walls were also engraved with runes!


Luo Tian discovered that the entire dungeon was inside the Soul Refining Array!

“It’s no use.”

“We’ve tried it before and couldn’t break out.”

“We couldn’t even find the array’s eye!”

“You should stop wasting your strength and just grow old slowly with us. We don’t have much longevity left. Being able to meet Sovereign Xingtian once again is already a blessing from the heavens for us.”

The devils all had depressed looks on their faces.

Tens of thousands of years ago, they had already tried countless times.

There were numerous casualties.

There were originally a few thousand of them imprisoned here, yet now there were less than a hundred.

A majority of them were refined by the Soul Refining Array.

A portion of them had reached the end of their longevity and passed away.

Luo Tian’s brows were furrowed as he softly mumbled to himself: “I was bounced flying away after using just a bit of strength. My mind, sea of consciousness and even my soul was shaken to the point like it wanted to leave my body. It looks like this Soul Refining Array is truly powerful.”

“No way!”

“I have to try again.”

Luo Tian was unwilling to give up.

His personality had always been like this.

He had a heart that was unwilling to yield or submit.

Luo Tian walked up again. This time, he didn’t use any strength, profound energy, or immortal force. He was trying to act like a common mortal person.



He rebounded away like before.

A mouthful of blood once again sprayed out from Luo Tian’s mouth.

It still didn’t work!

Let’s try again!

“Level 5 Berserk!”

“Nine Dragon and Elephants, level 3!”

“Devil flames!”

Several powers stacked together causing Luo Tian’s body to be filled with brutal might. His hands clenched Sky Splitting Divine Axe and ten inner cores of power erupted. A dense amount of immortal force was charging up inside his fleshly body. The muscles on him bulged out and were about to rip his clothes apart.

His arms started moving.


All the powers inside him exploded forth!

“Pangu’s Divine Slash, crack it for me!”

With all his powers gathered together, the battle-axe started chopping down.

“Hong~ dang~!”


The entire dungeon was shaking.

However, right at this moment…

Luo Tian’s body was almost devoured by the rebounding effect of the Soul Refining Array! His soul was about to be pulled out! It was extremely uncomfortable! It was like his body had been instantly drained dry, and the pain was ten thousand times worse than death!




His veins burst, and blood kept spraying out from multiple areas of his body. In just a few short seconds, Luo Tian had become a person drenched in blood.

The stronger the powers, the stronger the rebound effect.

Luo Tian used his most powerful move yet the array didn’t even tremble a bit. It was clear that using force against it was useless.

Luo Tian sat on the ground in a sprawled position. His eyes were lifeless and he didn’t bother using Healing Art on himself. He allowed blood to flow out as he stared at the main entrance. “Is there really no solution? Or is my engraving array skill level too low so I cannot understand it?”

“Engraving Array skill?!”

“That’s right! It has to be it! If I can raise my Engraving Array skill all the way to the last great perfection level, then I will definitely be able to see through everything on this Soul Refining Array.”


Luo Tian’s spirit had recovered. His eyes became serious as he instantly reverted back to his human body. He checked the progress on his Engraving Array skill and said to himself: “From level 6 to level 7, I need about 80,000 proficiency points. From level 7 to level 8, I would most likely need at least 120,000 proficiency points. Reaching the great perfection level would most likely need at least one million proficiency points.”


“This daddy might as well die training!”

His heart was resolute.

Luo Tian sat down cross-legged. Both hands started forming seals like crazy as he started training his Engraving Array skill. He figured with two hands doing separate seals, his proficiency points should increase twice as fast.



He was training non-stop.

All the devils were dumbstruck as they couldn’t understand what Luo Tian was doing.

“Has the Sovereign lost his mind?”

“What’s the use in engraving such a low-level array?”

“Forget it, don’t bother with him. Let’s go fight the landlord.”

“That’s right, let’s go fight the landlord! This time, I will definitely snatch the landlord position…”


Dark North City.

Everyone inside the city was in a state of extreme nervousness

Out of the half a month time period, there was only one day left!

Princess Dark North, Xin Er, was standing at the entrance of the dungeon. She was wringing her little hands with an anxious look.

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