Undefeatable – Ch454

Chapter 454 – Sudden Changes

The Ghost Merman Sect didn’t send out any more soldiers.

Ma Sheng was waiting.

He was waiting for Luo Tian to come.

He wanted to see if this kid had three heads, six arms, or had ten lives. But no matter what, the kid had to die.

As for Dark North City…

Ma Sheng wasn’t in a hurry. It was at times much better when matters didn’t require him to make a move personally.

“Sect Leader; that Qiu Tianlun is quite vicious.”

“He actually sent people over to divulge their secrets and even wanted to hand Princess Dark North over on a silver platter. Could this be some sort of trap?”

“Sect Leader, that’s a possibility!”

Ma Sheng then coldly scoffed before saying: “A trap? That would be impossible. They should know that there’s an immortal sect supporting us in the background. And they should also know that we’re now aware those old devils inside the Soul Refining Dungeon have had their powers sealed up. Ever since Qiu Tianji died, the hearts of the people have become divided. If Qiu Tianlun wants to use this opportunity to rise up, he will have to rely on our strength. Cooperating with me is his only choice. Right now, he is currently the strongest person in Dark North City. That old fogey Yang Lin has been injured and is definitely not Qiu Tianlun’s opponent.”

“This being the case…”

Ma Sheng started laughing in smugness and said: “There’s no longer any need for me to make a move on Princess Dark North. In order to protect Dark North City, Qiu Tianlun will definitely send her over to our Ghost Merman Sect on a platter. That way, we don’t have to spend a single soldier and will still be able to complete the mission given to us by the Starsea Envoy. Hahaha…”

After thinking about those words, several Elders started smiling smugly as well.

One of the Elders then asked: “Sect Leader, are we still going to take over Dark North City?”

“Of course!”

“Once Qiu Tianlun delivers Princess Dark North to us, that time will be the date of his death! Hahaha… if we don’t take over Dark North City, how can I become the Dark North King?” Ma Sheng’s mouth curved up and revealed an evil smile.

“Killing two birds with one stone.”

“Brilliant! What a brilliant plan!”

“Once Dark North City’s royal Qiu family is destroyed, who else would be the opponent of our Ghost Merman Sect? Who in the entire Dark North Sea is our opponent? Sect Leader, you will become the Dark North King in a few more days; the overlord of a territory that spans millions of kilometers.”


Everyone started laughing crazily.

“Sect Leader, what should we do with that kid called Luo Tian?”

“He’s just a piece of trash with a crippled dantian and not worth our attention. Even though he did reveal his strength in Dark North City, do you think trash like him can deal with us head-on? Princess Dark North is really stupid this time.” Ma Sheng didn’t put Luo Tian in his eyes at all. He treated Luo Tian as an ant-like existence, so why would he be bothered?

Everything was in the control of his palms.

He could already see himself sitting on top of the Dark North King’s throne.

He became extremely excited.


Dark North City.

Princess Dark North put on her appropriate clothes and rushed over to the Yang Manor. She quickly found Yang Lin and said: “Uncle Yang, Qiu Tianlun wants to rebel! Quickly leave this place because he’ll be here soon!”

Yang Lin was currently looking at a Strategic Deployment Map.

He was changing their soldier deployments because he was afraid the plans would be known by the Ghost Merman Sect. If this was to happen, Dark North City would fall without even putting up a fight.

Yang Lin shook as his brows were locked up. “Impossible. Dark North City’s military powers are in my hands. Where is he going to get people to help him to rebel? Princess, do you have any evidence?”

Xin Er frowned and replied: “I saw it in the future. You will die in the hands of Qiu Tianlun…”


“Princess, you’re over thinking things. No matter how unhappy he is with me, it shouldn’t reach the point of wanting to kill me, right? Since there’s a formidable enemy right at our doorsteps, he’s still a member of the royal clan so wouldn’t he be courting his own death by rebelling? Does he really think him alone is capable of blocking the Ghost Merman Sect’s army?”

Yang Lin didn’t believe her words.

He felt that he understood what kind of person Qiu Tianlun was.

A few days ago, Luo Tian made him completely lose all face by killing Chai Lin. He had added words of ridicule but it shouldn’t have reached the point where Qiu Tianlun would kill him for it. Moreover, if the main General died at this time, wouldn’t all the soldiers’ morale get disrupted?

This matter was absolutely impossible!

He knew Xin Er had some sort of special ability.

He hadn’t seen it personally.

He had heard some things about it from the mouth of Qiu Tianji, but it was very difficult for him to listen to her words just based on her ability.

Princess Dark North had an anxious expression as she didn’t know how to explain her ability to Yang Lin. With her current abilities, she was only able to see some brief image fragments. As for why Qiu Tianlun was planning to rebel, she had no explanation.

She also couldn’t understand why he would rebel at such a critical time. Was he not afraid of the Ghost Merman Sect?

There was another unknown point.

Her mysterious ability can only see the future of others while she cannot see her own.

For a brief moment…

Princess Dark North was so anxious that she didn’t know how to explain everything. She then said: “Uncle Yang, you have to listen to me. Quickly leave this place; the further the better. It will really be too late if you delay this any further.”

She was trying her best to change things.

Even though she understood that the gears of fate were constantly turning, it felt like it was impossible for her to make any changes even after seeing a glimpse of the future.

Yang Lin said with a faint smile: “Don’t worry so much, Princess. Even if he dares to come here, I, Yang Lin, am not vegetarian. Moreover, I have over a thousand Dark North City Guards here so he won’t dare to come.”

Princess Dark North really didn’t know how to explain herself.

Around this time…

Several dark figures were shuttling through the sky before landing.

The man in lead looked at Princess Dark North within the main hall and chuckled coldly. He pulled off the black cloth covering his face and said with a smile: “I was wondering why I couldn’t find you in the palace. So you were actually hiding here.”

“That’s good too since I no longer have to search all over for you.”

The man in the lead was Qiu Tianlun!

Yang Lin’s expression changed before shouting: “Your Highness, what are you doing?! Are you really planning on rebelling? With just a few of you here and you wish to act wildly in my Yang family’s manor? Why don’t you take a good look and see what kind of place you’re in!”


“Yang Lin, I will only be giving you one chance due to all the contributions you’ve made by protecting Dark North City. Submit to me, and you shall still be the Great General of Dark North City. Otherwise… heh heh…” Qiu Tianlun chuckled in an evil manner.

“Are there any guards left in the Yang Manor?”

“They have all been sent off by you to hold down critical positions. Apart from some servants, there’s most likely not many capable people left in the Yang family.”

Qiu Tianlun had made arrangements for everything.

He would never make any rash moves unless he had a 100% chance of victory.

Yang Lin’s expression drastically changed as he clenched his fists secretly. “Qiu Tianlun! As the young brother of the Dark North King, I am feeling ashamed on your behalf!”


“It looks like you’ve already made your choice!”

“Kill him. Kill that old fogey for me.”

Qiu Tianlun ordered.

The six men in black clothing and swords behind him immediately charged forward.

Yang Lin’s eyes widened, “You’re courting death!”

Immediately after…

Yang Lin turned his head around while charging forward and shouted: “Your Highness, quickly run and find the guard commander!”


“Too late!”

Qiu Tianlun laughed playfully. He raised his speed to the extreme before instantly blocking Princess Dark North and saying: “After sending you to the Ghost Merman Sect, Dark North City will be at peace once again. Xin Er, please don’t blame your uncle for being cruel. I am really out of options, hahaha…”

Yang Lin’s expression changed and scolded: “You actually colluded with the Ghost Merman Sect?!”


Qiu Tianlun’s figure suddenly disappeared. While exuding a powerful force, he charged towards Yang Lin with a shout: “Old fogey, go die for me!”

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