Undefeatable – Ch457

Chapter 457 – Meteorite Array

If it were a few days ago, most likely these elite disciples would still be able to exchange a few moves with him.

But they were not Luo Tian’s opponent now.

Profound Ancestor 9th rank – one completely controls the powers of the Ancestor realm. Coordinated with his powerful fleshly body, Luo Tian could still instantly kill them even if these mermen and strong bodies.




Ten alert tones sounded off.

Luo Tian took a brief glance and said with joy: “Not bad, they’re worth about 30,000 experience points each. It’s much better than killing those sea demons. It looks like it won’t be too difficult for me to level up to the Profound Venerate realm.”

Rich in experience points.

Profound energy wasn’t too bad.

The most important part was that killing these mermen gave him Undefeated points.

This was the key point!

Luo Tian currently had two bloodlines and was missing two. He had to gather them all within two years.

Once he fuses the bloodlines of the four divine beasts, he can explode Murong Wanjian!

This was what he truly wanted.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian roared in the air: “Ma Sheng, you damn dog thing! Can you send out more people in the next round?! Is this all the people you have in the Ghost Merman Sect? There’s not a single person that can fight well! How about you come out personally?!”

His voice was extremely loud.

It covered the entire Ghost Merman Sect.

Inside the main hall.

Ma Sheng was so angry that his face turned red. He slapped the stone chair he was sitting on and turned it into powder before shouting: “Garbage! Ten people couldn’t even beat a piece of trash with a crippled dantian! And they lost in such a pathetic way too! It’s good that they’re dead since living will only shame my Ghost Merman Sect!”

While saying this…

Ma Sheng’s gaze faintly changed as he said to himself: “I haven’t seen the kid for only a few days yet the kid managed to raise his cultivation so quickly? He actually reached the Profound Ancestor 9th rank… how did he train to become like this?”


An Elder stepped forward and said: “Sect Leader, I will go!”

Ma Sheng faintly smiled and replied: “Good! Third Elder, go select a hundred elite disciples from the Elite Hall. Don’t kill the kid too quickly though. You need to torture him viciously first. I want to see his expression when he can neither live nor die.”

“I will definitely not let the Sect Leader down.”

Around this time.

Luo Tian was scolding the Ghost Merman Sect but didn’t enter further.

He was actually jumping all over the place.

Every time he landed on the ground, he would squat down and start engraving something. Sometimes he would suddenly make a loud noise and sometimes he would act like he was enlightened by something.

This made Wang Fu and the others completely lost.

“What is he doing?”

“Engraving an array? This array seems to be different from the previous ones.”

“Could he be engraving a new type of array?”

“Is this how normal people engrave an array?”

Luo Tian was indeed engraving a new array.

He was already a rank 8 Array Master so his comprehension of arrays had already reached a very high level. With his understanding of arrays, he was adding onto it with his unrestricted imagination.

If the process went without a hitch, perhaps he could create a new type of an array. He would then be a new creator for an array and break the gnome race’s history of dominating this subject.

“This should work, right?”

“In theory, it should work.”

In a few short minutes, Luo Tian had set up a new array. Glittering light was flashing around as the array’s energy fused together. Luo Tian looked at the array’s power on the ground and wondered how strong it was.

At this time…

The Third Elder, Liu Kun, charged over with a hundred ferocious-looking Elite Hall disciples.

Wang Fu’s expression drastically changed.


The four brothers didn’t move away and stood to the left and right sides of Luo Tian.

Wang Fu pointed at Liu Kun and said: “He is the Ghost Merman Sect’s Third Elder. His cultivation is at the Profound Venerate 5th rank and he knows how to control immortal force very efficiently. You need to be careful of him.”

“The disciples behind him are all from the Elite Hall, so you cannot underestimate their strength.”

The gaze of those four turned gloomy as they released the highest amount of powers they had.

Luo Tian’s mouth curved up before saying: “Wang Fu, have your brothers back up. I can handle these people all by myself.”

Wang Fu’s expression changed as he said: “Brother Luo, we did previously look down on you a bit and thought you wouldn’t be able to destroy the Ghost Merman Sect with your strength. I won’t hide it from you now but we still refuse to believe that. But you came here for Dark North City and Her Highness, so no matter how we feel, there’s no way we would let you fight by yourself. We aren’t afraid of death.”

The other three nodded their heads.

Luo Tian’s heart warmed up and didn’t continue rejecting them. “Fine, what you’ve said is correct. There’s no need to fear death, so let us enjoy ourselves and go crazy!”

“Damn dog thing!”

“Just a few mere lowly humans dare to act presumptuously at my Ghost Merman Sect?!” Liu Kun shouted with disdain.

Luo Tian coldly scoffed and said with disdain as well: “Stop blabbing so much nonsense. Liu Kun, is it? Come at me, and watch how this daddy plays you to death.”

Liu Kun didn’t want to continue talking nonsense with Luo Tian either and immediately ordered: “Elite Hall disciples listen to my command! Attack them together! I want that kid to experience the pain of being unable to live nor die!”


They all grunted loudly in acknowledgment.

In an instant…

A hundred mermen flew up into the air in unison.

Luo Tian blocked Wang Fu who was about to charge forward as well. He then said: “Just wait and enjoy the show.”

A hundred mermen then descended close by.

They directly landed within the array Luo Tian had setup.

Luo Tian smiled excitedly and shouted: “Meteorite Array, descend for me!”

The array activated.

The power inside the array connected together and gave off an intensely bright light. The mysterious looking runes then exploded with a powerful energy.

This was the array that Luo Tian came up with on his own.

Meteorite Array!

If this array was to succeed, countless meteorites would start falling down and instantly kill everything within it.

Liu Kun’s expression turned to shock as he shouted: “Everyone, be careful! We are currently inside an array so don’t make any reckless movements.”

Immediately after…

Liu Kun pointed at Luo Tian’s nose and scolded: “Damn dog thing! What a despicable and sinister individual! You actually dared to create an array inside our Ghost Merman Sect?!”

Who would’ve imagined that someone would engrave an array inside their Ghost Merman Sect?

Only a crazy person like Luo Tian would do something like this!



Explosive sounds that seem to pierce through all nine heavens were heard above the array.

Those disciples trapped inside the array became anxious to the extreme. They wanted to escape from the area but the array’s energy was blocking them in. No matter how hard they tried, they were unable to break through the barrier.

Luo Tian’s mouth curved into a cold smile before saying: “This daddy is a rank 8 Array Master, so do you think you can charge out of it that easily?”

Sounds of thunder were rumbling in the sky.

There were constant changes happening up in the sky.

A short while later…

A rock about half the size of one’s fist fell down.





Loud laughter filled with ridicule! Liu Kun was rolling on the floor laughing. He was laughing so hard that he could barely speak! “Is this the array you engraved? It’s too strong! This daddy almost peed his pants from fear! Hahaha…”

Did it fail?

Only a little rock fell down on the Meteorite Array.

Luo Tian’s face turned gloomy as he mumbled to himself: “Damn it! I’ve lost all my face this time!”

Also at this moment…

The power of the array gradually receded. Those Ghost Merman Sect disciples didn’t attack and just stood there staring at Luo Tian.


Wang Fu raised his head up while muttering: “What a large rock!”

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