Undefeatable – Ch456

Chapter 456 – Not A Single Person That Can Fight


“That kid has arrived!”

“Sect Leader, do we need to activate our sect’s protective array?”


“Who would’ve imagined the kid would really rush over here? He must’ve eaten a bear’s heart or a leopard’s gall! Does he really think our Ghost Merman Sect is a soft persimmon and anyone can pinch it?” Ma Sheng was laughing arrogantly while his body exuded a domineering aura. He then said: “There’s no need to activate the sect’s protective array. If we activated the sect’s protective array for a piece of trash like him, wouldn’t we become a laughing stock?”

There was no need to fear a mere human.

Activating the sect’s protective array will actually make it look like the Ghost Merman Sect was afraid of Luo Tian.

Inside the main hall.

The several Elders present didn’t object to it.

In their opinion, they were in agreement that the sect’s protective array was unnecessary for a human.

Ma Sheng then said with a smile: “Elders, who is willing to accept the challenge of twisting that kid’s head off?”


“I am willing to take up that challenge.”

“Any disciple in our Ghost Merman Sect can take the life of a human with a crippled dantian. I’m afraid before we even make it out there, that kid’s life will be gone already.”


“What you’ve said is correct.”

Ma Sheng loudly chuckled before saying: “Someone come!”

A merman hurried in from outside the main hall. He cupped his hands and asked: “What orders does the Sect Leader have?”

Ma Sheng replied: “Go select ten disciples from the Elite Hall and have them take care of that piece of trash. Tell them that whoever can kill that kid, this Sect Leader will heavily reward them.”

“Order received!”

“Disciple will immediately take care of this.”

Outside the Ghost Merman Sect.

Luo Tian stood outside the gates of the Ghost Merman Sect and shouted: “Is there anyone alive here? Quickly scram out here for this daddy!”

This was an unbridled and reckless shout.

There was no fear.

Wang Fu’s face turned pale as he quickly tried to advise: “Brother Luo Tian, are you trying to call everyone in the Ghost Merman Sect out at the same time? Don’t you have some sort of genius plan? How are you going to deal with them if you call them all out here together?”

It was the same with the other three brothers.

They all thought Luo Tian had a perfect plan prepared.

One that can quickly destroy the Ghost Merman Sect.

They never expected Luo Tian was planning on destroying the Ghost Merman Sect by going head-on with them. This matter was absolutely impossible.

When Luo Tian yelled this out, their gallbladders started shaking in fear. This was practically the actions of one courting their own death! The Ghost Merman Sect disciples were all unparalleled existences. Yelling for them to all come out together was definitely the equivalent of courting death, right?

Luo Tian furrowed his brows and said: “A plan? Of course I have a plan.”

Wang Fu’s expression turned to joy before asking: “What plan do you have?”

Luo Tian smiled and replied: “My plan is to kill my way over and f*ck them all up. The more the merrier!”

Wang Fu’s face immediately darkened. His forehead looked like there were black lines on it as he couldn’t understand Luo Tian at all. “Is this even called a plan? Do you know how many disciples the Ghost Merman Sect has? This is the depths of the Dark North Sea, so they’ve become much stronger than when they are on land. If you rush in just like that, I’m afraid…”

“Hey… hey…!”

“Are you listening to me?”

“I said…”

“Shit, this kid…”

When Wang Fu was in the middle of talking, Luo Tian had already kicked open the gate into the Ghost Merman Sect. Luo Tian then shouted: “Your granny! You guys aren’t coming out, huh? If you don’t come out, this daddy will kill his way in then!”


The entire gate’s structure was destroyed by another kick of Luo Tian.

There used to be a huge plaque hanging above the gate entrance with the words Ghost Merman Sect. Luo Tian was now standing on top of it while his body was releasing an aura of dominance.

Wang Fu’s eyes almost popped out of its sockets.

The other three were now shaking.

“He’s dead.”

“He’s definitely going to die.”

“The people of the Ghost Merman Sect are going to be enraged.”

“He even dares to step on top of their plaque. Most likely no one will be able to save him now. Why is this kid so arrogant? This kind of arrogance will definitely drag others to death as well.”

“Big brother, what should we do?”

Wang Fu showed a bitter smile before saying: “Just let them come since there’s nothing else we can do. Even if Luo Tian continues acting crazy, we can only accompany him in the process.”

Wang Lu’s expression hiddenly changed as he said: “But big brother, he’s completely insane. If this continues on, we’re just courting our own deaths. I’m afraid we’ll be dead already before we even catch a glimpse of Ma Sheng. I really don’t want to accompany him to my death like this.”

Wang Fu replied: “No matter what, he is doing this on the behalf of Dark North City. Second brother, we’re technically only here to observe him but we’re guards of Dark North City. Now that we’ve arrived at the Ghost Merman Sect, we will only lose face for Dark North City if we don’t kill some people and give them hell.”

“What big brother said is correct.”

“What are we afraid of?”

The four glanced at each other before making big strides to follow.

Luo Tian saw the actions of the four and smiled. He then said to himself: “It’s good that you guys still have some sense in you, or else I would really look down on you all.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian said: “You four only need to quietly follow behind me. Before I die, you guys don’t need to take any actions.”


“You actually dare to act wildly in our Ghost Merman Sect? It looks like you feel you’ve lived for too long!”


Ten human-shaped figures descended.

They were all burly Mermans, each with bulging muscles containing explosive power. Their eyes were like torches as they held onto their tridents. The ten of them were glaring at Luo Tian with a trace of disdain.

“I thought everyone in the Ghost Merman Sect had died already.”

“So there’s still some alive.” Luo Tian chuckled coldly.

His right foot stepped down with force, immediately cracking the Ghost Merman Sect plaque beneath him. His hand made a grabbing motion to pick up the pieces before flinging them away.

“You dare to destroy our Ghost Merman Sect’s plaque?!”

“Kid, go die for me!”

The ten were all enraged.

The moment the plaque was thrown away, Luo Tian’s figure disappeared.

Wang Fu’s gaze turned gloomy as he said: “These ten Merman are most likely disciples of Ghost Merman Sect’s Elite Hall. Their cultivation realm is all at the Profound Ancestor 9th rank.”

“We’re screwed then.”

“No matter how strong he is, there’s no way he can be the opponent of ten people.”

“Big brother, we should take action too.”

The expression of the four quickly changed.


A piece of the plaque was caught by one of the mermen. His hand turned numb and his body took several heavy steps backward.

Also at this moment…

Luo Tian’s ghost-like figure suddenly appeared. His mouth was curved into a signature grim reaper smile. He then shouted with his fists clenched: “Level 5 Berserk!”


Thirty-two times his base attributes were released.

The powers inside Luo Tian swelled up. His fists turned to the form of the Skysoul Palms before he smashed out ten palm strikes.




As each palm smashed out, a merman would keel over.

Each palm strike resulted in instant kills!

In less than a second, ten elite disciples were killed to the point that they didn’t even have time to react.

Same level?

Profound Ancestor 9th rank?

Even if a hundred more came, they would all be instantly killed. There was no one that was Luo Tian’s opponent in the same cultivation realm. To him, those in the same cultivation realm were equivalent to ants that he could easily pinch to death.

Wang Fu and the others were dumbstruck.

They were all standing there and didn’t know how to react.

They were looking at Luo Tian like he was some sort of freak.

Luo Tian coldly smiled and said: “Not a single person that can fight!”

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