Undefeatable – Ch452

Chapter 452 – So Awesome!

Over a thousand Tiger Sharks.

And they happen to look like those prehistoric tiger sharks. Within the waters, they were practically an invincible existence!

Anyone sensible would think of avoiding them at all costs.


Luo Tian started preparing to charge right at them.

Wang Fu’s expression sank. He immediately tugged at Luo Tian’s sleeve and said: “You can’t do that. These Tiger Sharks’ are extremely tough and the only outcome will be death if you charged into them. We are here to accompany you to the Ghost Merman Sect, not here to accompany you to death.”

“That’s right.”

Wang Lu then said: “It’s fine if you die but don’t drag us into it.”

“If you charge out like this, you will definitely expose our current location. By that time, we would definitely be implicated. Luo Tian; if you wish to die, wait until the Tiger Sharks pass by and then you can find a spot to throw away the Water Repelling Bead. Please don’t drag us down with you at a time like this.” Wang Dong added.

Wang Hai also commented: “Princess said you could save Dark North City but I would rather die than believe that. If it wasn’t for General Yang’s sake, we would have never followed you on such a dangerous mission. There’s no way you can destroy the Ghost Merman Sect. Don’t think just because you can kill Chai Lin, who’s at the Profound Venerate realm, and you think you’re all that. The Ghost Merman Sect is much stronger than your imagination.”

The four of them each said their line.

Inside their hearts, they were looking down on Luo Tian.

If it wasn’t for Yang Lin’s insistence, it would be impossible for them to have come to the Dark North Sea to brave such dangers with Luo Tian.

Just him alone can destroy the Ghost Merman Sect?

That was a complete joke!

Luo Tian’s gaze turned gloomy as he glared at Wang Fu. He then said coldly: “What a bunch of cowards. Wang Fu is it? Let go of me. Since the Tiger Sharks haven’t noticed you guys yet, scram as far as you can.”

“I feel revolted just from looking at you guys.”


Luo Tian used some strength and directly pulled his right arm away. He then activated Shadewind Steps and charged forward while leaving a line of bubbles in the deep sea.

He didn’t bother looking at them anymore.

Yang Lin’s distrust in him already made Luo Tian a bit angry, but he didn’t make any outbursts.

Now, these subordinates of his were trying to stop him from killing a herd of Tiger Sharks? How could he take it anymore?

How was he supposed to level up if he didn’t kill these monsters?

Luo Tian wasn’t going to bother about it anymore, and just do whatever he wants! Those four will then go back to Dark North City and will no longer hinder him.

“That kid… damn it!”

“Big brother, what should we do now?”

“I’m afraid that even experts at the peak of the Profound Venerate realm wouldn’t be able to deal with this herd of Tiger Sharks. And these Tiger Sharks will go crazy once they smell blood. The only outcome for him charging into them is death.”

“Let’s not bother with him. It’ll be best if he dies since we can end our mission earlier. We might as well return to the city as soon as possible and prepare to fight it out with the Ghost Merman Sect.”

The four of them stared at Luo Tian’s back with cold expressions.

Wang Fu was frowning as he was in thought for a few seconds. He eventually said: “We shall hide for now and not bother with anything else. Our mission is to monitor him and not to protect him. He wanted to court death and that’s the path he chose himself and has nothing to do with us. Moreover, we already tried to persuade him out of it.”

“That’s right!”

Immediately after…

The four of them carefully hid themselves. Then, four pairs of eyes stared off into the distance at Luo Tian’s location.

Luo Tian swallowed over a dozen medicinal pills and his profound energy started rising at crazy speeds. He started clenching his fists as he stared at the herd of Prehistoric Tiger Sharks, each one about the size of submarines. His eyes showed a trace of nervousness, which was the psychological impact created from the image he had of these sharks from his previous life.

These guys were all existences that ate people and didn’t bother spitting out their bones!

The front-most Tiger Shark noticed Luo Tian. Its eyes widened and then shot forward like an arrow.

Luo Tian grinned and shouted: “You’ve come at the right time!”

“Level 5 Berserk!”

Luo Tian’s body started moving as he pulled out his Seven Star Sword. He then turned illusory as he charged ahead in a straight line.

“That kid is about to die.”

“Sigh~, I really don’t understand why Princess put her trust in such a person.”

“It’s good that he dies since we get to head back earlier.”

The four of them were chatting with each other at a hidden location.

“Deathgod’s Domain!”


A dark line stretched out from Luo Tian’s body. Within this dark line, Luo Tian’s speed and strength had increased greatly.

In an instant…

His sword slashed out and a powerful sword intent exploded forward.


The sword stabbed right between the eyes of the Tiger Shark and blood shot out.

That Tiger Shark didn’t immediately die and started to struggle in pain. Its immensely huge jaws opened up wide, revealing its large teeth similar to a metal jagged saw. It then sucked in, and the suction caused Luo Tian’s center of balance to become unstable.

Luo Tian was stunned by this. He never expected such a powerful attack of his couldn’t instantly kill a Tiger Shark. Behind this thing was over a thousand more, so was this going to be the part where the music starts playing before his death?

No way!

The physical defense of these Tiger Sharks was too strong, so he had to change his strategy.

Luo Tian pulled back and got out of the Tiger Shark’s suction force area. His eyes widened as he shouted: “Myriad Thunder Roar!”


Above the surface of the sea, storm clouds had started gathering. And within the storm clouds, the sound of lightning could clearly be heard.

“Destroy them for me!”

As Luo Tian commanded, the storm clouds started booming. Then, countless lightning strikes penetrated through thousands of meters of water before touching down.

Directly striking that injured Tiger Shark!

The lightning started connecting with each other like a chain and coursed through thousands of Tiger Sharks.

The scene was similar to League of Legends Volibear’s Thunder Claws skill. It was connecting with each other like crazy! As long as a Tiger Shark entered the area of the lightning field, it would be electrocuted. They kept struggling and started crying in pain!

Luo Tian was speechless with this scene!

He was ecstatic as he mumbled to himself: “Salt in the seawater can conduct electricity… So Myriad Thunder Roar is practically an invincible skill within the seas!”

“It’s fortunate that I’m the caster or else I’ll be burnt black from it.”

The health bar above the Tiger Sharks was continuously decreasing. The speed wasn’t fast but this was an area of effect attack (AOE). If the amount of damage was clustered together, at least a dozen Tiger Sharks would be dead by now.

Right after…

Luo Tian’s expression became especially excited as he shouted: “Myriad Thunder Roar! Blast them for me!”




He had no intention of stopping.

Luo Tian didn’t dare to stop either. Once these Tiger Sharks leave this lightning field, the one dying will end up being him.

The Tiger Sharks within the lightning field were struggling like crazy.

Their health bar kept decreasing!




“What kind of martial skill did this kid train in?”

“A lightning attributed martial skill?”

“How can it be used in the water? And it even has an area of effect. Isn’t this a bit too strong? Those ferocious Tiger Sharks can’t even get close to him.”

“What’s so strong about it? I think he’s just lucky.”


“Heh heh…”

“It’s almost time for the harvesting.”

Over ten casts of Myriad Thunder Roar descended. Luo Tian’s profound energy was almost depleted but the lightning field had caused the health bars of these Prehistoric Tiger Sharks to bottom out. A few more times of this and he could receive his harvest in a relaxed manner.

“Myriad Thunder Roar!”

“Blast them for me!”


Within the lightning field, there would be Tiger Sharks continuously sinking to the bottom.




The system alert tones were sounding off like firecrackers.

Luo Tian hadn’t experienced such feelings for a long time!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Prehistoric Tiger Shark. You have gained 50,000 experience points, 5000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a demon core.”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. Your current level is Profound Ancestor 6th rank!”

Luo Tian was grinning in excitement, “So awesome!”

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