Undefeatable – Ch445

Chapter 445 – This Daddy Is Finally Out!

Time slowly flowed onwards.

The half a month period had arrived.

Near the teleportation array for Dark North City.

The place was heavily guarded. Over a thousand Dark North City guards were garrisoned around exuding a thick sense of killing intent.

The entire Dark North City was eerily quiet, similar to a dead city.

All the common citizens of Dark North City were waiting inside their homes, huddled up together with their family members.

Qiu Tianji was holding only an ink-black sword. His eyes were like torches as he stared up at the sky, watching a patch of dark clouds coming closer.

Immediately after…

Qiu Tianji said softly: “If something happens to me, immediately do what I’ve previously instructed. Do you understand?”

“I obey!”

A guard behind him cupped his hands before quickly withdrawing from the area.

There’s not much time left!



Sounds of explosions came from the sky. Then, countless beams of light flew out from the black cloud and floated directly above Dark North City.

The Ghost Merman Sect had arrived.

Outside the city, Ma Sheng coldly harrumphed and shouted: “Qiu Tianji, have you thought things through yet? Are you going to hand over Princess Dark North or do you want me to destroy Dark North City and grab her myself?”

Qiu Tianji leaped into the air and flew up. His voice contained a trace of a King’s aura as he replied: “Ma Sheng; you are merely a fish spirit that has cultivated for a few thousand years. After such a good fortune, the correct way should be for you to continue cultivating quietly. The only outcome when opposing me, the Dark North King, is death. So, you’re delusional if you think I’m going to compromise. Handing Princess Dark North over is an absolutely impossible matter! Just by relying on your Ghost Merman Sect? Humph! You are underestimating my Dark North City too much.”


“Being stubborn?”

“I know it would be like this, and that’s fine too.”

“Everything is going as I expected. Today, I will kill everyone inside your Dark North City and not spare a single person. It’s also time for you to hand your title of Dark North King to me as well, hahaha.” Ma Sheng started laughing crazily.

The guards behind Ma Sheng started giving out weird cries.

“Jiii~, jiii~… jiii~, jiii~…”

Qiu Tianji’s brows furrowed while he said: “You want the title of Dark North King? You should personally come and get it.”

“I’ll go take it then!”

“You think I, Ma Sheng, am afraid of you?”

As his voice faded…

Ma Sheng’s body released a pure immortal force. The immortal force covered his body and a harsh buzzing noise was heard. His muscles were filled with explosive power as it started expanding, causing him to become twice his original size!

Qiu Tianji’s expression secretly changed as he said to himself: “There really is an immortal sect backing the Ghost Merman Sect!”

“It looks like someone found out about Xin Er’s ability.”

“The methods of these immortal sects are too despicable. Having the Ghost Merman Sect destroy my Dark North City and then snatching Xin Er, what a shameless despicable bunch!”

Back then…

Dark North City was considered a stronghold.

They signed many alliance contracts with the immortal sects. Now, none of the immortal sects were placing Dark North City in their eyes and ignored their existence. That’s still fine, yet they are now not letting Dark North City off and even schemed to get their hands on his daughter!

This made him extremely angry.

All of a sudden…

Qiu Tianji’s brows furrowed as his sword started moving. He then shouted: “Ma Sheng; even if you have an immortal sect backing you, you are still a little mongrel fish from the Dark North Sea. You dare act presumptuously in front of I, the Dark North King? You’re courting death!”

His voice shook the lands.

His strength exploded out.

Without waiting for Ma Sheng to charge over, he was the one to attack first.

Ma Sheng laughed coldly, “Dark North King? Nothing but dog shit!”

While saying that, Ma Sheng charged forward as well. The trident in his hand started moving as a strong immortal force crushed over.



Two different forces collided and sounds of explosions racked the sky.

The entire Dark North City started shaking violently.



Sounds of two figures rebounding apart were heard before they charged into each other once again.



Sounds of explosions were heard in the air again, similar to thunder erupting from the nine heavens.

“Boom~, boom~, boom~!”

Continuous sounds of collision and explosions were heard.

After a dozen plus sounds of impact…

Ma Sheng suddenly started smiling evilly as his right hand moved. An inner core appeared before he destroyed it with a pinch. His speed doubled and the immortal force on his body became even purer and stronger. While reveling in the power, he said with excitement: “Hahaha… the power of an inner core is truly quite fierce. Qiu Tianji, an old undying fogey like you just go to hell for me.”

Qiu Tianji’s expression drastically changed.

The might of an inner core had exceeded his imagination.

His cultivation realm was about the same as Ma Sheng but now that Ma Sheng had used an inner core, his powers had clearly jumped up by a level.


It was too late to run now.

Qiu Tianji clenched his teeth and charged forward once more. He stimulated all the powers inside his body, causing his robe to flutter and his white hair to messily scatter around. He was flying in an erratic and wanton manner just like a crazed demon!

“Overestimating your own abilities!”


“Go and die for me.”

Ma Sheng’s voice exploded outwards. He raised his speed once more when the pure powers of the inner core was released. In his eyes, Qiu Tianji could be finished off with a single blow. His right hand started moving as his trident pierced forth.

“Hong~, clang~!”

Qiu Tianji used his sword to block the trident.

Ma Sheng smiled in a gloomy manner as the muscles on his arm enlarged once more. Just like a cannon, a force shot out as he shouted: “Break for me!”


The sword broke and the trident pierced towards Qiu Tianji’s throat.

Ma Sheng’s speed didn’t decrease. He started laughing arrogantly, “Dark North King? Hahaha… collapsing from a single blow. From today onwards, I shall be the King of the Dark North territories, hahaha…”


The trident directly severed Qiu Tianji’s head.


“Your Majesty!”


Panic suddenly broke out in Dark North City.

Yang Lin charged into the sky. He raised his large sword and roared out: “Kill them! Avenge our king!”



Yang Lin led all the guards of Dark North City and charged out.

At this moment…

The guards around the teleportation array thinned out.

A bright light flashed in the teleportation array and a large group of Mermans started their massacre.

For a brief moment…

The entire Dark North City became chaotic.

Sounds of crying and killing were fused together. Dark North City had become a living hell where blood flowed like a river.

“Your Highness, quickly run away!”


“To where? Is there any place left for me to run to?”

“It’s all because of me. It’s also because of my father that this happened. I hate myself. I hate having been born with such an ability!” Xin Er’s eyes were bloodshot. Her face and body had started turning red while exuding an evil aura.

It was like she was entering cultivation deviation.

Also at this time…

That guard showed no hesitation as he struck her with a palm, causing her to instantly faint. He then grabbed her and started running like crazy!


“Princess Dark North!”

“Where are you, my sweetheart? Stop hiding and quickly come out for me!”

“If you don’t come out now, I’m going to kill every single person in Dark North City.”

Ma Sheng’s senses were continuously searching for Xin Er’s aura.

If it weren’t for the support of Starsea Immortal Sect, he wouldn’t be able to beat Qiu Tianji.

If he couldn’t find Princess Dark North, most likely Starsea Immortal Sect will not let him off.

His spiritual senses rose into the sky and covered every corner of Dark North City.


“My sweetheart, I’ve found you!”

Also at this moment…

The dungeon’s stone door was instantly smashed apart by a pair of fleshly fists. “Motherf*ckers, this daddy is finally out!”

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