Undefeatable – Ch453

Chapter 453 – Profound Ancestor 7th Rank

In less than an hour.

Over a thousand Prehistoric Tiger Sharks were killed.

Luo Tian wasn’t injured in the slightest bit!

This kind of scene was extremely shocking. Wang Fu and the others almost pissed their pants from this!

When Luo Tian killed the last Tiger Shark, he didn’t bother with those four and continued flying forward.

“What is he trying to do now?”

“This kid is a bit too fierce.”

“Big brother, did you notice his aura seemed to have undergone a slight transformation like he had broken through?”

“He did breakthrough, to the Profound Ancestor 5th rank. He relied on killing those Prehistoric Tiger Sharks to breakthrough. This is basically breaking through while in the midst of battle, which means his abilities are very unusual.”

The four of them were discussing this in low voices.

Seeing how Luo Tian’s figure was about to disappear from their line of sight, Wang Fu immediately woke up from his thoughts and shouted: “Quickly follow! He might be trying to run away!”

“We cannot let him escape.”

“How are we going to fulfill our duty if he manages to escape?”

“It’s fine if he dies, but escaping will not be tolerated.”

The expressions of the four changed before they raised their speed to the maximum to chase after Luo Tian.

Running away?

Luo Tian never had such a thought.

Killing over a thousand Prehistoric Tiger Sharks allowed him to level up, so why would he try to run away from such a good place?

You can beat him to death and he would still refuse to run away.

His goal in coming here from Mount Hua Immortal Sect was precisely to level up and to replenish his profound energy. He would then have to attend the inner sect assessment once he goes back. Even though the assessment wasn’t considered too difficult, he was still afraid of someone deliberately causing trouble for him.


Only when he becomes stronger can he protect those around him.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect requires reform. In order to reform the sect, one needs to be stronger than others to be qualified to accomplish it.

“A herd of Prehistoric Tiger Sharks…”

“According to my knowledge, they would never come together to form such a large group. Could it be that the habits of this world’s animals are different from Earth?”

“It shouldn’t be…”

“Seeing how fast and frantic they are swimming, most likely there’s an even more ferocious monster behind them.” Luo Tian kept charging quickly because he wanted to know what kind of demonic beast was chasing those Tiger Sharks.

“Blob~, blob~…”

Sounds of bubbles in the water were heard.

A powerful air wave then blasted through the waters. Luo Tian’s mind sank as he said to himself: “Sure enough, there really is something chasing after them!”

Right after that…

Luo Tian stopped.

He looked up how much profound energy he had and noticed it still wasn’t full after killing over a thousand Prehistoric Tiger Sharks. But he could sustain his usage for the time being without the use of medicinal pills.

“The kid has stopped!”

“Something’s wrong!”

“There’s something in front with a powerful aura charging over at terrifying speeds.”

“What’s the kid planning on doing now?”

“A deep-sea demonic beast that can hunt Tiger Sharks will definitely be extremely powerful. That kid can’t be thinking of taking it on as well, right? Does he really think he’s a God?”

Wang Fu’s brows furrowed before shouting: “Luo Tian, quickly run away!”

Luo Tian didn’t turn around and coldly harrumphed: “Just keep acting like the turtles you guys are.”

In an instant…

The violent aura had arrived!

A large school of… Piranhas!

They were so densely packed together that it made one’s hair stand on its end. Luo Tian’s body turned numb before he shivered from having goosebumps. “Damn! How many are there? At least over a million, right? I could level up even if each of them is only at 100 experience points apiece.”

When he thought of leveling up…

Luo Tian unconsciously started smiling with excitement.

He was only a few levels from the Profound Venerate realm, and then he would be rewarded with a new martial skill.

He also had to find some time to refine all his martial skills with the Melting Heaven Divine Cauldron and see if he can create something more powerful. It was getting too troublesome to work with so many different skills now.

Others tried everything possible to gain martial skills.

Yet he had too many of them!

Taking a closer look, the martial skills he cultivated was at least over twenty. He hadn’t used a lot of them lately because they weren’t very useful any longer. So, he might as well fuse them together and grasp a chance of getting a new and better skill.

“Who are you scolding as turtles?!”

“Luo Tian, don’t keep thinking you are all that.”

“Who do you think you are?”

“I would like to see how you’re going to deal with these Piranhas. It’s going to be interesting to see them devour you until you don’t even have any skeletal remains.”

Wang Fu and the others were pissed off.

If they didn’t know Luo Tian, they wouldn’t bother to advise him to hide.

When those Prehistoric Tiger Sharks were killed by Luo Tian, they indeed felt a large amount of shock.

But they refuse to believe Luo Tian was capable of killing this large school of Piranhas. One needs to understand that the speed of Piranhas is much faster than the Tiger Sharks. They relied on their high speed to dominate the depths of this sea.

Luo Tian coldly scoffed and didn’t bother with Wang Fu and the others.

His figure started moving already.

Luo Tian started using up those demon cores that exploded from the Tiger Sharks he had just killed. Running around at the speed of lightning, Luo Tian started engraving different types of mysterious runes on the ground. With his Engraving Array skill at level 8, his comprehension of arrays had already reached an extremely high realm.

“What is he doing?”

“Going left and right and all over the place… has he lost his mind?”

“It looks like he’s setting up an array!”

“Hahaha… Old Three, you’re over thinking things. Do you think an egomaniac like him would know how to engrave arrays? He’s not bad at concocting pills, but I think it’s impossible for him to know how to engrave arrays as well.”

Wang Fu’s brows furrowed as he muttered: “He is really engraving an array, but I have never seen this kind of array before.”

“Big brother, a garbage array like this is naturally something that won’t stand out.”

“That’s right! Even if he does know some basic skills in engraving arrays, it’s impossible for him to kill so many Piranhas with it. Big brother, we should go find a place and hide first.”


Everything went along at a crazy rate.

It was extremely fast when engraving arrays at level 8.

Even for the large scale Ancient Dragon Execution Array, Luo Tian used less than one minute to set it up. And he made it extremely accurately without a bit of mistake. Luo Tian wasn’t going to allow himself to make the slightest error even though he was at a critical juncture.

The time it takes a spark to fall off a splint!

A million Piranhas were swarming over!

Luo Tian smiled excitedly, “Heh heh… I’m definitely leveling up to the Profound Ancestor 7th rank!”

“Ancient Dragon Execution Array!”

“Activate for me!”


Over a thousand Tiger Shark demon cores connected together. They started forming starry lights within the dim-lighted depths of the sea. A powerful energy started condensing right above the starry lights, and right behind it was a thick and heavy-looking stone door.

“Clunk~, clunk~, clunk~…”

The stone door started opening and the ancient powers poured out!

Luo Tian instantly jumped away. His mouth curved upwards as he smiled excitedly. “Explode!”



The might of the Ancient Dragon Execution Array exploded out!

The Piranhas within the array were being instantly killed at a crazy rate!

Luo Tian’s experience bar was rising up like crazy!


“This is way too awesome! The feeling of having your experience bar flying up is truly amazing! Hahaha…” Luo Tian was ecstatic and started laughing like an idiot.



“Go back and report to your Prince that if he does send Princess Dark North over, I will make him the next King of Dark North City.”

“As for that kid…”

“Heh heh… I’m going to twist his head off!”

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