Undefeatable – Ch447

Chapter 447 – Pissing And Farting

“F*ck you! I want to see you try touching him!”

Those old devils came out one at a time. They made Luo Tian the center point as they all stood to his left and right.

This kind of scene was mighty to the extreme!

The aura coming from these devils were extremely intimidating.

Those eyes that looked like they were going to eat you alive could make the beholder’s heart turn cold and their hair rise up.

Ma Sheng almost pissed his pants in fear while his back turned damp from cold sweat. His face turned pale and his body was faintly shivering. He kept shifting backward, then a little more, then a little bit more before turning into a beam of light and shooting out of Dark North City.

He didn’t dare to stay for an extra half a second!

It was like he hated his mother for not birthing him with two extra legs.

He was so scared that he started pissing and farting in his pants.

Those disciples of the Ghost Merman Sect were scared to the extreme. Not to mention pissing their pants from fear, they were even shitting their pants in fear.

Seeing how their Sect Leader had already escaped from the city, who amongst them dared to continue staying?

They were all scrambling like crazy to get out of there!

At this time…

Luo Tian had no thoughts of sparing them. His speed increased and started killing every Merman he saw. These Merman were extremely scared so their defense wasn’t even half of their usual state. Luo Tian acted like he was cutting up cabbage, one strike for each of them.

The system alert tone was sounding off like crazy.

A burst of alerts came one after another.

Beating a bunch of drowning dogs was one of the things he enjoyed the most.

If he didn’t grab this chance to refill his profound energy, then his name wasn’t Luo Tian.

In ten-plus minutes of attacking, he had killed over three hundred Mermans. His profound energy had been refilled by around 50,000 points, but this didn’t even reach 1% of his profound energy bar. He then helplessly said to himself: “If I continue replenishing it at this rate, I might as well level up instead. Leveling up would immediately fill it up to full.”

He was crazily training in his Engraving Array skill while down in the dungeon.

He had consumed all his profound energy to pretty much the last drop. If he didn’t replenish more of it soon, not to mention Profound Ancestor realm Mermans, he wouldn’t even be opponents to your normal average martial artist. Without the support of profound energy, it was equivalent to a caster without the support of any mana. If one couldn’t even cast the most basic spells, how could they even go fight?

Of course…

When facing against Ma Sheng, Luo Tian was really scared the guy was going to fight it out with him.

He was naturally not Ma Sheng’s opponent.

These old devils came out at the critical moment, which was something Luo Tian deliberately planned. His goal was to make Ma Sheng run away from fear. He was also searching for an opportunity to replenish his profound energy before going out to battle.

They came full of menace, yet left in a hurry!

Just a bit of effort on his behalf and there were no more signs of those Ghost Merman Sect disciples in Dark North City. They all fled in fear and dived back into the depths of the Dark North Sea, not daring to even look back.

Xin Er walked over and bowed 90 degrees at the waist. “Thank you. Thank you for saving Dark North City. On behalf of all the people of Dark North City, I sincerely thank you.”

Luo Tian waved his hands in startlement and said: “There’s no need for thanks. If it weren’t for your help, I wouldn’t have been able to escape from this dungeon. But these Mermans aren’t going to let it go just like that. And they definitely have an immortal sect supporting them in secret. I’m afraid it’s very difficult for your Dark North City to defend itself and maintain its peace.”

If it weren’t for Xin Er’s assistance, there was no way he could’ve found the Soul Refining Array’s weakness and break out of the dungeon.

The most important part…

Luo Tian managed to raise his Engraving Array skill all the way to level 8, which was considered an extremely high realm. Only when his comprehension of arrays had reached such magnitude was he able to pinpoint the weaknesses mentioned, otherwise, it would still be impossible with Xin Er’s help.

The most regretful thing Luo Tian felt was that he was unable to find the eye of the array which contained that immortal stone from beyond the heavens.

This made him a bit unsatisfied.

Apart from this…

The reason Luo Tian said Dark North City couldn’t defend itself was due to one other reason.

The powers of these devils beside him were all sealed up. Ma Sheng definitely didn’t know about this but the immortal sect behind them will know that these devils are merely empty husks and had no strength to resist.

Once Ma Sheng knows about this, he will definitely kill his way back here.

At that time, these old devils will no longer be able to scare them away.

Xin Er understood this as well.

Ma Sheng will never let this go.

What she didn’t expect was that Luo Tian knew Ma Sheng had an immortal sect backing him up.

Xin Er’s brows were furrowed as she said: “I will bring my clan and enter the Undead Territories. I’m just hoping the Lord of the Undead will give us a place to stay.”

Luo Tian frowned and asked: “Didn’t your father have some type of conflict with the Undead race? Will your clansmen even follow you to the Undead Territories? Apart from entering the Undead Territories, is there no other way?”

“There is!”

“Kill Ma Sheng and destroy the Ghost Merman Sect.”

“No matter how strong the immortal sect backing them is, there’s no way they would reveal themselves to trouble Dark North City. All the major immortal sects have signed an alliance agreement with Dark North City” said Xin Er. Her eyes then stared at Luo Tian without blinking and asked: “Can you help me?”


Before Luo Tian could refuse, an alert tone sounded off in his mind.

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for triggering the quest – Save Dark North City.”

Quest: Save Dark North City

Grade: S

Quest Description: Kill Ma Sheng and destroy the Ghost Merman Sect.

Quest Reward: 8 million experience points, 200,000 profound energy, and 100,000 favorability points with Princess Dark North.

Quest Time Limit: One month.

He triggered a quest!

Luo Tian wasn’t too surprised about this. An S-rank quest would naturally come with S-rank dangers. With his current strength, there’s no way he was Ma Sheng’s opponent unless he could find a way to level up to the Profound Venerate realm. But there were no monsters to kill in this area so he had to go to the Dark North Sea.

While Luo Tian was hesitating…

The system gave off another alert tone.


“Will you be accepting it?”

Luo Tian looked over the quest again. When he focused on the information about getting 100,000 favorability points from Princess Dark North, he immediately thought of An Chunchun’s 100 points in luck. He instantly made a thought: “Accept!”

The 100,000 favorability points from An Chunchun gave him 100 points in luck.

This was a heaven defying attribute.

What attribute would be triggered for Princess Dark North’s 100,000 favorability points?

Luo Tian clenched his fists before looking at Xin Er and saying: “Fine, I’ll help you. But I have a small request…”

Looking at the veil over her face, Luo Tian really wanted to know what she looked like. He didn’t have any impure thoughts and only wanted to know out of curiosity.

Xin Er’s eyes flickered in excitement and said: “Go ahead and tell me.”

Luo Tian replied: “If I help you destroy the Ghost Merman Sect, can you take off your veil and let me take a look at your appearance?”


Xin Er’s expression faintly changed as she thought about it for a few seconds before saying: “You can.”

Those guards behind Xin Er were frowning. They were about to speak up in protest when Xin Er’s gaze stopped them.

Princess Dark North proceeded to leave because she had to pacify the citizens of the city.

After she left…

One by one, those devils turned around and walked back into the dungeon.

Luo Tian couldn’t understand their actions and asked: “Don’t you guys wish to leave? Why are you all going back inside now?”

“What can we do if we go out?”

“Our powers have been sealed, so we’re nothing but useless trash if we return to the devil sect. We might as well live out the rest of our lives in the dungeon and slowly use up our longevity.”

“Sovereign, come see us when you have time.”

“Oh right, sovereign. Princess Dark North’s veil can only be taken off in front of her lover. Since she agreed and to take off her veil for you, she will become your woman. Sovereign, this woman is very beautiful and her body possesses a power that doesn’t belong to this continent!”


Luo Tian was dumbstruck!

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