Undefeatable – Ch448

Chapter 448 – Beat Them If They Piss You Off!

Luo Tian only wanted to look at Princess Dark North’s appearance out of curiosity without any impure thoughts.

When he heard their words, his expression changed to shock.

He then started saying to himself: “It’s fine if her beauty was the kingdom toppling type, but if she’s really ugly… Amitabha… I was only saying it casually and didn’t mean anything serious.”

All the devils were smiling.

The silver-haired elder walked over and said: “Sovereign, I’m afraid killing those Merman would be extremely difficult with your current cultivation. Our cultivation has been sealed and cannot help you so it will be very dangerous for you to go. How about…”

“That’s right.”

“Sovereign, the pressure from the Dark North Sea is similar to Mount Tai bearing down on top of you and is extremely uncomfortable. Not to mention the strength of those Mermans double when they are in the water. You are not their opponent if you go there alone. How about you just quickly leave this troublesome land?”

All the devils had stopped walking and turned to look at Luo Tian.

They truly cared about Luo Tian’s well-being.

The danger when encountering the Dark North Sea’s Ghost Merman Sect was actually just secondary. The main issue was the terrifying existence of the water pressure in the sea.

Luo Tian smiled faintly and said: “One must complete the task once you’ve promised others. Since I’ve promised Princess Dark North, I will definitely accomplish it. When have I, Sovereign Xingtian, ever broken a promise in my entire life?”

The eyes of those devils tightened.

The admiration they had for Luo Tian increased greatly.

The sharpness they used to have had already been smoothed by these tens of thousands of years.

Luo Tian looked at the seals on their chests and said: “Sooner or later, I will find a way to break that seal on you guys. At that time, you can follow me and cause a storm again and make the entire Tianxuan Continent shake at our names!”

Those devils were so emotional that tears almost came out of their eyes.

They all looked at Luo Tian with excitement while their hearts felt immeasurable gratitude towards him.


Luo Tian left the dungeon and started walking on the streets of Dark North City.

Many common citizens were seen cleaning the grounds. There was blood everywhere, houses in ruins and corpses piled together.

Their expressions were filled with devastation.

Luo Tian looked into several stores that sold spiritual herbs but found that they had been robbed clean.

In order to enter the Dark North Sea, he had to make some preparations.

He needed large amounts of spiritual herbs to concoct medicinal pills for emergency use.

It wasn’t just the spiritual herb stores, even xuan weapon stores were robbed clean.

“Where else can I buy spiritual herbs from this city?”

“There’s no place left. Those Ghost Merman Sect beasts have snatched them all. If you are in need of spiritual herbs quickly, you can go to the royal territory’s supply depot. But it’s useless for you to go there because what Dark North City’s soldiers lack the most right now is spiritual herbs. You wouldn’t be able to buy any even if you have a lot of money.”

The shop owner was cleaning up his counters as he said this. He would then occasionally mutter a curse towards those of the Ghost Merman Sect.

Luo Tian looked at the royal territory from a distance. He faintly frowned before walking towards that direction.

The current profound energy he had was simply too little.

In order to level up his Engraving Array skill to level 8, he had consumed practically all his items. If he couldn’t replenish his items, then he couldn’t go to the Dark North Sea. How was he going to activate his skills if he didn’t have any profound energy?

Not long after…

Luo Tian arrived at the edge of the royal territory. When it was compared to the one in Heavenly Sword City, Dark North City’s one was much more ordinary.

“Could you please pass a message along that I wish to meet with your Princess.”

“Who are you?”

“Is the Princess someone you can meet just because you want to?”

“Scram as far as you can! If you don’t scram, be careful that this daddy might break your legs!”

Several guards started threatening him.

Luo Tian coldly scoffed. He was treating them politely yet they were treating him like crap. If that’s the case…

Luo Tian’s figure moved and directly slapped out twice. He then shouted: “I told you to pass the message so just pass the damn message! What’s up with all this bullcrap coming from your mouth?!”

“Pak~, pak~…”

Those two slaps made the guards unable to figure out which direction was north!

Luo Tian was too lazy to bother with them anymore and just walked into the royal territory. He went towards the biggest and tallest main hall he could see.

The Dark North King was killed.

Dark North City was in chaos, so those of importance were definitely discussing countermeasures inside the royal territory.

Dark North Main Hall.

“With the death of the Dark North King, I don’t think we can protect the city anymore. Everyone should disperse now so we have time to escape with our lives.”

“Escape with what life? This whole matter was caused by that woman. We had always been at peace with the Ghost Merman Sect. If it wasn’t for her, how would our Dark North King die like that? These past years, Dark North City has been extra careful and overcautious in everything we did because of her. In my opinion, we should just hand her over to them.”

“That’s right!”

“Back then when the Dark North King brought her back, I already said that she was a beauty that will cause a calamity. Now, look at what happened? Everything came true. I’m in favor of handing her over to the Ghost Merman Sect so that our Dark North City can avoid a disaster.”

Yang Lin’s chest was covered in bandages while his face was a bit pale. He frowned as he shouted: “I want to see which one of you dares to!”

His voice was like thunder.

The voices in the main hall were immediately suppressed.

He controlled all the soldiers inside Dark North City and was the Dark North King’s most trusted subordinate.

“General Yang!”


“You saw what happened today. If we don’t hand her over, our entire Dark North City wouldn’t be able to escape death. Those of Dark North City is surnamed Qiu and not Yang, so of course, you don’t care about it. But our royal lineage definitely has to be safeguarded.”

He was the younger brother of Qiu Tianji.

Apart from Qiu Tianji of Dark North City, his strength was the most powerful.

So he naturally didn’t fear Yang Lin.

Yang Ling wasn’t afraid while shouting: “When our Dark North King was alive, he said that no matter what, we cannot hand the Princess over to them. You cannot either!”

“My older brother was muddleheaded.”

“Moreover, you also said this was said when he was alive. Now that he’s dead, Dark North City isn’t a place for an outsider like you to be in charge. Yang Lin, my advice to you is to discern what’s good for you. Otherwise… heh heh…” Qiu Tianlun coldly chuckled.

Yang Lin’s anger surged. His brows furrowed and his eyes widened with a shout: “If you dare make a move against the Princess, I, Yang Lin will use this old life of mine to make you pay the price!”

“Uncle Yang!”

Xin Er, who had been silent all this time suddenly opened her mouth. “Uncle Tianlun, it is all my fault. I…”

“What the f*ck?!”

At this time…

Luo Tian was scratching his head as he walked over with a smile. “I’m sorry for interrupting your internal meeting but I just wanted to ask if you guys have any extra spiritual herbs. You see, I need to make some preparations before I enter the Dark North Sea.”

“Where did this dog thing come from? Hurry up and scram out for me!”

“Guards! Kick this dog thing out for me!”

Two men who looked like civil ministers shouted.

Luo Tian continued to smile and said: “My apologies but all your guards have been beaten down by me, so most likely they won’t be able to respond. If you’re unhappy about me, you can come over here and kick me out yourself.”

Those two civil ministers looked at each other and took half a step backward.

“Come, what are you guys afraid of?”

“Come. Weren’t you trying to kick me out?”

“Shit, you should really come at me.”

Luo Tian walked into the main hall and coldly glanced at those two civil ministers. He then walked forward and said: “Your Highness, I promised to kill everyone in the Ghost Merman Sect but you need to give me some medicinal pills as assistance.”

Yang Lin’s expression turned to shock.

Before he could say anything, everyone in the main hall started laughing in ridicule.



“A piece of trash like you is going to destroy the Ghost Merman Sect? And you’re going to kill everyone?”

Luo Tian’s gaze turned cold. His figure turned into an illusory blur before fiercely slapping: “Trash your mother!”

Beat them if they piss you off!


(T/N: Just a side note for those curious – author called it the royal city’s supply depot and then called it an imperial city. I find it strange to have a city within a city so I just named it royal territory as in the palace grounds. And since the guy is the Dark North King and not Emperor, it should be royal instead of imperial. The author will keep making this error in the future so I have corrected it to royal for all subsequent chapters.)

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