Undefeatable – Ch449

Chapter 449 – Someone Always Dies Whenever I Make A Move


A clear and crisp sound of a slap was heard.

That “pak” directly knocked the person onto the ground. He fainted from the impact with blood seeping out from the side of his mouth.

Luo Tian didn’t even glance at that person anymore and swept his eyes through the crowd. He then shouted in irritation: “Whoever f*cking says the word trash one more time, this daddy will turn you into a true piece of trash.”

The crowd was stunned.

No one imagined Luo Tian would suddenly make a move and display his fierce strength.

That civil minister’s cultivation was considered not bad, but he didn’t have time to react and was easily slapped to the ground by Luo Tian.

For a brief moment, Luo Tian’s action shocked everyone.

It was the same with Yang Lin.


Qiu Tianlun was glaring in anger. He then shouted: “Kid, this isn’t the place that will tolerate your wild behavior!”


“This daddy loves acting wildly, so what can you do about it?”


“Bite me if you’re annoyed!” Luo Tian scolded while pointing at Qiu Tianlun’s nose, as he didn’t put him in his eyes at all. Luo Tian clearly heard that guy’s words from before – he felt like he was above others just because he was surnamed Qiu and wanted to hand Princess Dark North over to the enemy.

If she was handed over, what was going to happen to his Princess Dark North 100,000 favorability points?

Immediately after…

Qiu Tianlun became furious as a powerful aura surged out of his body.

Yang Lin noticed this situation and quickly walked forward and said: “Kid, weren’t you imprisoned inside the dungeon? How did you get out of there? You should quickly leave and go back.”

Upon turning around…

Yang Lin looked at Qiu Tianlun and said with a smile: “Your Highness, there’s no need to bother with an ignorant kid like him.”

Luo Tian didn’t leave though.

He had no intention of leaving because he needed a large number of spiritual herbs. There was no way he would leave this place unless he got his hands on them.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian walked past Yang Lin and up to Xin Er before saying: “Your Highness, I heard that the Dark North’s treasury still has a lot of spiritual herbs left. Since you guys cannot block the Ghost Merman Sect’s army, it’s a waste for Dark North City to continue holding it. You might as well just give it all to me.”


“A mere kid from a country village dares to boast without shame?! Who do you think you are?! Even if you are a disciple of an immortal sect, this isn’t a place where you can act presumptuously! You actually dare to look down on the guards of Dark North City?! Kid, do you dare to compete with me in a fight?!”

This was shouted by a fierce-looking military General glaring at Luo Tian behind Qiu Tianlun.

Luo Tian didn’t bother with him and continued looking at Princess Dark North and waiting for her response.

Princess Dark North had a calm look on her face but she was actually feeling very complicated emotions. She wanted to agree to Luo Tian’s request but she also had to take into account the feelings of those in the main hall. After all, Dark North City didn’t belong to her alone.

Seeing how Princess Dark North didn’t reply…

Luo Tian turned around and looked at the General before saying: “You want to compete with me, huh? Fine. Since you wish to compete, then we should put something up as stakes.”


“If you were to lose, then you will have to crawl under this daddy’s legs and bark like a dog. Then, you better scram as far away as you can! If I ever see you again, I will beat you until you become a dead dog!” That General said with a ferocious expression.

The expression on his face also contained a playful smirk.

Luo Tian coldly scoffed and didn’t look at that General anymore. He looked at Qiu Tianlun and said: “Do the words of your family’s dog count? If it doesn’t count, I’m too lazy to bother with an unknowledgeable dog.”

That General became furious.

Veins popped out on his forehead and a fierce aura surged out from his body.

Qiu Tianlun put his arms out to block that General. He first glanced over at Princess Dark North before saying in ridicule: “You’re the person that our Princess found to save Dark North City?”

Luo Tian replied: “Do you have any opinions on it?”

Qiu Tianlun hid his cold smile as he said: “I don’t have any opinions since it’s not me that’s sending myself to death. You two will compete. If you win, we can fulfill your request for spiritual herbs. But if you lose… humph~… Xin Er, then that means there’s a problem with your foresight. It also means you lack the qualifications in taking over the position as the Dark North King and you will have to take full responsibility for the death of my older brother. I don’t have many requirements for you. It’ll be fine as long as you leave Dark North City, and whatever you do afterward is none of my concern.”

“No way!”

Before Princess Dark North could say anything, Yang Lin shouted: “This kid is only at the Profound Ancestor 5th rank while Chai Lin is already at the Profound Venerate 1st rank! The cultivation realm difference between the two is too large! This duel is obviously unfair so Princess, you cannot agree to it!”

“What? You don’t dare to?”

“Who would’ve imagined that there would be a time that General Yang would be scared as well.”

Qiu Tianlun said in mockery, trying to goad the other party.

Chai Lin revealed a smug smile and said to Luo Tian: “It doesn’t matter if we don’t compete, but he still needs to crawl under my legs just like a dog.”

“That’s right.”

“In my opinion, it’s probably best if he does the crawling.”

“Your Highness, he is the person you found. If he can’t even defeat General Chai, then what qualifications does he have to destroy the Ghost Merman Sect? That means there’s a problem with your foresight. How can such an important matter rest in the hands of a Profound Ancestor 5th rank tras… kid?”

Most of the people were standing on the side of Qiu Tianlun.

Because they were the ones that wanted to hand Princess Dark North over to the Ghost Merman Sect.

She was just a mere woman. There were no disadvantages to Dark North City if she was handed over to them.

Yang Lin looked at Princess Dark North and said: “Princess; don’t agree to it. This kid is not Chai Lin’s opponent. Chai Lin; you enjoy competing right? Compete with me if you have the guts! I can kick your ass even with my current injuries!”

Chai Lin didn’t bother with Yang Lin. He continued looking at Luo Tian and said with mockery: “Kid, are you accepting it? If you don’t accept it, then act like a dog and crawl under this daddy’s legs! Hahaha…”

Princess Dark North looked at Luo Tian.

There weren’t that many changes to Luo Tian’s expression. His eyes only slightly narrowed while his lips were faintly curved up.

“I’ll agree to it!”

Princess Dark North had no other choices!

It was also hard for her to believe that Luo Tian, who was only at the Profound Ancestor 5th rank, could defeat Chai Lin. But she didn’t have a choice. If Luo Tian couldn’t beat Chai Lin, how could he go defeat that incomparably fierce Ma Sheng? This was practically impossible.

This was a key point that she couldn’t refute.


Qiu Tianlun chuckled before saying: “Xin Er, those words came out of your own mouth and we didn’t force you. As long as this kid loses, you need to leave Dark North City and cannot take half a step back in during your entire life.”

He was ecstatic inside. “As long as she takes one step out of Dark North City, I will immediately send someone to notify the Ghost Merman Sect. Once the Ghost Merman Sect has their hands on that woman, Dark North City would become peaceful once again. As for me, I will become Dark North City’s hero and become the new Dark North King! Hahaha…”

Qiu Tianlun was in joy.

Yang Lin’s expression drastically changed. “Your Highness, you’ve lost your mind! This kid is not Chai Lin’s opponent. Their difference in cultivation realms is too large. Moreover, this kid’s dantian is crippled so it’s very difficult for him to use profound energy. So how is it possible for him to be Chai Lin’s opponent?”

Xin Er looked at Qiu Tianlun and said: “Uncle Tianlun, you need to uphold the agreement as well. If he manages to win, you will have to take out all the spiritual herbs inside the treasury and give it to him.”

“That’s of course.”


“There’s no way this kid will win, hahaha…” Qiu Tianlun started laughing in smugness.

Luo Tian smiled coldly and said: “Someone always dies whenever I make a move!”

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