Undefeatable – Ch455

Chapter 455 – Four Days, Four Levels

Dark North Sea.

Over to Luo Tian’s location.

“Big brother, is he still human?”

“What number of Piranha schools is this now?”

“Piranhas are weak to the max for him now. Did you see one of those Piranhas that was even bigger than the lanterns in the royal palace? He actually killed it with a single blow. What kind of background does this guy have? Even if he is really a disciple of Mount Hua Immortal Sect, there’s no way he can be strong to this degree, right?”

“It’s not just those things.”

“He started off at the Profound Ancestor 5th rank. Go look at him now and see what cultivation realm he has reached. With our current strength, we can’t even see it anymore.”

Wang Fu and his brothers had always been following behind Luo Tian.

In these short four days…

These guys felt like they had entered another world. They were watching Luo Tian dumbly like idiots throughout the ordeal. It was as if they were staring at a God, and it was difficult to not have a sense of worship well up in their hearts.

Luo Tian was killing like crazy.

Leveling up like crazy.

Luo Tian couldn’t stop himself.

He never expected the Dark North Sea would be such a good place for leveling. In a short four days, he had broken through to the Profound Ancestor 9th rank. Four levels in four days – who can compare with such speeds?

Can Murong Wanjian with his true dragon’s bloodline compare with him?

Absolutely impossible!

This kind of speed was heaven-defying!

If they didn’t personally witness this, Wang Fu and the others would never have believed it.

This was completely impossible in their world’s standards.

“There’s more coming!”

“They’re coming again! Another large group of prehistoric demonic beasts.”

“Luo Tian is going to set up some type of ancient-looking array to kill them again.”



A series of explosions were heard again.

Countless demonic beasts inside the array dropped dead. The corpses piled on top of each other were higher than a mountain, where one couldn’t even see the top! This was too cruel, too violent! Every time Luo Tian finished setting up an array, he would gain several tens of millions of experience points.

This kind of leveling speed was basically awesome to the max!

“Ancient Dragon Execution Array, activate for me!”


Right now, Luo Tian could practically engrave an Ancient Dragon Execution Array with a wave of his hands. And his Engraving Array skill kept going up because of it. He gradually started comprehending stronger arrays but he didn’t give them a try yet. There cannot be a single trace of error when engraving arrays or else the strength of the array would be greatly reduced or even fail.

Luo Tian was only working on leveling up and not on gaining more powerful arrays.




During these four days, the system alert tones didn’t stop at all. This kind of feeling was simply too awesome for Luo Tian.

“Grand Elder Venerate Hun Yuan, huh?”

“Prime Elder, huh?”

“Mount Hua Immortal Sect, huh?”

“Murong Wanjian, Imperial God Immortal Sect, Starsea Immortal Sect, Violet Organization and their Soul Hall, huh? You all just wait for this daddy!” Luo Tian shouted inside his mind. Whenever he thought of them, he would get pissed. And the more pissed he got, the crazier he would become.

Currently, it is getting closer and closer to Li Xue’er’s wedding date.

Luo Tian’s strength wasn’t enough to change anything.

Not to mention others, just Murong Wanjian’s backing of the Imperial God Immortal Sect already made him unable to breathe.

Murong Wanjian’s wedding.

Imperial God Immortal sect will definitely send people over to congratulate him. Same with the Starsea Immortal Sect. So how was he going to fight against these behemoth-like existences?

Without sufficient strength, how was he going to stop this wedding that the entire continent was paying attention to?

This kind of pressure was really heavy!

His current cultivation was only at the Profound Ancestor Realm. It was far from enough if he wished to shake the status quo.

Luo Tian’s gaze tightened. He basically became a madman as he made a greater effort in his slaughter. The killing intent coming from his body kept condensing and becoming stronger. Hundreds of kilometers around him were enshrouded by his killing intent.

“What the hell?”

“Big brother, should we go remind him what our goal is for this trip?”

“He’s here to destroy the Ghost Merman Sect and not here to kill these sea demonic beasts. If it continues like this, what should we do if the Ghost Merman Sect army charges towards Dark North City?”

“I believe he’s overestimating himself. Even if his cultivation is rising very fast, the strength of someone at the Profound Ancestor realm is still not an opponent of over a thousand Ghost Merman Sect disciples.”

“This kid is truly not ordinary, but his cultivation is too weak and cannot go against the Ghost Merman Sect. We should just let him do his own thing for now. If he can maintain his fast speeds of breaking through, maybe he might have a chance in destroying the Ghost Merman Sect in another half a year.”

“Half a year? I’m afraid Dark North City will be gone in half a year.”

The four of them were discussing this in soft voices.

Luo Tian killed another large group of demonic beasts. When he looked at his experience bar, his brows furrowed before saying to himself: “I’m still missing a little bit.”

“The experience points coming from these demonic beasts have gone down greatly.”

“It makes no sense for me to keep killing them.”

“I need to change to another area with stronger demonic beasts.”

It was just like the video games – a certain map or territory would limit the levels of the monsters.

Luo Tian’s cultivation went up very fast but that meant his experience from the demonic beasts would go down. The demonic beasts from this area could no longer satisfy him. If the experience points didn’t decrease, Luo Tian would’ve broken through to the Profound Venerate realm already in these four days.

Seeing how Wang Fu and the others were discussing something in whispers…

Luo Tian’s figure instantly moved and appeared next to Wang Fu in a blink of an eye.

Profound Ancestor 9th rank!

No matter if it was strength, speed, or one’s sea of consciousness, everything was raised up substantially. Luo Tian was able to completely master the Profound Ancestor powers.

Wang Fu jumped in fright and unconsciously took half a step back.

Luo Tian then asked: “How far away are we from the Ghost Merman Sect?”

Wang Fu replied: “If we don’t wait around and hustle, we can be there in around half a day. But Luo Tian… your current cultivation realm is not the opponent of the experts at the Ghost Merman Sect. Their strength increases while they are in the water, so how about…”

Being in contact with each other through these few brief days…

Wang Fu understood that Luo Tian was a very powerful person.

He has always admired those that are strong.

Luo Tian understood these brothers weren’t bad people. Throughout their travels, they had always tried to warn him whenever the demonic beasts wanted to sneak attack him. He then said with a faint smile: “These demonic beasts can no longer satisfy my requirements. We should go to the Ghost Merman Sect since it’s about time to deal with them.”

There was a time limit for his quest.

There was still over twenty days for Princess Dark North’s quest.

But the Titan Remains quest only had about ten days left, so that had to be completed.

Not for nothing, Luo Tian had to do this for the blood essence of the Titan race to make up the Four Region’s blood.

He really needed to open up the ancient battlefield within Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

There were fewer and fewer areas within Tianxuan Continent for him to train at. The demonic beasts in many of the areas gave too little experience points, so it couldn’t satisfy his leveling requirements. The only way was to open up some secret realms. He had to make some preparations for the final sprint towards Shattered Sky City!

“But with your current cultivation realm, I’m afraid…”

“Ma Sheng is too strong and he might have more inner cores on him. Your breakthrough speed is so fast that I believe it wouldn’t take too long for you to catch up to Ma Sheng. By that time, we can…”

He was actually saying this for the sake of Luo Tian.

Luo Tian interrupted: “We don’t have enough time because there’s no way that the Ghost Merman Sect will keep waiting. I’m pretty sure they already know that the strength of those old devils confined to the Soul Refining Dungeon has been sealed. If we don’t go looking for them soon, they will go straight for Dark North City. We all know that the current Dark North City is not capable of blocking Ma Sheng’s army.”

Wang Fu no longer insisted.

The four of them were feeling ashamed at what they had said a few days ago.

Luo Tian patted Wang Fu’s shoulder and said: “Don’t think too much, we’re going to rush ahead now. I will definitely f*ck the Ghost Merman Sect up!”

He then said secretly in his heart: “How am I going to level up if I don’t f*ck them up? How am I going to raise my undefeated points? I’m only missing two more bloodlines before I can fuse all four divine beast blood together. I need to hurry up a bit!”

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